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Kevin Lawton  

Progenitor of PC virtualization (now a multi-billion dollar cloud-related industry), serial startup entrepreneur, trend-caster and visionary at the intersection of biz & tech (, contributor for SeekingAlpha and VentureBeat, author of the book "The Crowdfunding Revolution | Social Networking Meets Venture Financing", founding team member in a microprocessor startup, author and lead for two Open Source projects, public speaker, prolific idea creator, author of multiple patents, and news and business book junkie. I have a degree in computer science and started my career at MIT Lincoln Laboratory in space-based radar and satellite communication. I'll also be giving a keynote at the ...More
  • Description: Professional Blogger. Trading frequency: Infrequent
  • Interests: Tech stocks
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The Crowdfunding Revolution | Social Networking Meets Venture Financing Deep and intertwined in our humanity, is a need to support and feel involvement in the kinds of projects and companies which we care about. Until the recent crowdfunding phenomena emerged, our more centralized and intermediated capital formation and funding mechanisms scarcely recognized the social power of ...More