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Liam Garrity-Rokous  

My name is Liam Garrity-Rokous and I am currently a sophomore pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Management, with a dual concentration in Finance and Corporate Reporting & Analysis, at Boston College in the Carroll School of Management (CSOM).

I have been interested in the stock market for almost two years, and I am trying to learn as much about financial markets as possible. My goal is to become the best investor that I can possibly be, and to become a professional investor after graduating from college.
  • Description: Undergraduate Student. Trading frequency: Weekly
  • Interests: Commodities, Developed International Markets, ETFs, Gold, Stocks - long
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LGR Analytics The purpose of my website is three-fold:One- I love learning more about the stock market and it is my hope that through myblog, I will be able to further my own understanding of the intricacies of the global economy and the forces that shape it.Two- I want to be able to update my followers about where I think ...More
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