Margin of Safety Investor

Margin of Safety Investor
Contributor since: 2011
hedge fund manager, long/short equity, value, special situations
Frank Voisin, Contributor
CFA, long/short equity, macro
Saj Karsan, Contributor
long only, deep value, contrarian
Mycroft, Contributor
research analyst, registered investment advisor, value, contrarian
Michal Slawny, Contributor
PR Professional, REITs, Stocks - long
Occasional Investor, Stocks - long
research analyst, long only, dividend investing
Asif Suria, Contributor
long/short equity, value, event-driven, growth at reasonable price
Jae Jun, Contributor
long only, fundamental value investing, special situations, stock analysis software
Whopper Investments, Contributor
deep value, special situations, event-driven, arbitrage
Value Uncovered, Contributor
Occasional Investor, Stocks - long, Stocks - short
Tim Welland, Contributor
Full-time Investor, Stocks - long
MagicDiligence, Contributor
growth at reasonable price, long only, value, proprietary formula investing
contrarian, growth at reasonable price, management change, cannabis stocks