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Lorin Cohen
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Thanks wcapital -- I certainly agree. CDNN went public the "right" way. I believe there is a real upside here, and at $1 per share, not a lot of risk.
Thank you Ben.
Yes they are delayed, but as mentioned in the article, the Company brought on PW, filed amendments up through Q2 2011 within 5 months of announcing the issue, has been in regular communication with the NYSE - where they remain current, and continues to communicate with investors through an IR firm and event presentations. In my opinion, a company on the verge of bankruptcy would not dedicate valuable resources to all of these efforts, some of which are arguably voluntary.
So, if you accept what management has indicated with regard to the company's operating progress, then i believe that the $1.15 price makes it worth taking a look at. Clearly, you disagree.