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I am a college graduate , entrepreneur, writer, and active investor. I specialize in financial planning topics and a long term investment philosophy. In my spare time I enjoy reading, blogging, and real estate. I am the author of two books, "The 10 Step Guide To Your Personal Success"... More
  • Escape The Cubicle: Personal Freedom Is Now More Important Than Ever

    Personal and financial freedom is something that we all strive for in our lives. Although it is something that everyone wants, unfortunately not everyone always gets the opportunity to experience it. Being able to wake up free from an alarm clock, have complete control over your day and spend your time the way you want to spend it is an incredible feeling. Generally speaking, there are two types of freedom in life; poor freedom and rich freedom. Poor freedom usually means that you don't necessarily have structure in your life with a set 9-5 job, but you're also not living the high life and able to afford to do the things you want to do. Rich freedom means that you're free from an office desk job, but you're able to travel, play golf, go places, and do the things you enjoy doing free of worry about how you're going to manage. For the majority of people, rich freedom is the far better option.

    Naturally, since rich freedom is something that is so desirable, it is not the easiest thing in the world to accomplish. Fortunately, the difficulty, complexity, and risks associated with attaining this new level of joy in life is usually far overstated. Being able to reach a place in your life where you are happy with your work and life balance, feel like you have freedom for your schedule and your life can absolutely be accomplished easier than ever in today's economy.

    Back before the internet connected the entire world, people needed to drive into an office every day to sit in a desk for 8-9 hours, and for many jobs much longer. Now that the world is connected, there are vast opportunities to expand and try different things. The internet has made becoming an entrepreneur easier than ever, with both opportunities to make money from your home legitimately, but also a huge amount of information on any venture you may be interested in starting. Additionally, the internet has allowed many companies to let their employees work remotely from home, increasing employee morale, freedom, and lowering costs for the company. Although many companies may fear that less work will get done if their employees work from home, studies have shown that the work still gets done, just on the employees schedule.

    In conclusion, being able to negotiate freedom from the cubicle, start your business, or make extra income online has allowed those seeking freedom to learn how to attain it. If you are interested in learning more about attaining your own personal and financial freedom, I highly recommend researching more on

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  • Inside The Book Live Like The Rich: The Ultimate Guide To Living A Lavish Lifestyle By JD Martin

    (click to enlarge)

    Live Like The Rich: The Ultimate Guide To Living A Lavish Lifestyle by JD Martin is a worthy read for anyone who is intrigued by the lifestyles of the wealthy. The super rich live a life that is vastly different than the average person. Live Like The Rich will focus on the difference between the wealthy and the poor and middle class. The book also focuses on the mindset, lifestyle, and "how-to" differences between the two segments of the population. The book is dividend into three main sections.

    The first section of Live Like The Rich discusses the mindset differences the wealthy have In this section of the book JD Martin goes into details on how the rich and super rich tend to think differently than the poor and middle class. This seems broad, but JD Martin gives some specific examples and also highlights what you can and must do to change your mindset if you want to become wealthy. Martin highlights average person works for a per hour wage. The wealthy realized that there are so many hours in the day, so working on a per hour wage is rarely the path of financial success. Changing your mindset to allow money to work for you rather than you working for money is the first step towards financial freedom and wealth. This is just one example of many mindset changes necessary to become wealthy that are outlined in the book.

    The second section of the book discusses the daily lifestyle of the super rich. This is the most entertaining section of the book for many. The lifestyle section goes over the daily activities of the super wealthy as well as what they like to invest in, purchase, collect, and more. The wealthy tend to buy things like exotic and luxury automobiles, boats, yachts, mega mansions, fine wine, art, and more. The difference between the "toys" that the average person spends their money on versus what the wealthy spend their money on is that the rich "toys" tend to actually appreciate in value over time.

    The last second goes over the "how-to" to become wealthy. This section offers some great advice on setting goals, deciding what you want to do with your life, and what career paths lead to financial success. JD Martin focuses on the select few ways that people can become financially independent and join the "super rich". Most career paths don't lead to the type of financial success discussed in the book, but JD Martin tells all the wealth secrets about how you can choose a path that will help you achieve what you want for your life. This book is highly recommended for anyone motivated with high aspirations or any who is also fascinated by the lives of the super wealthy.

    You can purchase the book on Amazon here:

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  • Why My Book The 10 Step Guide To Your Personal Success Can Help You

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    The 10 Step Guide To Your Personal Success is a book I wrote after realizing that I am confident in my abilities to implement all of the steps to become successful. As someone who has achieved my goals and is constantly setting new higher goals for myself, I felt being able to give back and share my knowledge with others should be a priority. I have read and researched countless books on the subjects of goal setting, self discipline, success, financial freedom/independence, and investing. The 10 Step Guide to Your Personal Success takes all of what I have learned and achieved throughout my years of success and puts them into a fun, easy to follow read that can have a significant change on your life. If you are someone who has great long term goals but no defined path on how to achieve them, or if you're looking to learn about self discipline, time management, and other productivity "hacks", my book may be beneficial for you.

    The book focuses on the 10 steps that I have used and continue to use I my personal life to achieve my goals and accomplish the things I want in my life. I hold myself to a very high standard and these tips can help anyone achieve any goal they are striving for. Success means something different for all of us, but no matter what success means to you this book can help.

    In the book I discuss techniques that I use for establishing a positive morning routine,staying involved in lifetime learning, setting goals, remaining disciplined and determined, as well as practice good time management. I also include additional life tips that will help you achieve what you are looking for in your life.

    To checkout the book you can view it on Amazon here.

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