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M.E. Garza is one of the founders of the biotech and healthcare sector news portal He believes in getting the news from credible sources on the street and often reaches out to CEOs and newsmakers directly for interviews and discussions about their companies. Since he began... More
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  • OXGN - Oxigene filed an S-3
    Interesting to see that the company has just filed an S-3 Registration:

    This is a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that is used by a publically traded company to register securities that will be offered to its employees via benefit or incentive plans.

    Read more:
    Nov 01 8:59 AM | Link | Comment!
  • Week's Big Healthcare Conferences Provide Important Inside Glimpse for Investors
    It's time to pay close attention as healthcare sector companies are out to educate and try to lure investors at two of the year's key investment conferences. For healthcare/biotech investors there are few stages on which to catch, meet and ask questions of biotech leaders bigger than this week's Rodman & Renshaw 13th Annual Healthcare Conference, Sept 11-13 at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel and the 2011 Morgan Stanley Global Healthcare Conference at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in New York.

    Paying close attention at what some of these companies have to say at these conferences is not only urgently important, but during volatile times like these, crucial.

    As one of Wall Street's senior quantitative analysts said this week, "It's getting harder and harder to be a stock picker in this market. It seems stock fundamentals are taking a back seat to the latest Fed speech, jobs report, news from Europe or policy proposal, depending on the day. So, maybe we should all become macroeconomists?"  The fact is, a vast majority of stocks move in the same direction as the market the last- with some percentage of those stocks as high as 94-95% in the past week.

    To put this into perspective, Quantitative Analyst Rocky White points out that "during the 1980s, the percentage of stocks moving with the market on a daily basis was typically only in the 40s or 50s, and peaked in the 60s during the 1987 crash. The percentage was consistently in the 50s during the tech boom, and then rose pretty significantly when the tech bubble burst. Since then, this metric has remained at a higher level. During this most recent pullback, the number shot higher, reaching just above 80%. Prior to this, the only previous time the percentage jumped this high was at the peak of the 2008 crash".

    Why even try to find good picks in markets like these, when about 90% of stocks are moving in the same direction?

    It's more important than ever to pay attention to trends and make them your friends. You have to learn to read the technical indicators, find bottoms and buy stocks on some of the pull-backs that we're seeing in the markets.

    Big cap stocks are bearish. Some of those firms, particularly with operations in places like Europe where debt finances are in even bigger trouble than they are here, may have nowhere to go but down. Historically, times like these see some of the best performances from emerging company stocks.

    As we've seen in some of the small-cap healthcare markets this week, there are plenty of undervalued emerging companies whose stocks can climb once analysts flag them and/or insiders start buying at suddenly cheap prices. You want to look for those. You want to minimize risk and start finding companies that may be on the verge of-  or have already started- generating more revenues; are anticipating good news/catalysts and which appear to be growing- particularly during difficult financial times while others are down-sizing, not meeting goals, etc.

    In healthcare, you want to find companies with technologies that not only measure up, but realistically have a chance at capturing a nice percentage of their particular market. In some cases, these companies may have the better mouse trap, but take a hard look at how difficult it might be for the market to actually adopt that new technology?

    Companies who show up at these conferences are there to convince you that they are the horse to bet on. Spend time looking at the presentations, check the facts and your gut before jumping in. Even if you can't make it to the conferences, most of these companies put up materials and videos from their presentations on their home pages. Go out of your way to look for them.

    Schaeffer's Investment Research which actively tracks options activity points out that "there has been a 15% increase in short interest since March, although both short interest and panic levels is still far from the peaks seen during the financial crisis." Cautious crowds are growing, but as White points out, "the technical backdrop is not as supportive to them as it has been in the past."  If you're off the sidelines and still trading biotech and healthcare "be open to buying stocks that you like on pullbacks to support, as 'pops' can be equally as sharp as 'drops' in the current environment."

    We saw some of those principals at work last week after calling bottom on the overly punished shares of Cleveland Biolabs (Nasdaq:CBLI) and featuring first-look reports about Ampio Phamacetuicals (Nasdaq:AMPE). Both of those stocks were big winners for our readers this past week.

    We will certainly continue to pay close attention to SANUWAVE Health, Inc. (OTCBB:SNWV) at the conference. Since finishing and submitting stacks of data from their double-blind Phase III clinical trials of their dermaPACE® device for the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers, Rodman will provide that firm the first opportunity to speak to a large group of investors, brokers and analysts about their pending FDA decision. The firm is still undervalued with plenty of cash in the bank. More importantly, some analysts are starting to notice that may be well positioned for a buy-out given the threat their disruptive medical device poses to industry leaders in the multi-billion dollar wound healing space.

    A list of the presenting companies, complete with some of the other new faces we will be monitoring at this week's Rodman conference appear below:

    22nd Century Group, Inc.
    (OTC BB: XXII)
    23andMe Inc.
    Aastrom Biosciences, Inc.
    ACADIA Pharmaceuticals Inc.
    Acceleron Pharma, Inc.
    Access Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
    (OTC BB: ACCP)
    AcelRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
    Adolor Corporation
    Advanced Cell Technology, Inc.
    (OTC BB: ACTC)
    Advaxis, Inc.
    (OTC BB: ADXS)
    ADVENTRX Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
    (NYSE Amex: ANX)
    Aeterna Zentaris, Inc.
    Agenus Inc.
    Akorn, Inc.
    Albany Molecular Research, Inc.
    Alimera Sciences
    Allon Therapeutics, Inc.
    (TSX: NPC CN)
    Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
    AmpliPhi BioSciences Corporation
    Anadys Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
    Anika Therapeutics, Inc.
    Aoxing Pharmaceutical Company
    (NYSE Amex: AXN)
    Aradigm Corporation
    (OTC BB: ARDM)
    Ariad Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
    Arno Therapeutics, Inc.
    (OTC BB: ARNI)
    Astex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
    Atheronova, Inc.
    (OTC BB: AHRO)
    Atossa Genetics, Inc.
    AtriCure, Inc.
    (NASDAQ: ATRC) AVIR Green Hills Biotechnology
    Bacterin International Holdings, Inc.
    (NYSE Amex: BONE)
    Banyan Biomarkers, Inc.
    Bio-Path Holdings, Inc.
    (OTC BB: BPTH)
    BioCryst Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
    BioDelivery Sciences International, Inc.
    BIOLASE Technology, Inc.
    BioLineRx, Ltd.
    (Tel Aviv: BLRX)
    Bionovo, Inc.
    BioSante Pharmaceuticals Inc.
    BioSpecifics Technologies Corp.
    Biostar Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
    (NASDAQ: BSPM) BioTime, Inc.
    (NYSE Amex: BTX)
    Biovista Inc.
    Bohai Pharmaceuticals Group, Inc.
    (OTC BB: BOPH)
    Capstone Therapeutics Corp.
    (NASDAQ: CAPS) CardioFocus, Inc.
    Cardium Therapeutics, Inc.
    (NYSE Amex: CXM)
    CAS Medical Systems, Inc.
    Catasys, Inc.
    (OTC BB: CATS)
    Cell Therapeutics, Inc.
    Celsion Corporation
    Chelsea Therapeutics International, Ltd.
    China Biologic Products, Inc.
    ChromaDex Corporation
    (OTC BB: CDXC)
    Cipher Pharmaceuticals Inc.
    (TSX: DND CN)
    Cleveland Biolabs, Inc.
    CNS Response, Inc.
    (OTC BB: CNSO)
    Columbia Laboratories, Inc.
    Compugen, Ltd.
    CorMedix, Inc.
    (NYSE Amex: CRMD)
    Coronado Biosciences
    Cortex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
    (OTC BB: CORX)
    CryoPort, Inc.
    (OTC BB: CYRX)
    Curis, Inc.
    Cynosure, Inc.
    Cytokinetics, Inc.
    Cytomedix, Inc.
    (OTC BB: CMXI)
    Cytosorbents Corporation
    (OTC BB: CTSO)
    CytRx Corporation
    D. Medical Industries
    DARA BioSciences, Inc.
    Dehaier Medical Systems
    Dendreon Corporation
    Derma Sciences, Inc.
    DiagnoCure, Inc.
    (TSX: CUR CN)
    DURECT Corporation
    DUSA Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
    Dyax Corp.
    Echo Therapeutics, Inc.
    Edge Therapeutics, Inc.
    Enzo Biochem, Inc.
    (NYSE: ENZ)
    EpiCept Corporation
    EXACT Sciences Corporation
    Fibrocell Science, Inc.
    (OTC BB: FCSC)
    Furiex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
    Galectin Therapeutics Inc.
    (OTC BB: PRWP)
    Generex Biotechnology Corporation
    Genetic Technologies Ltd.
    Genta Incorporated
    (OTC BB: GNTA)
    Geron Corporation
    Given Imaging Ltd.
    GnuBIO, Inc.
    Golden Meditech Holdings Limited
    (Hong Kong: 801 HK)
    Heat Biologics, Inc.
    Hemispherx Biopharma, Inc.
    (NYSE Amex: HEB)
    Hi-Tech Pharmacal Co., Inc.
    ICU Medical, Inc.
    Illumina, Inc.
    Immune Pharmaceuticals
    ImmunoCellular Therapeutics, Ltd
    (OTC BB: IMUC)
    Infinity Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
    InfuSystem Holdings, Inc.
    (NYSE Amex: INFU)
    Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc
    (NYSE Amex: INO)
    InSite Vision Incorporated
    (OTC BB: INSV)
    InspireMD, Inc.
    (OTC BB: NSPR)
    Insulet Corporation
    Intelgenx Technologies, Corp.
    (OTC BB: IGXT)
    Intellicell Biosciences, Inc.
    International Stem Cell Corporation
    (OTC BB: ISCO)
    InVivo Therapeutics Corporation
    Jennerex, Inc.
    Keryx Biopharmaceuticals, Inc.
    KineMed, Inc.
    Kips Bay Medical, Inc.
    Knome, Inc.
    LifeVantage Corporation
    (OTC BB: LFVN)
    Lineagen, Inc.
    MannKind Corporation
    Marina Biotech, Inc.
    Mazor Robotics Ltd.
    (Tel Aviv: MZOR)
    Medicago Inc.
    (TSX: MDG CN)
    MediGene AG
    (Frankfurt: MDG GR)
    MethylGene, Inc.
    (TSX: MYG CN)
    Millennium HealthCare, Inc.
    Molmed S.p.A
    (Milan: MLM.MI)
    Momenta Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
      Montigen Pharmaceuticals
    MRI Interventions, Inc.
    Myrexis, Inc.
    NanoViricides, Inc.
    (OTC BB: NNVC)
    NeoGenomics, Inc.
    (OTC BB: NGNM)
    Neoprobe Corporation
    (NYSE Amex: NEOP)
    Neostem, Inc.
    (NYSE Amex: NBS)
    Neuralstem, Inc.
    (NYSE Amex: CUR)
    NeurogesX, Inc.
    (NASDAQ: NGSX) NeuroMetrix, Inc.
    Nile Therapeutics, Inc.
    NobleGen Biosciences, Inc.
    Novadaq Technologies Inc.
    (TSX: NDQ CN)
    Novelos Therapeutics, Inc.
    (OTC BB: NVLT)
    Nuvo Research Inc.
    (TSX: NRI CN)
    NxStage Medical, Inc.
    Oculus Innovative Sciences, Inc.
    Omeros Corporation
    Omthera Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
    OncoGenex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
    (NASDAQ: OGXI) OncoSec Medical Inc.
    (OTC BB: ONCS)
    Oncothyreon, Inc.
    Opexa Therapeutics, Inc.
    (NASDAQ: OPXA) Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc.
    (OTC BB: ORMP)
    Orexo AB
    (OME: ORX SS)
    OXiGENE, Inc.
    (NASDAQ: OXGN) Pacific Biosciences of California, Inc.
    Palatin Technologies, Inc.
    (NYSE Amex: PTN)
    Pivotal Therapeutics Inc.
    (CNSX: PVO)
    Pluristem Therapeutics, Inc.
    PolyMedix, Inc.
    (OTC BB: PYMX)
    Probiodrug AG
    Provectus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
    (OTC BB: PVCT)
    pSivida Corp.
    Quark Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
    RegeneRx Biopharmaceuticals, Inc.
    (OTC BB: RGRX)
    Regulus Therapeutics Inc.
    Repligen Corporation
    Repros Therapeutics, Inc.
    Resverlogix Corp.
    (TSX: RVX CN)
    Rexahn Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
    (NYSE Amex: RNN)
    Rosetta Genomics, Ltd.
    RXi Pharmaceuticals Corp.
    Safeguard Scientifics, Inc.
    (NYSE: SFE)
    SANUWAVE Health, Inc.
    (OTC BB: SNWV)
    SciClone Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
    Senesco Technologies, Inc.
    (NYSE Amex: SNT)
    Silence Therapeutics plc
    Sinobiopharma, Inc.
    (OTC BB: SNBP)
    Sinovac Biotech, Ltd.
    Soligenix, Inc.
    (OTC BB: SNGX)
    Spectral Diagnostics Inc.
    (TSX: SDI CN)
    SpectraScience, Inc.
    (OTC BB: SCIE)
    Spectrum Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
    Spherix Incorporated
    Sunesis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
    Sunwin International Neutraceuticals, Inc.
    (OTC BB: SUWN)
    SuperNova Diagnostics, Inc.
    SynCardia Systems, Inc.
    Synta Pharmaceuticals Corp.
    TearLab Corporation
    Tengion, Inc.
    The Female Health Company
    ThermoGenesis Corp.
    Thoratec Corporation
    Threshold Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
    Transgenomic, Inc.
    (OTC BB: TBIO)
    Transition Therapeutics, Inc.
    (NASDAQ: TTHI) Tranzyme, Inc.
    Trimel Pharmaceuticals Corporation
    (TSX: TRL CN)
    Trinity Biotech plc
    Unigene Laboratories, Inc.
    (OTC BB: UGNE)
    Unilife Corporation
    (NASDAQ: UNIS) Veloxis Pharmaceuticals A/S
    (OME: VELO SS) Ventrus Biosciences, Inc
    Vical Incorporated
    Viralytics Limited
    (ASX: VLA AU)
    VirtualScopics, Inc.
    Vizio Medical Devices LLC
    Vringo, Inc.
    (NYSE Amex: VRNG) Winner Medical Group Inc.
    YM BioSciences, Inc.
    (NYSE Amex: YMI)
    Zalicus, Inc.
    Ziopharm Oncology, Inc.

    Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.
    Sep 12 2:14 AM | Link | Comment!
  • Email question about RPC
    A question representing many of the ones we've gotten via email today:

    -----Original Message-----
    From: "Greg" <****@*********>
    Sent: Friday, June 3, 2011 12:41pm
    Subject: Rpc

    Are you still upbeat about RPC? nothing seems to be going on for them lately..

    Two days ago, as part of our research for an upcoming report we had a long chat over coffee with one of the major note (debt) holders that RPC was supposedly going to have to file banruptcy because of. The gentleman was very pragmatic in telling us that the investment group he is part of all feels good about several very positive things that are continuing to develop at RPC and that his group is very close to working out a deal with the company which, in his words, "will reflect very favorably for the company and their shareholders." When I asked him to handicap that scenario and when it might happen he said "I'm 95% sure it will happen very shortly. Certainly long before the final meeting with the Amex takes place."

    These people have single-handedly bet millions on RPC, and their technology and are very likely aware of certain developments- i.e partnerships, financial projections, that have not yet been made public so to hear those comments was interesting, but certainly not any different from what we have been hearing from other sources about this "incredibly bleak" situation.

    We also thought one of his comments were interesting given today's tabloid article. He said: "If the SEC or Amex had even the slightest hint that anything was suspicious or iffy about the company they would have shut them down already. This is a major U.S. exchange and we know they put the company through the paces during their hearing. We also know that RPC showed up very well prepared and had some big guns on their side; including that SEC investigator who was able to present some overwhelmingly strong evidence in favor of Radient."

    Developing, but the tabloids have obvisouly made some progress which is impressive given that no one will even speak to them given their reputation. We've now gone from "the India order is completely bogus and the the distributor is made up" to "the Indian distributor has financial difficulties." Nice!

    The company is scheduled to make a presentation at ASCO.

    Tags: RXPC
    Jun 03 1:51 PM | Link | 7 Comments
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