Kyle Coker

Long/short equity, growth, short-term horizon, micro-cap
Kyle Coker
Long/short equity, growth, short-term horizon, micro-cap
Contributor since: 2013
LaPenta runs Aston Capital for you guys information. He wouldn't take profit in his own company. Good try though.
I have been short XIN? That is funny considering I wrote a long article about it. No one could have predicted the news that came out this morning and its impact on XIN. I do think XIN will recover but I have said from the beginning that buyer sentiment needs to change for this stock to be relevant for me because it is beaten down as a simple Chinese Real Estate stock when in reality it has very good aspects that are provable and in America.
Nice comment, considering you posted this after the news, that I might add noone could have predicted. XIN will open down today, but in reality their business shouldn't actually be affected too much by this news, and there will be a correction coming from the gap down. I also said to wait until there was an institutional buy placed on the stock that has not happened yet. It may not be a buy here but the article is about why it should be placed on your watchlist for other news where it could run big. I did listen to the earnings and read the transcript thoroughly. It may be more beneficial to you to stop trolling articles and write one yourself if you are so knowledgeable on the subject. Also, I would like to know what other companies are similar to XIN that are trading on the Hong Kong market. Also, you argument that is trading too high shows you didn't read earnings. They are trading below assets and nearly under cash-debt alone. Thank you for your comment.
DEYU is a penny stock. Seeking Alpha does not allow writing on penny stocks, and I do not follow them outside of this. If you think taking a risk with a 700 million dollar company is bad, under 50 million, your investment could go to 0 on bad news. XIN is protected from sudden collapse by its size, cash, and 1 billion in assets.
Yea, I think that the China housing bubble is a real threat, but when considering XIN's valuation and future work contracts makes it hard to see a downside no matter the environment for XIN. It doesnt take much for them to be worth over their market cap here. Good trade, up 8.78% today. Thinking about a position over the weekend, doesn't look to be slowing but waiting for a market pullback.
Just to your gun prices comment, I live in Texas and shoot for recreation as well as hunt. Because of the fear that "evil Obama will take our guns" mania, there has not been ammunition on the sell for over 2 months. Also, used gun prices on Craigslist have nearly doubled as gun supplies are going way down everywhere. It seems like that is more of a case of the NRA propaganda then the actual long term gun markets experiencing huge growth. That should die down with time. I do agree in a pullback however, and because of this article made a 10% gain already in my UVXY switch to protect myself on the volatility to come! Thanks Daniel
The question proposed currently is will the markets be able to navigate March in general. I am in the belief group that a 7-8% pullback is healthy, but I think the more bullish thing would be for us to chop in these ranges for a couple weeks and then break out again to new highs. I guess I am just thinking of alternatives to a pull back, but it seems big money is switching their buys to sells around now.
Great first article Daniel, really enjoyed it.
Good follow up article to mine. I enjoyed reading.
What you are failing to realize is that in order for them to be a profitable company and for them to outperform their current valuation, they have to make 1 billion dollars over the next 10-15 years total. This stock is ridiculously under-priced. If you do not accept the thesis argument of their very probable immediate placement into a large share of this market that is irrelevant. All that I am asking you to accept is the fact that they are very likely to outperform this share price. With that argument accepted, then you can accept that their share price should increase in the near future which is the whole reason that this news is significant and this article was written.
The article that is linked about the global potential in 2015 is 182 billion in revenue predicted and is currently 117 billion. That is including everything. The 45 billion is based on a different amount. The point is not the total number but is that if ZNGA takes 1/1000th of the entire gambling market. This means all gambling in which ZNGA has explored pursuing all aspects of it. If you do not think ZNGA is pursuing Sports Betting along with Casino Games and other types of gambling then you are wrong. Pincus' idea is to pursue all venues in which he can mix social gaming and gambling together. I personally see application of this model to sports betting and games beyond Poker. I am not saying in 2013 they will have more than poker and a few casino games, but what I am saying is that I do not expect ZNGA to lay dormant in the future but to expand into the most lucrative market(online gambling) there is.
I would like to thank Tony Gatto for helping me research and analyze this article. I couldn't have done it without him and would still be researching if it wasn't for him. To follow him, his Seeking Alpha username is TonyCG. If you need to know something about ZNGA from the past five years, I can guarantee he knows. Thanks Tony, hope we get to write again in the future!
You both provide valid claims. Let's keep the comments from being attacks on credibility. It would be better accepted to just present your opinion and the references behind it than to try to explain inadequacies in someone else. Disagree with their argument, not with their research. We are all spending the hours trying to find out the truth here and everyone's view is appreciated.
Digital Media View, I appreciate the debate and the opinions you brought to the discussion. No story has just one side, and you have greatly increased all of our awareness to possible bumps along the road and a contrasting view of similar information. Thanks for your comments,
ZNGA also has a chance to speak at the Morgan Stanley Conference, and nothing yet has been heard from Goldman Sachs. The question isn't whether ZNGA will eventually be able to dominate the online gambling market, but when. The market for online gambling market is moving directly towards a social media type atmosphere that ZNGA already provides. International business will make ZNGA profitable, but once approved, the US market holds the key to exponential returns as ZNGA has a 5 year headstart on the competition. As far as Facebook is concerned , the only thing they would consider right now is a ZNGA buyout. They do not have the skill needed to compete in the gaming or gambling industry and the way to gain that skill is to buyout. ZNGA being a company they recently offended would be more expensive then most as well. If you are thinking about Facebook being a benefactor of this legislation, consider that they have not tried to obtain a license internationally that takes time and also they have not indicated any interest.