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Long/short equity, value, contrarian
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CEO is buffoon .....sell the pop.
mike drop
That's why they should offer an Android powered version of their hardware...they would pick up the users who like BB hardware (keyboard/build quality) but hate the App situation.
Their android version could be pre packed with the BlackBerry software suites now available for iOS and Android (Productivity,Communic... and Security suites).
This would sell the additional hardware they need to get to profitability. The guts are already there...just need the android OS version .
Licensing deals on their IP /Patent portfolio contributed to SW numbers.
2600 BES adds in the Q and Chen indicated sales pipe is full.
Still needs to confirm rev has bottomed out...Looks that way but another Q will confirm.
Still holding.
Yes...pre market is the accurate measuring stick of where it will go today...
QNX now in 60M cars
Certicom certificate deal for 104M smart meters in Britain (reoccurring rev)
IP deals on the rise.
BES 12 2600 deals-45% of which were cxross platform and 40% of total were NOT EZ Pass deals.
Chen says pipeline is loaded on back end and deals take time to close.
Commented on Gartner and said most BB Customers don't publicly announce their security deals...because they are in regulated industries. Gartner needs to do some research.
Chen just stated that those acquisitions contributed ZERO to this Q's SW rev.
Keep grasping though...
IP licensing deals will become more prevalent and relevant .Chen has always stated BB was giving away patents and IP too cheaply....Cisco deal can be a big one.
Bears all claiming software pipe line was back end loaded for this year. Maybe Chen will raise target to 700m.
2600 BES 12 deals my friend.
Also..inorganic growth was part of the strategy. All those companies are part of the BlackBerry Security portfolio.
Cisco licensing deal is another revenue stream going forward.
Who cares about hardware when you are a software company?
Said see you on June 23rd.
Software sales up HUGE (future of company).
2600 BES 12 deals in the Quarter..45% are cross platform.
Cisco deal.
123m positive cash flow and 2b in cash after liabilities.
Convinced yet?
Looks like software numbers were out of the park. That means Chen is on target for 600m...and closer to 700m sw sales for FY16. Wonder if MS and the rest of the bears will change their tune?
More room to surprise now...
First of all, BlackBerry has been working very closely with Android products now for quite a while...securing them via BES 12 and the collaborations with Samsung.
We know little about what this rumor entails...if anything at all.
If there is any truth to it do you really think Chen is going to risk their reputation for security?
Let's assume Chen is not a complete idiot for a moment and look at the potential that this has to move some devices.
I'm not saying "10's of millions"...I am saying enough to make the difference.
Dropping in device after device on a niche market gets you nowhere.
This move can change the game.
I assume if this is true that they will have done their homework and will offer something that separates them from the rest of the android herd.
1.- Slider design
2. Security features that others do not have.
3. BB10 Productivity, Communication and Security suite preinstalled.
We will find out soon enough.
You may not be aware of the fact that although they do have an arrangement with Foxconn, they still do retain the rights to high end phones for design and production should they choose to do so.
Study up David.
Probably has a lot to do with the fact that BlackBerry has a network of 700 plus carriers around the globe...while Boeing has exactly zero.
BlackBerry has an unmatched security....none of the above mentioned come close as far as end to end security and certifications.
BlackBerry also has patented software for communication and productivity(Hub,calen... search etc etc) that these others do not.
BlackBerry also offers its patented hard keyboard, and swipe technology for touch type.
Bash it all you want Kia...but if they can deliver an Android offering that incorporates the best of BB10 features and BlackBerry security....I am sure they can move a few million more phones and that's all they need to go green.
...and you know it.
BlackBerry's turnaround strategy is based on the proposition that it can SECURE ALL DEVICES.
Making an Android powered BlackBerry device reinforces that message to the world.
Longs need to wake up to the fact that BB10 OS is a great product,but its a niche product and no matter how great you make the hardware...people are not willing to leave an IOS or Android ecosystem that they have invested time and money into.
Making an Android powered BlackBerry device that incorporates the best of BlackBerry hardware and software designs can make this a premium Android device and potentially be the tipping point is making Hardware PROFITABLE.
Investors should cheer this move...
BlackBerry makes the hardware ( keyboard) that people love...and Android would supply the OS. There are millions who love and miss a blackberry because if it's keyboard..however the lack of ecosystem and app issues have kept them away. This solves that issue.
@Randal James,
Actually the story is that they will " slap an Android OS" onto a full touch/ Keyboard slider.
Google/Android has a great multi device platform that most manufacturers use. BlackBerry has some key differentiators it can offer the Android space and if they can,sell a quarter of what some of these players push out then it's a win.
Your Microsoft should do the same...
They already have the BB10 UI features available..its Called the BlackBerry Productivity,Communica... and Security Suites announced this year for iOS and Android. You should also note BlackBerry responded to this news saying they remain,committed to the BB10 platform.
It's a great move demonstrating they are device agnostic.
It will move hardware sales and that is what longs need to understand.
By introducing an Android OS based BlackBerry device that distinguishes itself from the pack with BB10 features (See BlackBerry Experience Suite), BlackBerry is introducing a product that fits into the "Google/Android" ecosystem. That is one of BlackBerry 's current weaknesses and this addresses it. Basically..the reality is just the opposite of your argument.
Many BlackBerry keyboard lovers who left for Android would be interested. If they can sell a few million devices they hit the 10m profitability target...and also demonstrate BlackBerry security on an Android product.
Some longs need to lose the emotional attachment to BB10. As an investor, I want Chen to sell phones and a strategy that can open up sales to Android loyalists is ok with me. I love BB10...but need an ecosystem in today's world. Give me an Android with BB10 features and security and I am in.
Do what is required to sell Hardware...and focus resources on software.
Make money...period
Phones are barely selling and if they can offer the same security on a winning OS who cares...they are now a SOFTWARE COMPANY.
You can have both...
Sony wasn't offering anything to differentiate themselves in the Android herd.
BlackBerry can.
It's obvious people choose Android OS over BB10.
You can now have the best of BB10 on Android...
Google "BlackBerry Experience Suite". They already announced they would offer BB10 features for Android/iOS. Building an Android version of BlackBerry and preloading these software suites makes them better than the average android.
Also..disappointed you think BlackBerry can't do Android securely....that is their whole strategy now!!!
@ATI Nsider,
I disagree. All of the features you enjoy about BB10 like the Hub,Calendar etc can be integrated into the BlackBerry version of Android and set them apart from the others. The biggest driver of BlackBerry loyalists is the Keyboard..so in offering these features with an OS that, like it or not, is the undisputed leader in OS market share is a good move. Even die hard longs have to admit that BB10,although a great OS, just isn't going to catch on. You cannot build a true " ecosystem " with it like you can with Android and iOS. People want the phone,tablet,music all tied together...this gets BlackBerry into that arena. As a business user...I want a tablet and would want it seamlessly tied to my phone. BB10 does not have that ecosystem offering. The focus is now on software..so if this can boost sales of hardware to bridge the gap on revenue and make hardware profitable then as an investor I say go for it.
1. What are you even talking about.?
2. How is the QNX running on your Lexus?
A "BlackDroid" that has an Android OS supplemented by the "BlackBerry Experience" software suite would enable BlackBerry to differentiate itself from the herd in the Android market. BB10 features like the Hub and Calendar etc overlayed on an Android OS..and thrown into a Slider or even a Classic style phone would be killer. I think it's a great move.
QNX is the most awarded and recognized automotive OS..lol...where have you been.
I for one think it's a great idea. There are many lost users who would come back to the keyboard hardware but don't due to the non standard app situation. It could be an immediate boost to hardware sales...especially if it comes loaded with the BlackBerry experience (Hub,Calendar,swipe etc). I think BlackBerry could come out with a premier Android phone. Helps sales and focus is on SW now anyway.
No, You missed my point. I'm not claiming QNX will do oil changes or fix transmissions, but they will eliminate wasteful trips to dealerships for ECM updates,provide vehicle diagnostics remotely,give OEM warranty Data and insight.
Keep bashing...I'm looking forward to June 23