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  • 10 Good Gold ETFs And Perspectives
    Tue, Mar. 11 AGOL, EEM, EZU 19 Comments


    • Multiple events during 2008 to 2013 consistently proved that investing 1/10 in physical gold is usually a sound idea, although the net benefit of holding more is less certain.
    • However, physical metal ETFs carry more concentrated custodial risk than equity ETFs. This risk is best minimized by custodial diversification.
    • Also, investments in gold mining and physical silver are somewhat like "gold kryptonite": lacking beneficial value, and in addition, neutralizing the portfolio-hedging superpowers of any gold held nearby.
    • "Ten good metal ETFs" are listed below, followed by "ten basic tips and perspectives," including "hedging your gold" and "no-fee trading.".
    • At the bottom is an argument that oil production is a more sensible investment than metal mining, if using ETFs and trend-following.
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