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  • Solazyme Brings Innovative Solutions To Sustainable Food [View article]
    Sorry, I've been busy lately, Jimcoe. Work and personal life take up quite a bit of time after all. As for the dip, I picked up a few more shares to further average down. Nothing spectacular. Long-term plan here. Whether it goes to $1 or $20, it doesn't matter to me right now.
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  • Solazyme Brings Innovative Solutions To Sustainable Food [View article]
    I won't try to defend the insider selling apart from seeing it in a different light than you, Knurockne. The majority of the selling has been done by 2-3 people, each of who are entitled to a considerable amount of additional shares annually. The automatic selling and the apparently minimum sell points (it seems like Wolfson's is at $8, given the 3 instances in which it triggered at $8 ) also suggests they're not selling out perse as much as they are padding their compensation.

    As a shareholder myself, you're right it's not good for shareholder confidence. However, I didn't start a company in my garage 10 years ago and get us to this point either. If your confidence has been shaken to the point you're exclaiming it on several of my articles, it might just be best to sell out & walk away. Who needs to live w/ that kind of stress? :) There are plenty of other investments out there.
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  • Solazyme Brings Innovative Solutions To Sustainable Food [View article]
    Lou Gray,

    It might be best to first consider just who it is SZYM can be compared to when we're talking about similar companies in the development phase. Out of the public companies, SZYM is most akin to agroscience companies, but the market doesn't seem to acknowledge or understand this. Rather, they want to associate SZYM w/ its graduating cleantech IPO class found in AMRS, GEVO, & KIOR. Yet the key difference is that SZYM can tailor customize its output for its clients - it can improve upon products clients already use. AMRS might've had the best shot at coming across something similar but gave it up after they failed at scaling. Now focusing solely on a single base product, AMRS became something of a commodity player rather than a value-added contributor.

    So to answer your question in this context, there aren't too many companies in a similar tech realm perse. However, there are plenty of assumed competitors that have partnered with large companies. It's another story if you look at whether or not these partners are pouring in capital however. Most are relationships in which the partners merely seem willing to supply the input feedstock or buy the output.

    SZYM wont' be the only company to succeed, but they have a significant head-start. When it comes to algae, they're possibly years ahead of the competition and hands down the best financed.

    As to why big companies don't try to work with all start-ups, there's probably multiple reasons for that. But even if you go into a crowded room, would you try to enlist the help of everyone in order to accomplish a goal or just form the relationship with a few key people?
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  • Solazyme Brings Innovative Solutions To Sustainable Food [View article]
    Could not have said it better than this. Great input, J*H*M.
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  • Solazyme Brings Innovative Solutions To Sustainable Food [View article]
    Not bad at all. The charts are definitely in our favor for now.
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  • 5 Holdings I'm Buying Now As The Market Falters [View article]

    Thank you for your thoughts. I have considered these ideas for some time but believe that they're acceptable risks in the current environment in light of their diversifying reward. While interest rates will eventually climb, they aren't yet and likely wont be done in a very rapid manner. The Fed has also been very intentional as to give more clear guidance as to how they will do it thereby reducing risk mREITs typically have to endure. There is risk here, but it's one that is acceptable as the purpose for a higher-than-average income component remains likely regardless.

    Gold actually balances against this argument for rising rates, which is the purpose as to why its also listed here. If rates are rising, so is inflation. Gold's sole value tends to rest as a counterweight to inflation which is where its value is found. We often dismiss Gold's historic rise as unprecedented.... but as we live in a persistent inflationary economy, it should serve as no surprise that Gold's best days are yet to come - regardless of hyperinflation or not. Here's a fun read if you got the time:

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  • 5 Holdings I'm Buying Now As The Market Falters [View article]
    One needs only to browse through Ivandertag's comments to determine the truth (or rather lack of truth) behind his statement.
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  • Is Now The Time To Invest In Cleantech Companies? [View article]
    It wasn't asserted as a bearish statement. The company has a more practical purpose in filling a niche void. All resources are finite, and if SZYM can better put them to use by sustaining markets with higher demands (ie. judged by the price, not by the volume), then they will concentrate on addressing those first. On the other hand, a company whose entire focus has entirely been dedicated to fuels and whose technology limits them from practically pursuing a higher ambition is likely to excel in what they strive to accomplish.

    There are way too many players in this field to reasonably believe that SZYM will be the only one to succeed in fuels. On the other hand, those excelling in the capability to create oils, let alone the ability to create new oils are few and rare between. Companies will naturally gravitate towards where their comparative advantages lie, even if they can still exist in multiple markets. With its proprietary capabilities, SZYM can even open markets that may have not yet existed to date or functionally improve those already in existence. I'm not doubting their future role in fuels... I just don't believe that's where their story will end up.
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  • Is Now The Time To Invest In Cleantech Companies? [View article]
    You must be right. It looks like Toups might've screwed up on his filing - i wonder how though:
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  • Is Now The Time To Invest In Cleantech Companies? [View article]
    Honestly I question if SZYM will ever lead the way for an algae-based revolution in fuels, even if they have the advantage for now. Their real impact will be in these novel oils that control the rest of our daily lives. Increased yields for essential fatty acids? Truly sustainable palm oil? Safer & longer-lasting frying oil? Their ability to change the geographic dynamic of the supply chain alone is a game changer altogether from a logistics standpoint.

    Nevertheless, there's simply not enough sugar right now for a real impact in fuels, at least not until cellulosics change the game and the margins. The gas-to-liquid technologies will likely have a more more real impact in this area than SZYM might, especially when they start converting biomass to fuels. But SZYM's tailoring capacity right now is second to none - it's a shame the rest of the world doesn't understand this concept yet.
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  • Is Now The Time To Invest In Cleantech Companies? [View article]
    Look forward to it when they do. Although the Toups portion is what concerns me the most over the validity of those numbers at this point. =T I'll be more satisfied when they link up with leading companies that can take them further.
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  • Is Now The Time To Invest In Cleantech Companies? [View article]

    I like Origin Oil's technology given the direction of the world but there are a few things that are really turning me off towards the company:

    1) Very poor financial condition - in severe need of capital; right now being diluted very quickly.
    2) No clear runway to profitability - no proven revenue streams yet.
    3) Hired Michael Toups as CFO, the same guy who must've turned the blind eye to Longwei Petroleum's (LPIH) fradulent work as their former CFO.

    If Origin Oil makes it, I rather jump on board at a later time than risk doing so now - too many variables & very little reason to think its undervalued in the present unfortunately.

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  • 4 Innovative Companies With Disruptive Technologies [View article]
    It's a bit hard to call something highly susceptible when it has yet to experience a contamination event. But the risk is there. At the same time, for the company to throw out a run and start over after sterilization isn't a difficult task to do. The real fear would be if they consistently run into problems at a certain level of scale-up efforts. The fact that they've proven the ability to run on 500,000 L tanks suggests that this process is a lot less scarier I think you might believe it to be now that they can access even higher-volume, lower-margin markets.
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  • Create A High Performance Income Portfolio With 3 Investments [View article]
    Typically, most funds are already diversified enough to weather the storm and I doubt that NUV is an exception to the thought. Even a look at the top 10 holdings shows some diversification worth noting. Tobacco settlements are essentially running on the backs of tobacco companies rather than municipalities. Then there are tolls roads, transportation, sales tax... it's not entirely municipal debt.

    Either way, this is why its important that we maintain a level of overlaying diversification between 2 more additional funds for protective measure. The income should continue to flow even if things turn bad. Nothing's perfect, but a system of high yield & protection is what we're looking for here.
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  • Can Solazyme Still Succeed Even If It Fails To Scale? [View article]

    Sorry, I can't add links after its published, but I'll keep it in mind for the future. As for the market cap question that's dependent upon expectations and audience - both which appear lacking in the present. Its hard to evaluate development companies for that very reason as there really isn't much of a defined metric. You might want to check out my conversation w/ Maxxwell Chatsko in the comment section found here for more thoughts on that:

    That said, looking forward, I clearly believe its a number that deserves to be higher than the present. Likewise, the IPO price serves as a marker of what should be possible & even expected at least based on the bar of ongoing expectations despite a deteriorating environment.

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