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  • Caveat Emptor Beckons [View article]
    Ok. I'll humor you and leave MCD off the list. Then there's Fujitsu, Ingram Micro and the 20+ other companies under NDA.

    The fact PAMT hired the number #1 M&A investment banker in the U.S. for deals under $3 billion should be a clue here, too.

    You think they're going to "sign on" if there aren't legit proposals on the table. Or maybe they're getting duped too.

    This is the problem with the internet and SA. Instead of getting their hands dirty, testing the tech, talking with investors, management, outside experts, "analysts" rely on internet searches and others' questionable internet research to piece together flimsy arguments.

    As Reagan liked to say, "Trust, but verify." I've done that. If I'm wrong, I'll take my lumps like a man. Time will tell if I need to.
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  • Caveat Emptor Beckons [View article]
    Not familiar with those Tobin Smith stocks. I agree with you, he's reprehensible. How he's still on Fox is a crime.

    However, I can attest to the existence of actual technology for UNXL and PAMT and CRDS. So can the blue-chip partners they've announced, which obviously didn't join forces without seeing and testing the technology.

    But let's not go there. There's enough back and forth about these companies on SA. The market will decide and prove once and for all who is right.

    Good luck to you!
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  • Caveat Emptor Beckons [View article]
    Here's a random question for all to consider...

    If a company is truly a "pump," would they spend any money on research and development, and specifically, patents?

    Nope. There's no need to, nor is their an ability to do so b/c if they're truly a pump they don't really have any technology, right? Plus, there's no reason to waste the money.

    And yet, three companies mentioned above (UNXL, PAMT, CRDS) do indeed have patents and continue to file new patent applications.

    Just a "minor" point to keep in mind before you rush to judgement about the existence of an actual technology... or worse, rush out to short a company :-)
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  • Uni-Pixel Has Ballooned From Hype, Not A Better Technology [View article]
    Chris is spot on. Still bullish. Just advocating prudent portfolio management - i.e. play with the house's money whenever possible.

    I appreciate the effort to try to loop me into this debate, though, Adam ;-)

    Truth is, I've been researching and following Uni-Pixel's progress for almost two years. The back-and-forth and misinformation gets tiring for guys like Chris and I to constantly refute. So I've resigned myself to this beautiful fact of life - the market serves as the final arbiter.

    So, as always, time will tell who's ultimately right. Best of luck!
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  • Is Marin Software The Next 'Hot IPO'? [View article]
    Just provided an update here:
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  • 3 Companies More Innovative Than Apple [View article]
    Thanks for chiming in Robert. And you're exactly right. No single criterion is a reason to invest in any of these stocks. This is just a starting point for further analysis.

    And in future columns I'll start digging into the angles you suggest (limiting to large and mid cap, etc. and evaluating for total return), among others.

    So stay tuned.
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  • 3 Companies More Innovative Than Apple [View article]
    The purpose of this article was to encourage investors to look at innovation in a new, more quantifiable way. It's not an effort to buttress a short case against Apple. Nor am I "shilling" for any hedge funds or others with Apple shorts.

    I agree with everyone that novelty is not enough. As investors, patents must be novel AND commercially relevant. If the company can't translate the technology into meaningful profits it's worthless to us.

    But since patents are indeed a precursor to products, we'd be foolish not to pay attention to them. It can only increase our investment intelligence.

    The metrics presented begin to develop a sense of the quality of patents.

    Again, this is merely to encourage a discussion to think more specifically about patents. And I'm confident time will validate such an endeavor.
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  • 10 Reasons Why The Sun Won't Shine On SolarCity's IPO [View article]
    Goldman, BofA and Credit Suisse were lead underwriters for SolarCity's initial public offering. So do you expect them to issue anything but a "Buy" rating?
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  • The (Stubborn) Myth Of Green Energy Investing [View article]
    I did say it back then...
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  • The 3 Most Potent Forces Underpinning The Real Estate Recovery [View article]
    Not just pushing stocks. SA doesn't syndicate all my work. I think most compelling buys are distressed SFH in strong rental markets. However, most investors can only afford one of those, at best. Plus, competition for those homes is intense now that private equity is in the game. So, I also think it's smart to look for other stock market plays levered to the housing recovery.
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  • The 3 Most Potent Forces Underpinning The Real Estate Recovery [View article]
    For the record, I didn't wait until "the news is good." See here:

    I'm also not "touting" ITB all of a sudden. I've been recommending ITB for 9 months, recently trimming up our protective stops (instead of lightening our stake). Most recently, I've been looking for other housing-related plays that haven't moved up as much to capitalize on the recovery from here on out.
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  • 10 Reasons Why The Sun Won't Shine On SolarCity's IPO [View article]
    Not sure how you can characterize examining the risk of a business model as "sensationalist."

    It's economics. If the model doesn't work without subsidies, it's not a real (i.e. - viable) model.
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  • SolarCity IPO Review: Is Solar Power The Next Subprime Crisis? [View article]
    The prospectus says they focus on customers with "high credit scores" but never specify a credit range, which means its subjective. Just like it was during the housing crisis. That's potentially problematic as there's always a pressure to sacrifice some credit quality to increase growth.

    And I agree, it's not the perfect comparison with sub-prime, but it gets my point across.

    Totally agree about the lock-up, too.
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  • The Bear Case For Best Buy In One Simple Chart [View article]
    Buying property for a headquarters is one thing, having to buy property and maintain it for 1,000 stores just to expand the business is another.

    The real point is that an online business scales much easier, without as much overhead involved.
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  • The Future Is CLIR: Why The Shorts Are Wrong About ClearSign Combustion [View article]
    Nothing odd about it at all. My paid research deals with specific stocks all the time. But I only allow SA to syndicate the free, market commentary-based work I do.

    I just made an exception in the wake of the bearish views on PAMT and CLIR. I felt it was necessary to provide the other side of the investment case for investors. That's why they appear on SA. And I'll do the same in the future for any other active recommendations, MDB client or not.
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