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Land Locked  

Pushing 50, and in spite of a poor and late start in retirement investing, I am determined to retire in less than 10 years. To that end, taking advantage of every investing opportunity - maxing new employer's 401K, company match, and ESOP. Rolled former employer's 401K into an IRA in which I am allocating buckets to DGI, Growth Stocks, Microcap "Shadow" stocks, and a small (but significant enough to affect overall portfolio performance) allocation to CANSLIM strategies.

So far so good, but the cyclical bull market we're in may be misleading - time and the portfolio's first exposure to the secular bear that's yet to run its course will be the real test of how well the strategies, and my reaction to ...More

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  • Description: Full-time Investor. Trading frequency: Monthly
  • Interests: Bonds, Commodities, Developed International Markets, Dividend stock ideas & income, ETFs, Energy stocks, Mutual funds, Options, REITs, Retirement savings, Stocks - long, Tech stocks
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