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Marco G.  

A veteran of the small cap wars, the Goombarh has survived both the glory and collapse of the internet boom and the 2008 bust. Now he is focused on oil, mining and commodity junior stocks. The world has evolved with the rising tide of demand from the emerging markets growth of their middle class. In the Goombarh's opinion, this will provide a longer term structural change of continuing demand for oil, metals and commodities.

In this blog, he shares his findings and insights and sometimes his portfolio's contents. If this information and investing sector is of interest to you, drop him a line with your email address, and you will be added to his distribution.

The Goombarh has Neanderthal heritage and ...More
  • Description: Independent / boutique research firm analyst. Trading frequency: Daily
  • Interests: Stocks - long
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XIV is moving back up; bottom may now be in. Invest in a return to normal, less fear. Aug 23, 2011