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Long/short equity, tech, deep value, growth at reasonable price
Mark Fidelman
Long/short equity, tech, deep value, growth at reasonable price
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From what I've seen this company has a big future.
I heard the same thing about Apple before Jobs returned.
You have to move outside the US market, in developing countries - Android and MSFT rule in smartphone usage.
Windows 8.1 is usable - they will start converting enterprise users soon.
Thanks Michael - for me it's about the demographics in emerging countries and their desire for smartphones. 6 billion non-smartphone users will be coming online in the next 5 years. Most of them going to Android, then MSFT.
And let it be mine too - I suspect he'll be eating his digital words :-)
That too me is probably what will happen with exisitng users - but remember here are 6 billion non-smartphone users left to go.
That is changing now and will change as MSFT gains marketshare in emerging countries.
Instead of ad-hominem, why not explain why I am wrong?
They can't afford to spend too much time worrying about it. Their focus is on the high end market. If they had an open platform, they'd have a chance.
Thanks Kevin
By that you mean a buy?
Sure that sounds reasonable.
Very well said Mike, agree - this is going to get interesting and more valuable to everyone involved including GE.
Except in this case the numbers are small. Just a few million to start.
Thanks for the comment. It's been going on for a few years. Crowd funding in the long run is safer because the crowd can weigh in before investing. There is safety in numbers.
Bridge, since you already know that a stock price is a future prediction of value, most investors believe EA will deliver big in the next few years (myself included).
You may not like it, but Candy Crush is crushing it. For me, the game got to addictive, I had to stop cold turkey.
Nope you're wrong - not only do I have retail experience (in store and as a consultant) I have developed strategies for merchandising for the F500. But, I agree my solutions did focus on tech - it would take me months to make recommendations at the supply chain and store level. For that, I'd charge the big bucks :-)
Good points... They will need to fix Morale.
Great point - customer service is key. Look at the struggles Best Buy is having as a result of poor customer service.
From what I can gather, he's not running it as Ayn Rand would have it run, he's using some of her human psychology philosophy (which I tend to agree) to motivate key members of the team to perform.
Insiders tell me there is growing optimism that the company will turn the corner later this year.
Agree Tom, and that is precisely my point.
How do you know it doesn't work I teaching? I bet it does. If you were to bonus teacher for results that benefitted student - then everyone wins. I am willing to bet most teachers will go te extra mile to make their bonus.
Thanks Mike. The stock is certainly one to watch.
1. That's not my recollection. I remember a lot of late nighters with beer & pizza. I don't think ADSK reputation was a 9-5 company. Perhaps you mean PTC?
2. At Autodesk this was certainly not the case. Far from it. The company was developing leading edge technology. People were very engaged, motivated and excited. Barcalys by its very nature is not the most innovative industry to be in. Pink's philosophy would suffer here.
3. Pay for performance is the primary motivator for most American for-profit organizations. This has been proven over and over again. I submit that a case for non-compensation elements could be made for European companies however.
For the record, I'd work for a Dan Pink run organization, just not accept his compensation package :-)
It's simple math look back at the last 12 months. Thanks for the comment.
On Aug 10 07:07 AM luvinblack wrote:
> where did you come up with 60MM in annualized sales?...SPNG did $23-$24MM
> last month, and $18MM in a little due diligence before
> you post anything huh?...surprised you have any followers at all...well,
> must be family and friends...
Thanks RR - it took me a few weeks to write it
The AMZN price on April 2nd was $76.34 today it closed at $85.68 Would have been a great investment.
I also disagree with Mark... Hey wait a second that's me!
Thanks for all of the constructive criticism. There are a variety of comments and opinions on this article. While the smart grid has yet to be formally defined, I believe the amount of investment and revenue generated over the next few years will help power us out of recession. We need a new industry to help lead the charge, and smart grid is a viable candidate.