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  • Kevin Greenhalgh
    I see $NCT is announcing earnings tomorrow. Still no announcement from $NRZ, they usually announce at the same time.What's up?
    Feb 27, 5:07 PM
      • Kevin Greenhalgh
        $NCT full position sold @$5.59
        Feb 5, 2:04 PM
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        • Kevin Greenhalgh: I shouldn't. Info on trading options can be found here: I traded including the rights to the distribution
          Feb 5, 3:02 PM
        • steppppo: OK. I'd be curious to see if you do. With T+3, I figured that trade would not settle until Monday.
          Feb 6, 9:12 AM
          • Kevin Greenhalgh
            Thinking about selling some $NCT before the spinoff (not very interested in owning newspapers) and moving it over to $NRZ. Any thoughts?
            Feb 4, 12:14 PM
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            • taxman100: I think there is an article somewhere on SA about an estimate of your question - I'm thinking less than 25% of NCT to be spun.
              Feb 5, 9:13 AM
            • Ucatfan54: Considering it too; with the way Merrill has messed up the record keeping of NCT in their system, I don't want to go through another spin
              Feb 5, 9:45 AM
              • Kevin Greenhalgh
                $NCT announces details of New Media spinoff. Anyone know what the $NEWM share price will be like? Other thoughts?
                Jan 28, 1:20 AM
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                • Exquisite Decay: The distribution ratio for the spin-off is 0.07219 shares of New Media for each share of Newcastle common stock held as of the Record Date.
                  Jan 28, 10:00 AM
                • Exquisite Decay: No word on the price.
                  Jan 28, 10:00 AM
                  • Kevin Greenhalgh
                    Love when the whole portfolio is green on a red market day. $IMUC $VRNG $SIG $NRZ $NCT
                      • Kevin Greenhalgh
                        Has anyone seen the spinoff shares from $NCT show up in their brokerage accounts yet? Tomorrow will be interesting.
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                        • mrmedusa: Not yet. 5/16 5:13 AM CST
                          • Kevin Greenhalgh
                            $NCT dip is painful. Could be good buying opportunity:
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