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    BBRY, Just sold my April 2 $10 strike puts for a nice 25% profit. (two positions)
    16 hours ago
      • KIA Investment Research
        $BBRY, BlackBerry Receives Knockout Punch In Analyst Report
        Mar 24, 6:40 PM
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        • sfinvestor: There's nothing to revise. 2014 was JC's honeymoon just like 2012 was TH's honeymoon. TH was completely a broken man by summer 2013.
          Wed, 3:51 PM
        • Thepianist: More like pouched out by 5 other boxers in the rink.
          Wed, 3:55 PM
          • KIA Investment Research
            $BBRY, just opened two new short positions: 04/02/2015 $10 strike puts
            Mar 17, 1:18 PM
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            • Seppo Sahrakorpi: Fantastic! Congrats!
              16 hours ago
            • KIA Investment Research: Thanks Seppo! Baby steps!
              12 hours ago
              • KIA Investment Research
                $BBRY, BlackBerry Sales Not Even Close, Says Morgan Stanley
                Mar 16, 5:26 PM
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                • KIA Investment Research: rmccleary97, it's not a binary thing. Nobody is saying this MS report is absolute. It should however raise yellow flags for investors.
                  Mar 17, 1:46 PM
                • rmccleary97: Reports of sales for a few days + no one knows actual units distributed = "reason to raise yellow flags." The bar is indeed being set low.
                  Mar 17, 10:20 PM
                  • KIA Investment Research
                    $BBRY, BlackBerry Ltd lags Apple Inc and others in issuing fix for 'Freak' security bug
                    Mar 16, 5:24 PM
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                    • KIA Investment Research: It wasn't me. Actually I look forward to your insightful commentary.
                      Mar 17, 2:20 PM
                    • anonymous1234212: Haha I know it wasn't you. We're too close for that. I just wonder who it was
                      Mar 17, 10:40 PM
                      • KIA Investment Research
                        $BBRY, BlackBerry Ltd's third-largest shareholder probably getting ready to cash out
                        Mar 13, 12:49 AM
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                        • anonymous1234212: ^ SQUIRREL
                          Mar 14, 11:47 PM
                        • NBohrQM: "NOISE"
                          Mar 16, 6:54 PM
                          • KIA Investment Research
                            $BBRY, closed my BBRY 04/17/2015 $11 Strike Puts for a 15% profit. Closed a second similar position for 10% profit.
                            Mar 11, 2:38 PM
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                            • KIA Investment Research: Thepianist, thanks! Troll, not the ER alone, but plus SAM/IBM announce, etc. NBohrQM, say something interesting once in a while would ya?
                              Mar 11, 3:16 PM
                            • KIA Investment Research: A short explanation can be found here
                              Mar 11, 3:35 PM
                              • KIA Investment Research
                                $BBRY, BlackBerry halts distribution of buggy 10.3.1 update - Thanks Mob Morgan
                                Mar 11, 9:07 AM
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                                • anonymous1234212: Most people don't have issues with 10.3.1. But a small minority have, and it's getting fixed. Of course, not before KIA has an erection
                                  Mar 11, 8:35 PM
                                • anonymous1234212: KIA - I don't remember you being this enthusiastic when Apple botched their iOS 8 release? Why is that? Hint: rhetorical question.
                                  Mar 11, 8:36 PM
                                  • KIA Investment Research
                                    $BBRY, Samsung-Microsoft deal will bundle Office 365 with Android Knox
                                    Mar 4, 3:46 PM
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                                    • KIA Investment Research: rmc, you forgot a Zune!
                                      Mar 4, 4:50 PM
                                    • anonymous1234212: SQUIRREL
                                      Mar 4, 5:46 PM
                                      • KIA Investment Research
                                        $BBRY, BlackBerry's UK User Base Plummets to Below 1 Million - See more at:
                                        Mar 3, 7:07 PM
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                                        • NBohrQM: SQUIRREL...Squared :)
                                          Mar 3, 11:15 PM
                                        • caligrowthresearch: That's old news KIA.
                                          Mar 4, 1:19 AM
                                          • KIA Investment Research
                                            $BBRY, Is BlackPhone 2 Replacing BlackBerry?
                                            Mar 2, 6:09 PM
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                                            • ZarethKnyght: More talk from the Blackphone side I think. Talk is cheap. I'll wait to see if they can actually walk what they talk about.
                                              Mar 3, 10:43 AM
                                            • KIA Investment Research: Zareth you are correct, talk is cheap-pretty much what BlackBerry is built upon. Also, fun to note Samsung phones now include MSFT Software!
                                              Mar 3, 6:42 PM
                                              • KIA Investment Research
                                                $BBRY, Report: BlackBerry May Get Cut Off By VimpleCom Read more:
                                                Feb 27, 5:54 PM
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                                                • Dmitry Kovalchuk: BlackBerry decided not to develop its business in Russia further (for now) due to currency troubles. (in ru)
                                                  Feb 28, 6:14 AM
                                                • NBohrQM: Has more to do with Canadian sanctions on mother Russia than currency. $crew Putin.
                                                  Feb 28, 11:46 AM
                                                  • KIA Investment Research
                                                    $BBRY, Shropshire council dumps Blackberry for Windows Phones, saves half a million pounds
                                                    Feb 25, 6:39 PM
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                                                    • stjart: "due to retiring its Sophos and BlackBerry licensing costs" ... most of which was doubtless Sophos
                                                      Feb 26, 7:12 AM
                                                    • stjart: How much was spent on MS Intune and Exchange, 800 MS phones, 400 Surface Pro 3s, etc, apparently so miniscule as to not warrant mention.
                                                      Feb 26, 7:15 AM
                                                      • KIA Investment Research
                                                        $BBRY, NSA approves Samsung and Boeing mobile devices for employee use
                                                        Feb 12, 6:24 PM
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                                                        • Randal James: Oh gosh... "inevitable?" Are they discussing that 1 for 10 split again?
                                                          Feb 23, 9:22 AM
                                                        • KIA Investment Research: @sanityininsanity, even if BBRY were approved, it still means BlackBerry is no longer the only choice. This is bad for BBRY FYI.
                                                          Feb 23, 10:50 AM
                                                          • KIA Investment Research
                                                            $BBRY, Samsung and Good Technology have launched a joint mobile security suite for enterprise
                                                            Feb 4, 5:34 PM
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                                                            • anonymous1234212: pianist is now a more annoying troll than KIA. But at least it's entertaining.
                                                              Feb 5, 1:27 PM
                                                            • Thepianist: Show me the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ is what Wall street is interested in.
                                                              Feb 6, 10:59 AM
                                                              • KIA Investment Research
                                                                $BBRY, Former BlackBerry Executive Alec Saunders Takes Up Role at Microsoft Ventures
                                                                Feb 3, 4:16 PM
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                                                                • anonymous1234212: BlackBerry is just holding you back KIA, but only because of your unhealthy, unfounded obsession.
                                                                  Feb 3, 8:54 PM
                                                                • KIA Investment Research: anon, you don't understand .. BlackBerry is my fun trading stock. My other investments are boring for the most part
                                                                  Feb 3, 11:39 PM
                                                                  • KIA Investment Research
                                                                    $BBRY, [QNX] Vulnerability: 2.2 million BMW could be hacked
                                                                    Jan 30, 7:03 PM
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                                                                    • KIA Investment Research: These are the right questions to me asking. Specifically; does QNX define the ConnectedCare interface? If so, this would be a failing of QNX
                                                                      Feb 1, 1:34 PM
                                                                    • KIA Investment Research: since 'clear text' commands should never be accepted. If BMW, then shame on BMW.
                                                                      Feb 1, 1:34 PM
                                                                      • KIA Investment Research
                                                                        $BBRY, Congratulations to all BlackBerry longs.
                                                                        Jan 14, 4:21 PM
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                                                                        • englishstriker: Haha take care KIA
                                                                          Jan 15, 12:53 AM
                                                                        • KIA Investment Research: thanks striker.
                                                                          Jan 15, 11:40 AM
                                                                          • KIA Investment Research
                                                                            $BBRY, $AAPL, iPhone 6 vs Blackberry Passport Geekbench test score
                                                                            Jan 10, 2:06 PM
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                                                                            • Dollars and Sense: Look @ your avatar, and every post you make vis a vis apple. You'd rather be a troll than a fan boy.
                                                                              Jan 12, 3:52 PM
                                                                            • ZarethKnyght: So...are you guys here to argue which product is better or are you here to make money?
                                                                              Jan 13, 1:21 PM
                                                                              • KIA Investment Research
                                                                                $BBRY, just bought 4/17/2015 $11 strike puts
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                                                                                • KIA Investment Research: Well, that's not going to happen now... :(
                                                                                  Jan 14, 4:17 PM
                                                                                • KIA Investment Research: Congratulations to BlackBerry longs.
                                                                                  Jan 14, 4:17 PM