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Lots of good news flow appears to be set for DECN. We liked it at $.17 and continue to think it will probably be taken out by BP. This is a huge market with big markups!
Canaccord Genuity biotechnology analyst Ritu Baral lowered her price target on Amarin (AMRN) from $19 to $17, based on an analysis of launch costs for Vascepa, which is being developed to lower high levels of triglycerides in adults.
Ms. Baral said “We are adjusting our P&L assumptions after additional research and analysis around a self-launch scenario. Our $17 target is based on a sum-of-the-parts analysis, combining a DCF of high triglyceride sales and pNPV of mixed dyslipidemia sales.”
Ms. Baral added: “We continue to expect business development talks to intensify and Vascepa to receive NCE (five-year exclusivity).”
Ms. Baral adjusted her 2012 EPS estimates to $(1.49) from $(1.46) and 2013 EPS estimates to $(2.42) from $0.28. Ms. Baral also adjusted her annual revenue for 2013 to $87.4M from $110.7M and lowered her price target to $17.00 from $19.00.
$PSTI is really a no-brainer right now. Upcoming clinical news and buying coming in next month from funds in Israel. Plus, there are rumors of partnerships for some of these technologies. Add it up and you'll see why they are touting this $8 price target on PSTI shares.
Fact is, the company is in talks with several big pharma and specialty pharma companies for a buyout. That is a FACT.
Despite all the noise and shaking of loose hands in the stock, the only question that matters is... "How much will AMRN fetch in the buyout that is coming?"
PSTI will certainly move on a number of pending news/catalyst events. It has certainly transformed into a great biotech bet.
While it is true that you need FDA approval for a drug distribution in the US a Personal Autologos Stem Cell treatment is a different story as it is not distributed.
ALS patients would easily and happily go to Israel for treatment once the Israeli Health regulatory system would approve such treatment after phase III. Israel has a wonderful record when it comes to Bio Tech and their Health System is one of the best in the western world.
Keep an eye on $BCLI
BCLI-- now there is an emerging company to watch in the ALS space.
Especially compelling when you consider some of the compassionate use results and early data.
Very much undiscovered and not paying writers to pump it.
I'm just sayin'. ;)
$AMRN is a screaming buy at these levels. Even if it retraces down to the next fibonnacci level, who cares? This is a $27 stock waiting to happen past FDA approval.
Wow! I can't believe the editors at Seeking Alpha let this through the system to be published. Perhaps this was meant as an InstaBlog?
A lot can go wrong when writing an article about a $2 stock, too, it seems. :(
Very logical presentation on $AMRN. With almost 4 million people suffering from TG levels greater than 500 mg/dL in this country alone (and getting worse), it's clear to see that there are billions to be made here for years to come.
$AMRN is a winner through and through. Today's bear raid sets the table for a great upside trade.
Actually, it's a brilliant implantable technology that has multiple applications.. Check out the presentation here: http://slidesha.re/O04sLW
Looks like Wall Street may finally be starting to jump on the OMPI bandwagon. Good for our readers who got in at $8+ - Congrats. Stock starting to move big today. More winners coming!
Congratulations to all the writers and keep up the good work!
Yeah. These guys have no clue what they're doing... NOT!
Illumina (ILMN) must be sitting on something pretty valuable if the price keeps going up.
Great read with some good info, Stephen. Thank you.
No. I don't hold any sort of position. Long or short. Been warning our premium subscribers about this. Sources tell us the SEC is looking closely into this one because the company is supposed to be in a quiet period and a financing is coming.
A financing is on tap at $2.25 or less. Watch and learn guys.
As I pointed out in my article originally, "Earlier in October, SmallCap Network’s Matthew Briar was convinced that Celsion Corporation was destined for $2.00 before a bottom bounce recovery could be called. " link: http://bit.ly/wuJhY8
He wrote: "Finally, though Celsion Corporation has been a favorite among small cap enthusiasts this year, the fact of the matter is that it's not been a fruitful stock, and may have just tipped over into the wrong side of the momentum spectrum. CLSN has fallen under the 200-day moving average line, and despite today's gains (+0.36%), doesn't appear like it's going to be able to put together a quick rebound effort.
"The final bearish straw is the way CLSN has cemented this effort in pace with a string of lower highs and lower lows (orange). Assuming this zig-zag pattern holds true, Celsion Corporation shares are destined for $2.00 before a recovery is even close to being likely. (And just for the record, this isn't the first time we've seen this bearish channel being made by Celsion. In 2008 and 2010, crosses under the 200-day averages were just the beginning of a long string of lower lows and lower highs.)"
Stock just keeps going. Performing very well.
Great calls on both LPTN and CVM. You nailed them twice!
Great call Adam!
You're absolutely right about OPKO's changes. That was an outdated description of the firm, which I have just updated with the following:
OPKO Health, Inc. is a publicly traded healthcare company involved in the discovery, development, and commercialization of pharmaceutical products, vaccines and diagnostic products.
Days ago, the company announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire FineTech Pharmaceutical Ltd., a profitable Israeli company which develops and produces high value, high potency active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). The transaction is expected to close on December 29, 2011. FineTech, established by Arie L. Gutman, Ph.D., possesses proprietary technology and know-how in several important areas of organic synthesis. The company offers a full range of services from paper chemistry and laboratory scale development to pilot scale and commercial production; it is staffed with a team of highly qualified chemists with vast experience in synthetic and analytical chemistry, as well as expertise in multi-step syntheses, new polymorph development, and chiral and prostaglandin chemistry. FineTech's FDA registered facility in Nesher, Israel is equipped with state-of-the-art laboratory, production and quality control equipment. FineTech's business model has been to develop complex and problematic APIs for sale or license to pharmaceutical companies in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Israel.
"This acquisition is a good strategic fit for OPKO," said Phillip Frost, M.D., OPKO's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. "FineTech's significant know-how and experience with analytical chemistry and organic syntheses, together with its production capabilities, will play a valuable role in the development of OPKO's pipeline of proprietary peptoids and other molecules for diagnostic and therapeutic products, while providing revenues and profits."
I bet. A lot of people hate biotech because it's too volatile. That same volatility is the reason we love to trade it. Definitely not a sector for anyone looking to be passive.
Either way. Smart money, dumb money, robotic money.. It sure looks like the trade has worked out just as expected so far, huh?
Stock is up 5% since the call.
The "golden cross" happened but there is still resistance at the $4.42 level.
Nice trend higher despite being in "overbought" territory since early December.
If that's the case, then the "safe" way to make money is to trade based on upcoming catalysts. For example, if you know that company "XYZ" has a future event- like a clinical trials release or an FDA decision, you can take a position in the stock ahead of time and watch the stock- almost always- trade up in anticipation of that news. As the date gets closer, these stocks almost always trade up.
See more detailed info on this here:
If you need any more info or help, email me at garza@biomedreports.com
I think you trade these stocks until they prove themselves, then you can marry them with some sort of conviction. There are far too many opportunities to make money by trading in and out of these types of stocks- especially ones like these who have catalysts.