Special situations, growth at reasonable price, momentum, event-driven
Special situations, growth at reasonable price, momentum, event-driven
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TigerTail and Joe are correct. SBC purchased AT&T. There was a debate on which name to keep and ultimately Ed Whitacre had final say and decided on AT&T which was a brilliant move.
John and La make very good points. Remember what Randall Stephenson said when he became CEO... " everywhere, at every moment and on every device."
I think he means it too. Their footprint is getting larger and larger.
Google has a long road ahead too if they want a network like AT&T. AT&T has the ability to match Google speeds very easily and much more quickly.
Could not agree more. Back the truck up under $33.
Well... T had a pretty solid quarter. :)
Me too. Love the yield and will buy more.
"If you aren't growing, you're shrinking." AT&T is definitely looking for growth in M&A. What is Verizon doing? Hmmm?
Dismal compared to who? Who are you referring too?
AT&T's annual dividend is a $1.84. The dividend you are referring to is the quarterly dividend. Do the math. You are wrong.
Don't forget that the company still actively buying back shares too. It may explain the stock going to $34 or below and running back up. Just a thought...
Also, AT&T has a history of raising the divvy. I do not see them changing this anytime soon. I expect a $.01 per quarter divvy increase this coming December. Good Luck to everyone!
You're right. For growth it is not a great investment at the moment. However, the stock is very stable, AT&T isn't going anywhere, and the dividend yield is 5.3%. They raise the dividend every year too. They've been paying and raising the divvy over 29+ years.
You need to make a correction. SBC acquired AT&T among other phone companies. Ed Whitacre was credited with putting AT&T back together although not his intention or main goal at the time. The political and economic environment presented itself and he took advantage of it. He could have never done it in this environment. Look how difficult the new CEO is having trying to acquire additional telecom assets.
I would like to get some perspective on what everyone is expecting going into the holiday season? Has anyone heard what the market is anticipating as far as sales?
I am a long term investor in AT&T. They have a very long history of raising and paying their dividend. Once the DirecTV deal is done, this will allow them to preserve the dividend while continuing to improve their network. Great Company!
p.s. if you are looking for another telecom company, I would look at T-Mobile. What a great turnaround story.
My point is that the question you pose is moot. There is no need to carry two phones. No employer (or at least very very few) that I am aware of require you to use Blackberry for work. It's all BYOD. Financial services, Government services, Medical....doesn't matter; There's no requirement that you use BBRY. And from an employer's standpoint, isn't this a good thing? Now they don't have to hand out and keep track of thousands of company owned devices....the employee owns and brings his/her own device to the table.
MITCH!!! Congrats dude! Your story got picked up on Reuters and is on Yahoo!
Personally I would choose none of them and I would have a serious issue with my employer for limiting me to just Blackberry devices. This is 2014 after all, a BYOD is in full force.
For the record I traded in my Z for the i6 and couldn't be happier. I use the Good App and can get all my work e-mails and network stuff on my new i6.
I might, but I doubt it.
I try to keep an open mind, but I've closed my wallet to BBRY.
Exactly, and frankly when the bar is set so low that you can practically trip over it, "exceeding expectations" is not difficult, regardless.
Where some can draw some kind of convoluted head-fake, trying-to-create-a-sen... like Air Jordans or whatever, I simply see a case where even the CEO didn't believe they would sell very many. He said it himself in so many words
1 million in pre-orders has turned into 200,000...that's how far this company has come in a couple of years.
When the Z10 came out, Thorstein and company were crowing about a 1 million unit pre-order. I wasn't impressed then (see and I'm not impressed now.
We've seen this song and dance before. When the Z10 came out, Thorstein and company were crowing about a 1 million unit pre-order. I wasn't impressed then (see and I'm sure as heck not impressed by 200k in pre-orders now. The "exceeding expectations" rhetoric is also a regurgitation heard during the Z10/Q10 launch and we all know how that turned out.
Haha! Ok, now I KNOW y'all are just messing with me. Do we want get into the definition of what timeline constitutes the proper usage of the term "most recent"? Is it two years? Two months? Two weeks? Today? You tell me and I'll amend my statement if that works for you.
Sea Lawyers.....sheesh!
OK, so now we are playing a game of semantics? If you want to focus on the words and miss the meaning then you go right ahead, I don't care. So, yes these contracts were not "lost" in the sense that they were canceled. No one canceled the contracts. Clear? Are we good now?
My original POINT was that the most recent weakness in the stock price was the result of the sanctions and their effect on the implementation of the Roseneft deal. This was not mentioned at all in the article. Other points were made...good points to be sure, but sanctions with regard to the Roseneft deal need to be accounted for and investors who ignore or don't know about this development are at risk. S'all I'm saying.... But then, you already knew that.
One of the reasons I stopped writing my own articles for the most part, and generally don't bother to comment on others, is due to amazing amount of people in this forum that choose to focus on the minutia of punctuation and spelling or quibble over the use of specific words here or there that they KNOW are not germane but just want something to argue about.
I have no more time for this nonsense.
It's not what I "claim" it's a fact, although I did misrepresent the number of rigs. according to this bloomberg article ( the contract was for 6 rigs - not four. The first rig, West Alpha, started drilling last month and is supposed to reach max drilling depth on Oct. 10th. Doesn't look like it's going to get the chance as they need to pull the rig by Sept 26 in order to maintain compliance with the latest sanctions. Another rig was scheduled to start drilling in q4 and one more each in Q1 and Q2 next year.
Until and unless those sanctions are lifted, those rigs are going to sit idle.
Agreed GTS....I was shocked that no specifics of the sactions or even a mention of Rosneft in the entire article.
If you short this stock now you might make $5 when you cover because most of the downside is baked in. Stock could go to $25 but I don't see it going below that. On the flip side, if there's even a hint of a resolution in Ukraine or ANY mention that sanctions could be lifted or loosened this stock is going to pop and short seller could find themselves squeezed. Dangerous game shorting the stock at this price.
You do realize, don't you, that the recent selloff has more to do with the loss of 4 drilling contracts with Roseneft worth $4.5 billion as a result of new Ukraine sanctions to which you allude, right? Sanctions are real and not just some esoteric concept that might exacerbate the weakness in the sector. No, it's the loss of these contracts due directly to sanctions being imposed that, when combined with weakness in the sector (where else is mgmt going to be able to deploy those 4 rigs for anything close to the $635kdp rate they were getting from Roseneft?), that has caused the stock to freefall.
I agree they are oversold, and I'm confident the divvy is safe, but unless sanctions are lifted or loosened - and there's a chance of that - it's going to be very tough sledding ahead for SDRL for the next 16-18 months.
If you are one of the 3.1 billion people that make under $2.50/day, who do you really need to call? Other people that make under $2.50/day? I highly doubt that any kind of a phone is at the top of these peoples wish list. Food? absolutely.Shelter? you bet. clothes? safety? more food? medicine? Yep, yep, yep, and yep. Phone? not so much.
Not making a social statement here, just saying this demographic is not a legitimate target market.
"Now that my girlfriend has left me, I feel empowered to date again"
I've noticed short interest has gone up on low volume on a lot of stocks. I guess they are betting on a correction in the market.
I will say it again. They are after their network and subs. It's that simple. They want to bundle their products and get as many people on their network.
Althouhg a big deal for NVAX, MERS news was just recent. The price came down from a high of $6.95 with the biotech sector. The price is going up because biotech's were beaten down so much. The MERS news may have generated some interest in the stock but it really had more to do with their RSV candidate news. It's a huge deal for the company and industry. The author should reevaluate his article and change the title to 4 biotech's and Novavax because I think it's going to outshine the 3 mentioned here.