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Long/short equity, portfolio strategy, research analyst, stock research
Marc Chaikin
Long/short equity, portfolio strategy, research analyst, stock research
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Will Update this weekend. It's 2 years later and they still can't pull the trigger
Good point but in 2011 there were a serious of natural disasters in Japan which affected the supply chain for tech stocks as well as rising gas prices which hurt retailers. So far the price of gas at the pump has not hurt the retailers.
Thanks for adding to the conversation.
Don't normally like to diss a competitor but this can be harmful for investors if followed blindly. LOGI is where it is because the company guided analysts lower on 3/31. Yesterday they underperformed their own guidance. Stock is where it is for a good reason.
Mea Culpa...Thank you for the clarification. I agree Pru does have lots of potential for 2011, just not for that particular reason. Appeal is based on Business Value of Free Cash Flow and low price to book ratio.
As The Aflac duck has been quacking in Japan for over 40 years, I was well aware that Aflac covers 20 Million Japanese or over 1 in 4 of its population. However the company provides not just cancer insurance but It also offers accident/disability plans, short-term disability plans, sickness and hospital indemnity plans, hospital intensive care plans, fixed-benefit dental plans, vision care plans, long-term care plans, and life insurance products. Any or all of those non-cancer related lines could be negatively impacted by the triple Japanese disasters and the subsequent economic dislocations.
The Company CEO Mr. Amos stated that they expected a spike in claims based on accidents and bodily injuries from the Tsunami but felt that the company had adequately provided for such contingencies.
Since Aflac had initially sold off more than twice the percentage of other insurers and not recovered as well, I wanted to put all that in perspective.
PS. Not once in the article on Aflac did we mention property/casualty coverage or risk for Aflac.
The Chaikin Power Gauge rating is Bullish on CAT and thus I would agree that a pull back of 5 - 10 % would represent a buying opportunity.
BIDU however is a different story as our Chaikin Power Gauge rating is Bearish and the stock is trading below the Chaikin Trend currently at 106...this is one that I would avoid.
One thing which adds weight to Steve's forecast is the performance of the stock market in the third year of a Presidential term. This has been written about today and suggests an average gain of 15 - 18% for 2011 depending upon whether you take out years ending in 5 (the strongest year of the decade historically) or not.
One important modification which I think you should make is to acknowledge that years ending in 5 have been up and up big on balance every year since 1835 and thus should be taken out of the sample.
If you do that the S&P returns on the reduced sample are a still respectable 15.1% but the returns on the sample which goes back to 1931 drop to 8.31%.
Hang around until 2015 and you'll really see some fireworks...also will be an excellent time to sell real estate as home prices will have moved up by then as well.
It sometimes pays to check the real-world trading activity in Gold shares to see what large investors are doing. Although Barrick Gold (ABX) has a bullish Chaikin Power Gauge rating based on our 20 factor model, the Price/Volume component is bearish and ABX shares have been significantly underperformed other mining stocks like FCX and RIO.
Perhaps investors are getting a bit cautious on Gold shares.
Our 20 factor model the Chaikin Power Gauge rating has been bullish for QCOM since early September, with the stock under very strong accumulation. If this is a negative, for QCOM the large institutions have not yet caught on. With the intermediate price cycles topping out it will be interesting to watch any pullbacks in price to see whether the buyers step up.
Brinker (EAT) is an excellent choice as our Chaikin Power Gauge rating is Bullish and short-term cycles are turning up