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ya like msphar said, rolling stone investment advice? Really? and they have the inside scoop on all of this how? Just hilarious! Who reads this sci-fi?
@ berong: http://yhoo.it/GzmtZL
GGP is in the financial sector, but REIT industry if that helps
monsieurmarket, all numbers pulled from scottrade/finviz/yahoo
PJM79 you said it right at first "it obviously must be taken with a grain of salt" of course it had nothing flattering to say about the bank. It was a bunch of wild accusations by someone who is clearly disgruntled for one reason or another. I look at the facts not conspiracy theories.
One last comment in reference to me saying "dealing with its tarnished image." People tend to forget very easily and quickly, especially considering some of the nasty comments on this board are coming from the some of the same individuals (not mentioning names) who stated exactly what you are just months ago when the stock was falling (how quickly we forget).
Ivan, Interesting article and analysis. Although, I must disagree. I see BAC reaching $10 before dipping under $5. I think its worst days are behind it with finances slowly coming in order and legal issues behind it (for the most part) dealing with its tarnished publish image will be the biggest challenge. The stock is up over 30% since I mentioned it in January
and 52% since I pointed out its guaranteed rise in late November:
Steftheref said: "It surely can't be good news when an analyst changes his rating for RIM onto a 'Sell' from 'Speculative Buy'."
Not sure who he is speaking of here, but just to clear things up this is what I said: "There may be a buy opportunity, but I do not see that happening for quite some time. Given all of these factors I would recommend this stock as a SELL!"
Good point waldipup it should, but in this case I did not because three seperate websites say the same thing therefore I thought it would be foolish to say an estimate is one thing when clearly it says something else
Thank you for your additions Biomaster, these are all good arguements.
It says 78 now, the link that opens is a subscribe to a trial I know, but on the left hand side it gives you the numbers in dollars. I know this sounds farfetched and I do not agree with this estimate, but nevertheless it is the estimate.
thank you for your addition!
Just an fyi since my recommendation:
PM +5.6%
BTI +6.2%
MO +1.1%
Avg +4.3%
Hope this helps,
all financials dropped in 2011 John,
AB +5.8%
AI +10.45%
IVR +6%
CIM +13.5%
Avg: +8.94%
Here are the upsides since I recommended,
hope this helps,
Regarding AOD,
For those who are still in doubt;
Raj Man, I like your post, I don't understand some people's critisism. If you have a stake in RIM I hope I am wrong and it does go up. I have my eye on the stock though.
Raj Mon I agree it is an impressive machine, but this is not the reason the stock will increase, apparently everyone like Apple's better. I think I am holding off from RIM for now. Thank you for your addition
Google I like, Apple I think is overbought, and Nokia no opinion
Daugherty are you still stuck on that? It is time to move on my friend. One stock does not judge an entire market, it is time you realized this.
But, you should not base your investment decision solely on what an analyst or group of analyst "think" the stock will be. Heck if someone made a recommendation of $600 for Google when it was $100 you would get the same reaction. Truth is only time will tell what happens with the markets.
The link opens, look at the left hand side
All great points! Thank you.
this link will show you $ (that is a dolalr sign) not sheckels!
Great point bobitza
Thank you for this link, this definitely helps.
Hey Tom,
smart thinking in saving for your tv (and congrats). I did not necessarily think of it this way thank you for clearing it up. But you are right, I do not think it will make a huge downward shift, I guess we will see.
nothing there....is there another link?
Charles, with all do respect I think you are confused. The comment said "Tax Murderer" hence it was directed towards him not you, and this article has nothing to do with Apple. I am not the only one that feels that stock will go down, just like I am not the only one to think certain stocks will go up. This is the beauty of the stock market.
The link was originally on each of the stocks, but was taken out by the SA staff I have no control over that, and Again read the link. There is no sell just buy. If you are reading another link I would love to see it for this would be good information to share!
Tax Murderer read carefully before jumping at conclusions. Thank you for your continued support and reading my articles,
Read the link!
They are in for a big crash because they are to collect sales tax?