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  • Fire Up The Immuno-Oncology Powerhouses: John McCamant [View article]
    @4nursebee - The first disclosure refers to The Life Sciences Report, which is the author of this piece. The Life Sciences Report does not hold stock in any company discussed here. The disclosure at the bottom, which says John McCamant owns shares in Incyte Corp. and Novavax Inc., is referring to the person we interviewed.
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  • Focus On Catalysts To Cash In On Biotech: Jason Kolbert [View article]
    The full article can be read here:
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  • Off To The Races With Extraordinary Biotech And Medtech Companies: Jason Napodano [View article]
    Jason Napodano spoke with the company and got back to us with a response regarding #2:

    "Parcopa is a levodopa and carbidopa combination the same as Sinemet. It is administered 3-4 times daily and is not apomorphine.

    Many, if not most, patients on levodopa (and its combinations) will eventually experience “off” episodes specifically because of the use of levodopa; because of its latency to “on” and rapid “off”. To manage these episodes which occur first thing in the morning and several times during the day, some neurologists prescribe apomorphine, the only approved drug to be used as a rescue therapy for acute “off” episodes. There are a number of clinical research papers published in leading journals by leading neurologist that confirm the benefit and use of apomorphine as an acute rescue therapy as well as confirm the existence of “Off” its severity and frequency.

    Many neurologists do not prescribe apomorphine. Some have clinical concerns with prescribing injectable apomorphine to Parkinson’s patients, but some are simply unaware of apomorphine. Once a convenient sublingual strip formulation is available, there will be an opportunity to educate neurologists about apomorphine and its place in therapy for Parkinson’s patients alongside levodopa and carbidopa combinations. While it is suggested that a more sustained and steady delivery of LD could reduce OFF time, the development of OFF episodes is directly related to the use of LD in the advancing Parkinson's patient. In the short term, newer LD preparations may help total OFF time but have no effect on the acute relief of OFF episodes like apomorphine does.

    The reason I like Cynapsus is that they are not re-inventing the wheel. Rescue from acute “off” episodes is a real clinical need that is currently poorly served by the only drug that can provide patients with almost immediate relief. APL 130277 is a sublingual thin film strip project, if successful, will be the only company in the last 15 years, of some dozen or so companies, to have solved the convenient and more tolerable delivery alternative to the sub q injection."
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  • Bloom Burton's David Martin Zeroes In On Under-The-Radar Biotech [View article]
    Here are a couple:
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  • 3 Biotech Investment Ideas That Disrupt And Diversify: Anita Dushyanth [View article]
    @Lost0kie51 - The company is: Theralase Technologies Inc.
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  • Biotechs With Upside Target Ebola And Liver Disease: MLV's Vernon Bernardino [View article]
    Interview can be read in full here:
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  • Steve Brozak: Big-Picture Biotech Stocks Rule The Future [View article]
    Interview can be read in full, here:
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  • Innovative Australian Companies On Canaccord Analyst Matthijs Smith's Opportunity List [View article]
    Full interview can be read here:
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  • Wedbush Securities' Liana Moussatos On The Art And Science Of Picking Biotechs With Upside [View article]
    Full article available here:
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  • Medtech Shifts From High Gear Into Overdrive: Canaccord's William Plovanic [View article]
    The full article is available for free here:
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  • Taking Stock Of The New Normal: Mark Landy On New Growth Ideas For Biotech Investors [View article]
    Full article available here:
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  • Christopher James Turns A Clinical Eye On Biotechs With High Reward Potential [View article]
    Full article available here:
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  • ROTH Capital's Debjit Chattopadhyay: Marriage Of Diagnostics To New Therapies Breeds Biotech Winners [View article]
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  • Stunning Potential For Upside In Canadian Biotech: Brian Bloom [View article]
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  • Shortage Of R&D At Big Pharma Creates Demand For Small Biotech: Joseph Pantginis [View article]
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