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  • Ketul Kothari
    I see strong potential for $ESV, $SODA, $PBR, and $ARO. Some others on my watch-list are $EXPR, $RT, and $IEP.
    Apr 18, 4:13 PM
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    • frank paxman: I'm hoping $ESV comes in a bit. Definitely watching.
      Apr 18, 6:53 PM
    • vireoman: I too am eagerly awaiting a better price for ESV. I think I'll eventually get it if I can maintain my patience.
      Apr 19, 3:03 PM
    • frank paxman: Told myself $ESV at $47. Then thinking maybe buy some at $48 (don't be greedy), buy more if it drops further.
      Apr 20, 9:07 PM
    • Ketul Kothari: Yeah I agree. Definitely continues to look undervalued. Also has a decent dividend yield which looks sustainable.
      Apr 21, 12:19 PM
    • frank paxman: Placed $ESV buy order @48-was too cautious in recent downturn, missed it on rebound-will take it@48- too good in this price range.
      Apr 22, 7:45 PM
    • Ketul Kothari: $SODA up big today on talks of $SBUX buying a stake.
      Apr 23, 3:06 PM
    • Ketul Kothari: $ESV has been slowly appreciating lately. $ARO has dropped substantially but was expected short term (turnarounds don't happen overnight).
      Jun 4, 9:25 PM