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Long only, value, short-term horizon, long-term horizon
Kevin Hsu
Long only, value, short-term horizon, long-term horizon
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Between Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, I'd go with AXP. However , fundamentally speaking, it is a little bit pricey for me as well.
There is definitely some mystery with the company, but revealing too much of their plans could attract more competitors into the market. Its recent Q2 results shows revenue growth of 38% vs the similar period prior year. As long as they continue to grow and make money, that's a good sign.
It will be interesting to see if competitors can or will start to chip away at their market share. While the applications are plentiful, this only attracts more competitors. The key is really seeing if GoPro can maintain/grow its market share.
Small position in VZ is likely one of his money managers and not himself making the purchase. But who knows?
If it is not for distribution in the US, why is it filed with the SEC...Isn't that basically distribution in the US?
I would be very surprised if ADR holders got warrants.
I believe they are trying to issue preferred stock, but are being blocked by Greenlight.
I suppose since most of the cash is overseas, they won't be purchasing large domestic companies.
It looks like ATRS is pulling back on the weekly. Looks terrible on the daily though.
What can we attribute the increase in ATHX to? Dont see any news. Is this purely technicals at work or people finally realizing the value?
I've never been so unsure about Apple. Technicals say one thing and fundamentals say another. It's ridiculously volatile right now, so there is money to be made and loss.
All I know is I sinked a lot of $$ in APPL and betting on it to rebound.
You speak like a prophet.
Don't believe VZ can buy S as that would result in a monopoly and probably be overturned just as the attempted acquisition of T-Mobile USA was. If S were to surpass either VZ or AT&T, I agree that AT&T is weaker.
Where would an investor be able to get that Covered Call Performance information for free?
I suppose we should be exiting all our positions just before September and get back in at month end.
So most of you guys think ATRS is a 2B+ dollar company? At $20 bucks per share that's what the market cap is going to be.
It begs the question, if he thinks he can save the company. Why didn't he do so before he resigned? It's hard to believe that being a public company would bear much weight or mean the difference between turning the company around versus failing.
We think the drop (20%) is too much for such a short period of time (past two/three weeks). It has to come back because the company would not be purchasing a company if it did not believe it has the ability to weather the initial costs. We are looking at a target of $66 to begin to close this gap.
I think when we come out of this, we'll find out that BCS is not the only bank responsible for manipulating the LIBOR rate. Truth is the LIBOR rate is not determined by one bank, but by 18 other banks. BCS might have been the biggest manipulator, but certainly not the only one.