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  • Kandi Technologies Continues To Dominate China Electric Car Market [View article]
    Super article Michael!
    Oct 15 09:59 AM | 8 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Kandi Technologies: A Losing Battle For Trapped Short Sellers- A Rebuttal Of Karl Richter's Visit To Fantasyland..  [View instapost]
    Thank you Art, great work!
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  • The REAL Fraud [View instapost]
    Thanks Gerald! You're a man on a mission to let the truth prevail! We need more people like you...
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  • Coffee Holding, Ready For A Parabolic Move? [View article]
    Thanks for this valuable info!
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  • Kandi Simply Explained, And It's Valuation [View instapost]
    CSIHawaii, thanks for this great overview!
    I don't have great expectations for a squeeze though, the interests of the shorts seem to be a bit intertwined with those of the main actors here. But considering the recent EV related news out of China I am convinced KNDI is in the right spot to be one of the main beneficiaries.
    Sep 2 09:54 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Citrix Killer: Sphere 3D's Debut On Nasdaq, Merger With Overland, Purchase Of V3 Systems [View article]
    Point by point answer:

    1/ The lawsuit at V3's level is a shareholder dispute among the original founders of V3. It's outcome with NO economic effect on the acquirer. Sphere 3D isn’t a party to this dispute and is protected through contractual clauses…
    Your point does seem to, however, acknowledge that there is an IP also at V3's level.... A positive start.

    2/ Are you joking? It’s pretty easy for readers to find a number of V3 customer appraisals on youtube..
    And who are you, what are your IT credentials to tell us Sphere 3D will not be able to compete with Nutanix? As a matter of fact, once the merger with Overland is completed I expect will offer converged virtualization solutions and infrastructure that will be an attractive alternative for what Nutanix offers.

    3/ Again, what are your IT credentials and how about the opinion of Dell, Ericsson, Novarad, Chesterfield County Public Schools, etc…experts who scrutinized the Glassware 2.0 solution before contracting Sphere 3D?
    I rather suggest readers to check the opinion of a highly praised independent industry analyst, such as Simon Bramfitt of “The Virtualization Practice”!
    Besides, a picture speaks a thousand words:

    4/ Yes, I suggest you get over it, Glassware 2.0 wasn’t developed overnight and I have already answered such deceiving statements as “two programmers and $200,000 in R&D over four years” and more in my previous instablog:
    Size does not matter when it comes to innovation. Apple's initial promise was started by two people, Google was innovated by two people. Sphere's history is actually equally exciting.
    Technological giant incumbents purchase innovative small companies literally all the time precisely because they are founded on new innovations.

    5/ Dragging Sphere 3D’s executives through the mud seems to be a preferred method for the shorts trying to discredit the company. Readers are already tired of this, investors have been exposed to many more desperate attempts to discredit the company or its executives. Seasoned investors know better…
    In the technology startup scene, failure is not only invoked but celebrated! In Silicon Valley, entrepeneurs give speeches detailing their misfires. Academics laud the virtue of making mistakes. FailCon, a conference about “embracing failure”, launched in San Francisco in 2009 is now an annual event, with technology hubs in Barcelona, Tokyo, Porto Alegre and elsewhere hosting their own versions.
    While the rest of the world recoils at failure, technology's innovators correctly understand it as a rite of passage en route to success!

    6a/ Again you’re taking a little run with the truth: “a massive option grant for $0.63 per share when the stock was trading at $5-$10”!
    Reader, don’t get conned, check the facts! Eric Kelly got that option grant when the stock was trading at $0.63 per share:

    6b/ Research just as deep as just going on Sphere 3D's website reveals a couple of technology demonstrations:

    7/ Silly??? You clearly seem to target Peter Tassiopoulos in your blatant attack…
    Since when does a CEO of a company need to be an inventor, patent holder and top technical IT expert?
    The comparisons to VMWare are NOT based on current sizes or corporate history, but relate to comparisons of the technological solutions that both companies have to offer. It is all about the potential of the capabilities of their technological solutions. Agreed, right now they are very different companies operating in the same exciting and growing space, that's exactly where the potential lies.

    8/ Another misleading statement “$40 million in revenue”…check your facts, the combined revenue of Overland and Tandberg is about $100 million!
    Overland actually has a very extensive corporate history, having served thousands of clients among them various branches of the US government. The fact that they were undergoing a strategic turnaround at the time of acquisition is precisely the fact why Sphere 3D had the opportunity to acquire them. The rationale for the acquisition and the synergies of both companies has been very clearly outlined in the accompanying PR and various interviews by management.

    9/ In what universe does an author who proves to know very little about Sphere 3D’s technology have an opinion that matters? How many companies has he built?
    Does he even know Overland is the oldest data storage company in the United States?
    Is Peter Bookman (Fusion IO, Fobos) not part of Sphere 3D? How about Eric Kelly (Maxstore, Conner Peripherals, Dell, Adaptec etc)? Did you ever look at Sphere 3D’s and Overland’s BOD members and their experience?
    Further, how come that Sphere 3D is capable of attracting highly capable and experienced individuals such as Stoney Hall and Michael Keen?
    Jul 22 03:31 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Citrix Killer: Sphere 3D's Debut On Nasdaq, Merger With Overland, Purchase Of V3 Systems [View article]
    Great article Point of Return! Nice overview of where this merger is leading to and how attractive Sphere 3D is to investors.
    Personally I do believe that within 6 months from now we will be part of this select club:

    I do have a bit mixed feelings about the article's title especially Sphere 3D being called out as "Citrix Killer" whereas a relationship with Citrix could develop in something totally different. Did SA choose that title?
    Further, what would you think about editing the bullet point "Between now and August 1st, the Overland-Sphere merger should close."? Further in the article you mentioned "however, when the acquisition of Overland Storage is complete, expected to occur by the end of August 2014" which seems to be more realistic to me.
    Jul 21 08:24 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Sphere 3D: Rewarded For A Shotgun Wedding That's Doomed To Backfire? [View article]
    Talking about a joke
    Just another act of desperation from shorts that are in dire straits...
    Weird, you forgot to mention the recent business deals of the latest months and you keep spinning deceit and tortured truth.
    For anyone interested to look beyond this authors crime novel and yellow journalism, please have a look:
    Jul 10 06:55 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Sphere 3D Taking On The Software Virtualization World? [View article]
    Keep it easy for yourself if you still are in disbelief and contact for example Novarad.
    You doubt for yourself...that's fine but this kind of comment just reinforces that impression that you would love to see other people doubt.
    Anyway, I haven't any reason to doubt after what I have seen.
    May 21 09:40 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Sphere 3D Taking On The Software Virtualization World? [View article]
    Who is a joke?
    "They have shipped not product except through the V3 acquisition."
    What makes you so sure about that? Care to prove?
    Have a look to this:
    And there are more...
    So once you'll see the revenue stream established, you'll have to hide or camouflage like a juvenile polka-dot grouper.
    May 21 08:49 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Sphere 3D Taking On The Software Virtualization World? [View article]
    "as it's not immediately obvious whether the technology used is Glassware 2.0 or V3 System's VDI solution."
    Haven't you watched the Glassware 2.0 demo videos available on the Sphere 3D website? If yes, it should be perfectly clear that for those demos they were using a modified OVRL server and none of the V3 appliances!
    Besides, I also participated in a Glassware 2.0 demo and V3 appliances were part of that.
    May 21 08:47 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Sphere 3D: Cloud Company Can't Rise Above Hype, Mistakes And Poor Management [View article]
    Wow, very informative! Thanks GetSmart17 for this contribution.
    May 19 02:59 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Sphere 3D: Cloud Company Can't Rise Above Hype, Mistakes And Poor Management [View article]
    Streetsweeper, where did you buy that broom? Did it come from a second hand witch tool shop? Isn't it near to black magic how that broom conveniently combs anything that fits your purpose and leaves untouched anything that annihilates your thesis?

    No, I am not going to write a step by step rebuttal this time because 99% of the investors can see clear how deceitful this article is.
    But just to show the level of deceit it's worth to pick one of the threads in your crime novel"

    "In fact, ANY.V is so desperate for attention, the company has taken on its own promoter. That hired gun is USA Investor Link, pulling in $10,000 monthly plus about $2.8 million in stock options."

    First, the amount of $2.8 million in stock options is pure fantasy and secondly you omit to tell the reader that the agreement with the investor relations firm was never executed, see "Sphere 3D Inc. Notes to the Condensed Consolidated Interim Financial Statements June 30, 2013 and 2012" page 13 last paragraph:
    " On March 5, 2013, the directors of the Company approved the award of 320,000 options, which vest in 4 equal quarterly amounts, exercisable for 5 years. The related contract was subsequently cancelled, during its trail period, and the options expired prior to any vesting."
    May 15 08:36 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Clear And Present Danger To The World Economy [View article]
    For Germany and other European countries depending on Russia as a provider of energy the signal was loud and clear not only to look for alternative energy sources in the short term, but also to reinvigorate efforts towards renewable energy and energy storage. Less than 2 weeks ago Siemens AG representatives at the Hannover Exhibition gave their vision about "The Future of Energy Supply in 2050" and also gave us a hint that they are betting heavily on the "Hydrogen Economy" in which energy will be delivered using hydrogen. see: and
    Siemens vision was also confirmed with action as they signed a deal as a member of a consortium that intents to construct a 12 Megawatt Power-to-gas plant in Delfzijl, the Netherlands. see
    This is the first P2G plant of this scale and it's expected that many will follow in the next years.
    Please also note that for Western Europe, Dutch gas isn't a real alternative for Russian gas due to its lower calorific value, but if enriched with H2 this becomes a lot better. I must assume that Dutch and German authorities have suddenly amplified their support for P2G projects with Ukrainian troubles in mind.
    In this context the following article is also worth reading:
    For us as investors we can profit from the trend to a H2 economy and P2G projects in Europe and later in the US and Canada. Fuel Cell stocks fit into this trend but 2 stocks stand out for me as they highly specialize in P2G projects and have already proven their concepts in cooperation with electric utility companies: Hydrogenics (HYGS on the Nasdaq) and ITM Power on the London Stock Market Exchange.
    Apr 20 09:04 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Shorts Despairingly Target To Fleece Sphere 3D Investors Through Posting False Claims And Misleading Stories. [View instapost]
    As I wrote in my instablog, the hedge fund that is shorting the stock is in a precarious position. A bit more DD about this:
    The short position for SPIHF can be found here -
    March 31 - 135,827
    March 14 - 34,027
    The short position for ANY can be found here -
    March 31 - 1,069,000
    March 15 - 1,098,100
    Feb.. 28 - 1,003,018

    Till February 28 there wasn't any relevant short position on SPIHF and it quadrupled between March 15 and March 31! During that same period the "official" short position on ANY didn't change that much as it was extremely difficult for the hedge fund to borrow more shares.

    Note that:

    On March 3 Pinetree Capital had a PR announcing they became a "Company Insider" holding over >10% of the shares and since then has continued to buy 478,200 shares, with an average price of $7.72 CAD, see:

    On March 7, only a few days later a new poster with alias "Niliearan" showed up on the Ihub message board for Sphere 3D and remarkably went into overdrive posting messages full of misinterpretations, half-truths and deceit to scare people out of their Sphere 3D holdings. See:
    I think that wasn't just a coincidence and I assume this poster was commissioned by the short or hedge fund because they also took notice of the Pinetree Capital PR and now realized they were in deep trouble.
    Moderators of the Ihub MB for Sphere 3D were also shocked as they noticed how Ihub Admin suddenly started to delete answers to "Niliearan". Posts from "Longs" versus "New poster -short" were deleted in a ratio 20/1 which makes you wonder about Ihub's neutrality.
    Apr 16 10:58 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment