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  • No Bubble Yet -- But The Compressor Needs To Be Shut Off [View article]
    I appreciate your comments and agree that the key to recovery is "jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs." I believe the Fed is doing everything it can to spur growth but unfortunately the fiscal side of the equation isn't cooperating (i.e., sequester, expiration of tax holiday, Obamacare Tax, etc. etc.) leaving the Fed essentially "pushing on a string." That said, based on the chairman's comments yesterday and the ensuing release of the Fed's minutes, I can state with confidence my opinion that the yield on long term treasuries at this point next year will be higher than it is now. So will TBF outperform the market overall? Maybe... maybe not, as there are many variables yet to shake out. But is it a good add to a portfolio to hedge against the expectation of rising rates? Absolutely.
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  • The S&P Rally To 1,500: Version 3 - Is This Time Really The Charm? [View article]
    The difference is the amount of cash that has been sitting idle on the sidelines while the market has been able to rally in spite of. While I think the "Great Rotation" will happen more gradually (as opposed to the popping of a bubble) over the next few quarters, as investors go searching to increase their returns relative to what their fixed income portfolios are currently yielding, the infusion of cash should provide the ammo that the market needs to sustain its rally.
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