• Kevin Greenhalgh
    Solid news from $NRZ this morning. Maintaining $0.175 quarterly and adding $0.075 special dividend for the quarter. CC at 10am
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    • taxman100: So far, so good. The new deal will be accretive to the dividend.
    • Kevin Greenhalgh: Yeah they said on the cc it would add "a couple cents" to core earnings. Good to hear
    • Dividend Living: Not seeing the dividend in my brokerage account despite yesterday being the pay date. anyone else having this problem? Im with tradeking.
    • taxman100: Mine showed up on the last day of the month. I have another stock that is not yet showing. Maybe Monday before the open?
    • Dividend Living: It showed up a day late, but called it the 31st, just the way things go sometimes.