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  • Macro Investor
    My metric R is at -3%, getting close to the -4% to switch to $UVXY
    Aug 1, 11:15 AM
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    • BigGeneral: MI lost big!
      Oct 16, 2:53 PM
    • markrpat: R<-4 was triggered on 10/9/2014, UVXY close of 30.61.
      Oct 16, 7:18 PM
      • Macro Investor
        Bought 8/8 expiration $VXX puts strikes 27, 27.5, 28, 28.5, and 29. will buy more tmrw. Up about 10% for now.
        Jul 28, 4:10 PM
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        • RJL1955: Closed out my positions earlier today. Not liking the market
          Aug 1, 12:06 PM
        • BigGeneral: Greed and fear work.
          Aug 1, 1:28 PM
          • Macro Investor
            I will be buying $VXX puts Monday close of business and Tuesday mid day and close of business
            Jul 25, 8:59 PM
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            • VTH: Mi, what expiration you are thinking, weekly puts?
              Jul 27, 11:44 AM
            • Macro Investor: Don't know yet. Will depend on what deltas I get at the time of purchase. But weekly puts yes.
              Jul 27, 11:45 AM
              • Macro Investor
                So almost all the losses from yesterday have been regained. What a waste of time. Why do professionals panic so much?
                Jul 18, 3:23 PM
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                • optionsexpert: JMK's quote was not in reference to job security but in reference to popularity seen by the masses.
                  Jul 21, 1:06 PM
                • Prey4Crash: yes the extension of meaning was my own, never intended to seem otherwise: consequence of limited message length
                  Jul 21, 1:22 PM
                  • Macro Investor
                    I feel bad for those that sold yesterday. Suspect they were mostly professional investors who like to panic and lose money
                    Jul 18, 11:00 AM
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                    • neobliviscar: I agree, but in a lesser of two evils sort of way. Hoped a better candidate would be quietly moved forward by intelligent govt. --ROFLAS
                      Jul 18, 2:26 PM
                    • neobliviscar: =Rolling On Floor Laughing At Self . Not sure that is even a uses acronym, but I was joking. Wouldn't trust post 2000 govt with my car keys.
                      Jul 18, 2:28 PM
                      • Macro Investor
                        What Just Happened?
                        Jul 17, 9:34 PM
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                        • Macro Investor: Nice man! I am still stuck at my desl with 2 more calls to go.
                          Jul 18, 1:49 PM
                        • machiavelli: 1st world problems! ^_^ I'll catch you later, boss.
                          Jul 18, 2:05 PM
                          • Macro Investor
                            The world is coming to an end with a huge spike in $VXX so I bought more puts.
                            Jul 17, 3:46 PM
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                            • Macro Investor: Way to do it!
                              Jul 18, 9:59 AM
                            • markrpat: right before the close yesterday, out on the bounce this am. Thanks for putting it on the radar. A permanent tool here on out.
                              Jul 18, 10:04 AM
                              • Macro Investor
                                Bought $VXX 27.5 puts 8/1 for 0.9
                                Jul 17, 12:51 PM
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                                • ianxponent: Got in at 48 cents. With Israel invading Gaza now guess the world will end again tomorrow.
                                  Jul 17, 4:51 PM
                                • Macro Investor: 48 cents is awesome. I bought too early but averaged down to 59 cents. How many times will Israel invade Gaza?
                                  Jul 17, 5:00 PM
                                  • Macro Investor
                                    bought some VXX strike 28 puts for next Friday, paid 73 cents for them.
                                    Jul 8, 12:48 PM
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                                    • Macro Investor: VIX can pop anytime, yes, but it's contango that matters. I have relaized that looking at contango is far better than looking at VIX.
                                      Jul 15, 8:07 PM
                                    • AlphaPro2: Of course! Which dates are you looking for the VXX puts?
                                      Jul 15, 8:10 PM
                                      • Macro Investor
                                        S&P500 Still Projected To Hit 2100 By End Of Year $SPY
                                        Jul 6, 12:41 PM
                                          • Macro Investor
                                            Long Straddle On SVXY $SVXY
                                            Jul 6, 10:24 AM
                                              • Macro Investor
                                                Simpler SVXY Strategy $SVXY
                                                Jul 4, 11:51 AM
                                                  • Macro Investor
                                                    will there be a massive rally tmrw after the yellen speech? :-)
                                                    Jul 2, 12:50 AM
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                                                    • Macro Investor: I want single digits
                                                      Jul 3, 8:44 AM
                                                    • RJL1955: Nice jobs report today. Pre- market is moving high and volatility is dropping!!!
                                                      Jul 3, 8:51 AM
                                                      • Macro Investor
                                                        $VXX should from to 26-27 range by VIX expiration in July.
                                                        Jun 30, 12:53 AM
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                                                        • VTH: I will do market making on that product only on the offer side, and sell whoever wants to bet against it, and retire end of next year.
                                                          Jul 4, 2:57 AM
                                                        • Macro Investor: hahahahaha
                                                          Jul 4, 3:00 AM
                                                          • Macro Investor
                                                            Soccer - a liberal conspiracy. So says Ann Counter.
                                                            Jun 30, 12:52 AM
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                                                            • machiavelli: Ann has to eat you know so spicy articles will continue... she lost her savings betting against the market because of the liberal traitors.
                                                              Jun 30, 11:47 AM
                                                            • Macro Investor: Anne will be rooting for the Belgians against USA tmrw just to show the liberals who is boss.
                                                              Jun 30, 1:22 PM
                                                              • Macro Investor
                                                                Just submitted instablog with new SVXY strategy
                                                                Jun 29, 4:21 PM
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                                                                • markrpat: Anyone can download historical prices and create spreadsheet. I wouldn't be opposed to some sort of collaborative effort.
                                                                  Jun 29, 10:25 PM
                                                                • markrpat: I've read $UVXY prospectus and factsheet. For the life of me, there is squishiness as to how they operate.
                                                                  Jun 29, 10:29 PM
                                                                  • Macro Investor
                                                                    New SVXY Strategy $SVXY
                                                                    Jun 29, 4:19 PM
                                                                      • Macro Investor
                                                                        I have concluded that I am an idiot, as I didn't buy VIX 18-20 spread when VIX was ~14, waiting for VIX to fall to ~13. Would have made ~3x.
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                                                                        • AlphaPro2: Same!!
                                                                        • Rock228: Macro, you lost your #1 spot on ETF Ideas. Where for art though Macro! :)
                                                                          • Macro Investor
                                                                            Don't understand VXX price today, both futures are down and VXX is up!? Makes no sense.
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                                                                            • Rock228: Fwd VIX futures are all up but VXX is down. I think hovering below 4% contango does some silly things to these ETPs. 4% looks like a key #
                                                                            • Macro Investor: Do it! Do the taper!
                                                                              • Macro Investor
                                                                                Bought VXX 16 puts for 8/6 at day end
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                                                                                • Macro Investor: I am sitting on my hands too. I would presume taper train is back on, but let's see what happens with the UE number coming up next week.
                                                                                • rodh7858: Rock: Are u planning to buy VIX calls on Fri, Sep 13th and sell around 2p.m. on Wed, Sept 18th like u mentioned earlier?