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    $BBRY, it's not 2005 anymore
    Fri, 11:07 AM
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    • Chris&BB: NB - yes, it appears that attaching or downloading ppt or pdf's doesn't work natively. What's interesting is those goal posts KIA mentioned.
      Fri, 11:07 PM
    • Chris&BB: Iphones still can't do what BB phones did in 2005. Very limited technology. Not cutting-edge like KIA would have you believe
      Fri, 11:09 PM
      • KIA Investment Research
        $BBRY, $APPL what I know on Apple Pay. Any other questions I can probably speculate as to what they're doing
        Sep 23, 2:14 PM
          • KIA Investment Research
            BlackBerry: Analyzing The Movirtu Purchase $BBRY
            Sep 17, 1:57 AM
              • KIA Investment Research
                $BBRY, $AAPL, Apple introduces us to the Virtual SIM Card
                Sep 13, 2:17 PM
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                • KIA Investment Research: bara, I frankly don't care to argue who is innovative; I care about market perceptions and momentum. I care about making money. No fan club.
                  Sep 14, 2:19 PM
                • Thepianist: All I know is that I am making great money trading Blackberry. I can't with Apple stock. So I am a fan boy for Blackberry.
                  Sep 14, 7:19 PM
                  • KIA Investment Research
                    $BBRY, Comviva was doing Virtual SIM back as far as 2009; possibly before Movirtu.
                    Sep 12, 6:10 PM
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                    • KIA Investment Research: Zareth, Marlowe made a post that puts all 3 of Comviva's patents ahead of Movirtu's
                      Sep 14, 2:36 PM
                    • ZarethKnyght: I dug around a bit. I think Comviva is too big for BBRY's current cash position to buy. Comviva is valued at do the math ;)
                      Sep 14, 4:04 PM
                      • KIA Investment Research
                        $BBRY, Seattle Children's Choose Surface Pro 3
                        Sep 9, 6:49 PM
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                        • stjart: Look at the image. One model was provided with a Surface in lieu of a cup of coffee. Unfortunately tech can't make up for incompetence.
                          Sep 9, 8:36 PM
                        • stjart: One poster to the article noted that MSFT's headquarters are nearby. I'm sure not, MSFT Isn't like Apple.
                          Sep 9, 8:40 PM
                          • KIA Investment Research
                            $APPL, Bought at $95.00 on 7/31, sold today at $103. Immediately bought $100 strike puts for $0.69, and then sold for $2.07 40 min later. :)
                            Sep 9, 4:00 PM
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                            • KIA Investment Research: I think the Watch was fine for version 1.0, so I'm not on the side of the critics there. The iPhone6 was spot on, and I think I may get one.
                              Sep 10, 11:02 AM
                            • KIA Investment Research: I think the stock action was a reflection of day trading, not of consumer (dis)approval.
                              Sep 10, 11:06 AM
                              • KIA Investment Research
                                $BBRY, BlackBerry finally outshines Apple
                                Sep 5, 12:20 AM
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                                • stjart: Error correction, 3 posts up should read "magically whisked away to the Sept 4, 2014 article".
                                  Sep 5, 3:47 AM
                                • NBohrQM: Oh KIA! Cornerstone of your case for gambling with 10/10/14 $10 strike puts? You're in trouble!
                                  Sep 5, 7:57 AM
                                  • KIA Investment Research
                                    $BBRY, sold my long position today for a cool 12.6% profit. Check my profile for details.
                                    Sep 2, 2:30 PM
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                                    • KIA Investment Research: Always a ray of sunshine NBohrQM. Anyway, I am happy with my 12.6% gain, and now looking to my 10/10 puts for a win. I'm a happy trader.
                                      Sep 4, 6:07 PM
                                    • NBohrQM: KIA - "Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows." ― Helen Keller
                                      Sep 4, 10:33 PM
                                      • KIA Investment Research
                                        $BBRY, BlackBerry users will decline by a whopping 35.2% this year,
                                        Sep 1, 1:24 AM
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                                        • stjart: According to Kantar Worldpanel BlackBerry is up almost 20% from May to July of this year. Who to believe, who to believe.???
                                          Sep 2, 7:21 AM
                                        • stjart: That's in Great Britain....see Link from Dmitry's post up above.
                                          Sep 2, 7:27 AM
                                          • KIA Investment Research
                                            $BBRY, BlackBerry simply doesn't have 44,000 patents, I don't care what John Chen says
                                            Aug 30, 6:46 PM
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                                            • KIA Investment Research: Thanks Randal for the chuckle to accompany my nightcap.
                                              Aug 31, 2:35 AM
                                            • stjart: .Mr_K You wear a nightcap???....shades of Mr Ebenezer Scrooge..O.o
                                              Sep 2, 10:41 AM
                                              • KIA Investment Research
                                                $BBRY, just bought a bunch of 10/10/14 $10 strike puts @ $0.55 each
                                                Aug 29, 3:06 PM
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                                                • KIA Investment Research: Not bullish, I'm a trader .. I make money
                                                  Sep 1, 1:10 AM
                                                • anstin: agree u r a trader n wanna make $. But thing is u r spreading all over 360 degrees. So your end gain wud b very limited. Anyways good luck
                                                  Sep 1, 10:58 PM
                                                  • KIA Investment Research
                                                    $BBRY, $AAPL, Nanthealth has an App for iPhone for alerting medical staff of medical conditions.
                                                    Aug 28, 6:23 PM
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                                                    • NBohrQM: I was think the Blues because of his Sept 2014 $8 strike puts.
                                                      Aug 29, 11:39 AM
                                                    • stjart: Ah yes, good point, I'd forgotten about that, or those....whichever is grammatically correct.
                                                      Aug 29, 11:44 AM
                                                      • KIA Investment Research
                                                        $BBRY, to be one of the famed G7, all you need to have is ONE BES server with a minimum of 10 devices
                                                        Aug 28, 4:40 PM
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                                                        • stjart: "By the way, my comments are followed by "All G7 Governments"" That sounds a bit far-fetched, but I'm sure you can verify that for us
                                                          Aug 29, 11:40 AM
                                                        • Ray Shizzo: Favorite quote about haters, "Be so good they can't ignore you." -Steve Martin. Clearly Mr.K can't ignore BBRY...
                                                          Aug 29, 12:32 PM
                                                          • KIA Investment Research
                                                            $BBRY, dispelling BlackBerry's security myth
                                                            Aug 27, 8:09 PM
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                                                            • NBohrQM: SQUIRREL!
                                                              Aug 27, 11:02 PM
                                                            • seekingthetrooth: Drawing Trust Boundaries makes BlackBerry not indistinguishable.
                                                              Aug 28, 9:59 PM
                                                              • KIA Investment Research
                                                                $BBRY, Research In Motion didn't invent the first QWERTY keyboard phone, or even first QWERTY mobile device.
                                                                Aug 26, 5:36 PM
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                                                                • stjart: Looking Back - 2003 - BlackBerry 7230 - recent review - - it's interesting
                                                                  Aug 27, 11:34 AM
                                                                • KIA Investment Research: The Nokia 9000 Communicator was the first product in Nokia's Communicator series, introduced in 1996.
                                                                  Aug 27, 2:06 PM
                                                                  • KIA Investment Research
                                                                    $BBRY, MobileIron Surges 10%: BlackBerry May Get Ditched with Apple's iOS 8
                                                                    Aug 25, 1:59 PM
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                                                                    • stjart: BlackBerry Upbeat about Enterprise Services Biz in India - Aug 25 2014 - Zacks
                                                                      Aug 26, 8:54 AM
                                                                    • stjart: QNX Acoustics for Voice Busy, busy, busy.
                                                                      Aug 26, 8:56 AM
                                                                      • KIA Investment Research
                                                                        $BBRY, will Foxconn build the Passport? Mr. Knowitall says no
                                                                        Aug 19, 2:58 AM
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                                                                        • Randal James: I heard it was the Ohio Art Company, maker of Etch-a-Sketch upon which the Passport was modeled. :)
                                                                          Aug 21, 1:43 AM
                                                                        • KIA Investment Research: Man, I remember staying home from school sick and trying to black-out the whole screen. I did it!! you can see the mechanical arms :)
                                                                          Aug 21, 2:10 AM
                                                                          • KIA Investment Research
                                                                            $BBRY, BlackBerry Patches Authentication Bypass, Information Disclosure Vulnerabilities
                                                                            Aug 17, 8:10 PM
                                                                              • KIA Investment Research
                                                                                $BBRY, Vulnerability deals with an information disclosure vulnerability affecting BES 10
                                                                                Aug 17, 8:08 PM