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I agree, to a point. My larger point was that you can't say Pandit did a "phenomenally good job" with the stock down 90%...then go on to say it's great news he's gone. Best, Marek
Well, I don't know if that portion of Apple's troubles was overblown. Even Apple admitted that they blew it, big time. Best, Marek
Thanks for the kind words. I'm not used to them. that you?
Uh, talking about the stock.
God, I'm not used to people agreeing with me in this space. Might make me reevaluate...LOL, as they say. Best Wishes, Marek
Thanks. Considering the fact that the industry is still in the larval stage, I actually can't see what's going to happen by 2014...which, to me, is the problem. Best, Marek
Amen. Turn that comment up to 11! Best, Marek
Yes, he's been all over the map with Netfix. Best, Marek
Thanks for your comment, even if we might disagree. First off, I only focused on his Netflix-Amazon parallel. But now that you mentioned it, saying any stock (let alone a troubled one) has a 10% chance of being a 10 bagger is outrageously bullish. Best, Marek
Thanks, Slim Shady. Big fan of your rap. Best Wishes, Marek
Thanks for your kinds words and, yes, exciting indeed. At the very least, Nike's troubles make them interesting. They were so consistently on the mark, it was getting boring. Best, Marek
Thanks for your thoughts, but --well, I hardly thinking it's bashing Ford and GM to advise caution when CNBC is saying to look for a post-auto show boost. A post-auto show boost is fool's gold on wheels. Best, Marek
"Official Wall Street" has literally wallowed in a cynical and very smarmy worldview? Well, we might have to agree to disagree on that one--especially on Ford. Out of a dozen analysts, not a single one rates it a sell. That should be metaphysically impossible. But on Wall Street, where pie-in-the-sky sunniness rules the day, it's standard operating procedure. Best, Marek
Uh, no. After liking Ford for a long time, I turned negative on the auto sector. The global economy is simply in a shambles. You see those European numbers? Chinese business, once a great hope, is not declining. When America, with its anemic GDP, is your showcase region--well, I don't have a favorite player in the sector. I'd simply avoid it. I understand your RIMM argument, but GM is no Apple. Moreover, GM's recovery story was nearly all fiction, the product of the near disappearance of Toyota and Honda for a year. That's changed. I'd avoid this sector, especially on the auto show "boost," CNBC is talking about. Best, Marek
Hey All: This article by The Times got it wrong. It was too quick to judge, even condemn. But I'd avoid being too condemning of The Times on Apple. They've run more than their fair share of fawning pieces on Apple products and puff-files of Steve Jobs. It's rare that any publication would be out to get any single organization. You are probably best served by judging articles on a case-by-case basis. This one is not good, but if you are bullish--well, they ran this story yesterday on the prospect of Apple hitting a trillion buck market cap: Best, Marek
Well, he said both: that he was "glimpses of optimism" and "the worst was over." First, his track records hasn't been so good. But also: even if it has turned in the couple of months since he said it was dire, wouldn't you want to wait? If we've learned anything from the long economic nightmare both here and abroad, it's that things look up for about long enough to have a cup of coffee, then decline again...Best, Marek
Thanks for your note, even if we might disagree. I am usually quite good at weighing positives and negatives, but when it comes to RIM--well, if there is a positive I'm missing, please do tell. Moreover, yesterday's move in particular was delusional. This was a minor deal that the market took as the signal of a big one to come. Best, Marek
Ha! You are like the scarecrow pointing both ways! Best, Marek
So, um, unless it's Warren Buffet writing, we shouldn't give it an ear? Any lesser mortal gets the back-of-the-hand? Well, those are pretty high standards, but give it a whirl. Best, Marek
You mean a best-of-the-rest type deal? Not a bad idea. I'll give it a think, but it'll be hard. Not a lot of true talent out there. Best, Marek
I'd tell you, but I already have chickens. The wife would be pissed at a goat delivery. Best, Marek
I agree--this had the feel of triage. Z went out to soothe ruffled feathers, but offered no meaningful reasons to sustain such a stock jump. The market is reacting in relief, but since it's not based on anything too tangible, it won't hold. Best, Marek
If you want to play a game of "let's-see," that's fine. Wait and see. But up this much that the guy deigned to talk and vague hope about the future? How many times have we seen that kind of rally snap-off or fizzle? Best Wishes, Marek
Just a word of caution about reading press releases (a company's version of reality) versus numbers (reality.) Best, Marek
Yes, it's a real mess. Whether with Meg--or another--I'd wait to see actual tangible signs of turnaround traction. The stock has been holding in their on hope and that's no good. Best, Marek
Well, HP, by its own admission, is completely remaking itself. So much so that it will--again, going on what they are saying--going to take 3-5 years. There hasn't been any indication of traction, so the stock moving up on news of firings upon an already big pile of firings seems misguided. Premature prognostication, at best. Best, Marek
That the stock was up on yesterday's (additional) job cut announcement was completely new--and wrongheaded, as I see it. Best, Marek
Here's comes the recovery? Were we looking at the same job numbers today? Do we see the same Europe?
Take a vacation? That's what my wife always says. Hey, wait a minute. Honey, is that you?
Well, there's a lot of room between doubling down in Europe and hiding beneath a bed. I'll take a middle ground, thank you. Best Wishes, Marek
We might have to agree to disagree. On several different levels, I wouldn't want my decision to buy a stock to rely in part on another earthquake.
Love to agree to disagree. It makes the world (at least the stock market) go round. It is against the grain in that HP was up the day before and had, in fact, had a good week. I base the call on recent stock movement, not long-term sentiment. Best, Marek