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  • Riding High On AeroGrow [View article]
    I respect your right to your opinion.

    Best of luck.
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  • More Picks To Triple In A Correction [View article]
    Cheers, Family!
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  • Riding High On AeroGrow [View article]
    The only thing unusual is how aggressively it trades. I can't help that, nor do I care to. I'm an investor, not a trader.

    When I see COMPANY I like, I bring it to my paying readers' attention. At some random point after that, I bring it to my free readers' attention. Sometimes, the timing is GREAT for the free readers (like HIMX), sometimes not (PXLW). On average, it works out for all PATIENT investors, but more so for those who follow the rules of the Methodology.

    FYI, those who followed my rules had the opportunity to buy BOTH of them around my initiation price. Those who didn't, probably bought PXLW at a higher price, but still made out. Those who pay for my service get the benefit of my assistance with utilizing the rule (and receive frequent updates on my analysis, etc). It's how my business makes money, thus funding payments to industry experts and my junior analyst program.

    In the end, if my average pick rises 80% (the actual number is higher) and you buy it 20% above my initiation price, you're still doing VERY well, especially for someone who doesn't pay for my service.

    So, I hope you can understand why I'm upset. You didn't question the pick. You questioned my integrity regarding the timing of its release to the public. I NEVER mind it when people question my picks (in fact, I EXPECT it, because misunderstood stocks are the cheapest). So, if you want to debate whether AERO will be successful as a company, yes, I invite that spirited debate (assuming you come fully armed with hours of your own research).

    But I don't take kindly to having my integrity questioned, especially by someone who has had plenty of time to test it.
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  • Riding High On AeroGrow [View article]

    I have to be honest here. After all the time I've taken to personally answer your questions over the months (years?), it hurts my feelings immensely that you would insinuate such a thing.

    My articles have always appeared on Seeking Alpha with little regard for timing. I provide strong disclosures to read my Methodology BEFORE even thinking about investing. The Methodology provides simple rules that ANYONE can use to succeed.

    Greggo clearly did that (thank you, Greggo!). Also, though I don't endorse TechSpec's demeanor (sorry, Tech, I'm a little upset and just calling it as I see it today), he correctly hypothesized that this is intentional, because Seeking Alpha is NOT my full service. To utilize my free SA work, you MUST read and follow my SIMPLE rules. Otherwise, you probably won't be successful no matter what.

    If I give away more than I do here, I won't get paying customers. As it stands, my paying customers question how much I give here. I now see that they have a point. After all this time, you're not a client, though you read my stuff and ask me questions (and apparently question my integrity).

    In the end, SA represents a small % of the business I have received. Facebook (40,000 followers) and Twitter drive the majority without having to donate time to people who turn around and question my intentions, especially with my track record on display and clearly showing years of outperformance FOR FREE.

    I want to help people. Period. I thought you of all people knew that.

    If anyone wonders why I've been posting fewer articles in recent months, now you know. Losing my faith in the ability for people to be gracious.

    Sorry, but I'd be upset at myself if I didn't speak up. It's challenging to maintain a positive demeanor with people who don't understand me. But it's distressing to realize that people who SHOULD understand me don't.

    Mark G.

    p.s. for anyone else who questions my integrity, it's a free country, so I fully respect your right to your opinion. However, I will tell you two things from experience (which I have previously stated somewhere once before):

    1. Hits to my website and new subscriber activity actually INCREASES when I receive accusations. I find this sickening, because it tells me that the actual pumps benefit from negative PR. I guess what they is true about no publicity being bad publicity. Regardless, those who intentionally attack me are actually raising awareness... and a good % of the people who read about me on PoisedToTriple sign up.

    2. Those who question my integrity with honest intent are stuck in a catch-22. My life is an open book online. If you have researched me and still don't trust me, there's nothing I can do to change that, you know? And that's ok... I can accept that. However, if you can't trust me, then you're wasting your valuable free time here. That's not meant to be snide. It's just common sense.

    I know it's a messed up world, but don't let it change you for the worse. Avoid people you can't bring yourself to trust, surround yourself with people you can and thanks God for the fact that people like that still exist.

    The world's not out to get you. It's not all bad.

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  • Riding High On AeroGrow [View article]

    Great points. The best point however is that you do your homework to determine if the picks are stretched or not. That's what an investor is supposed to do...NOT blindly jump at every headline. #badhabits

    The reality is that I DON'T time my Seeking Alpha releases at all. I'm simply providing "writing samples" of my work to get some PR. Anyone who is willing, can read my Methodology (which I constantly urge in my disclosures and SA profile) and figure out the right timing for my picks.

    Anyone who doesn't, acts at their OWN risk. As I've been told by many paying subscribers (over 2,000 thus far), it's not my job to give free readers everything I charge them for. If you're too busy (or lazy, as some of my members admit) to read the Methodology and do-it-yourself, you should pay for my service or not play my picks at all. #honesty

    For the record, some of my Seeking Alpha "timing" was perfect (HIMX initiation), some were not. Most of it is chance. But overall, Seeking Alpha tracks the performance of my articles and you can see that the performance is great for something I do for free / PR. Beating the market consistently for 5+ years:

    That's the "free" in "freemium". If someone wants to CRUSH the market with my picks, they HAVE TO read the Methodology or sign up for my service. It's only fair. Otherwise, I have no economic incentive to be here ;)

    Kindest Regards As Always,

    Mark G.
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  • Glu Mobile Poised To Climb 50% By Year-End [View article]
    p.s. not trimming the hedges too much though. See today's videocast for details.
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  • Glu Mobile Poised To Climb 50% By Year-End [View article]
    Red Alerts require clear signs that a major collapse / recession is forthcoming. The evidence is mounting, but not enough to go beyond a Yellow Alert yet (which has been fruitful enough for those who follow the Methodology at -- congrats for being among them!). FYI, if I go to a Red Alert, subscribers to my newsletter will be the first to know, so take no offense if I don't answer this question in the future ;)

    FYI, at these levels, I'm actually reducing my hedges a bit and rebalancing my portfolio to make sure everything matches what the Methodology advises. See my client-only video that was just released at for more.

    Congrats again and kindest regards,

    Mark G.
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  • More Picks To Triple In A Correction [View article]
    Yes sir. If you short an index via a fund, you short all constituents of the index. Not widely known, but common sense if you think about it. Consequently, in the absence of news, GLUU will tend to move 4% for every 1% move in the Russell, especially when that action has a heavy component of ETF activity.

    In my opinion (and according to internal calculations I have done), this is why the stock has fallen so steeply, not anything wrong with the company. Indeed, they have been executing brilliantly since my initiation one-year ago (up 35% versus negative returns for the Russell).
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  • Riding High On AeroGrow [View article]
    JP, totally understood! Cheers.
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  • My Performance On Seeking Alpha Stinks! [View instapost]
    Hi All,

    Not being someone to throw anyone under the bus, I've been keeping my mouth quiet on the GTAT fiasco. I certainly took (take) responsibility for introducing Mr. Margolis to many, but have repeatedly stated that I had no involvement in researching / selecting GTAT.

    Thankfully, yesterday, Mr. Margolis stepped forward to set the record straight:

    Kindest Regards,

    Mark G.
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  • My Performance On Seeking Alpha Stinks! [View instapost]
    With all due respect, it's important for people to check their facts before casting accusations. I'm not one to throw anyone under the bus, so I've been keeping my mouth shut on this GTAT fiasco.

    Thankfully, yesterday, Mr. Margolis stepped forward to set the record straight:
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  • More Picks To Triple In A Correction [View article]

    BINGO. Also, many people haven't even read my Methodology, despite my constant harassing to do so. Those who follow my work know that I've been bearish on the market and have provided lots of guidance on what to do about it (including free-to-the-public videos at

    My customers who follow the rules are doing GREAT, because the hedges I recommended on July 1 have been KILLING it, offsetting stock losses (which are inevitable in a correction -- anyone who doesn't know that should NOT be investing).

    I feel bad for anyone who haphazardly invests their money -- however, after all the work I put into writing the Methodology (FOR FREE) if they invest without reading it, they get what they have coming.

    Frankly, I'm getting tired of hearing complaints from people who want to blame others for their laziness. If you (not "you" Tromur, "you" as in anyone) haven't read my Methodology, you are to blame for your losses.

    Kindest Regards,

    Mark G.
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  • Riding High On AeroGrow [View article]

    I preach the rules of the Methodology, which is publicly posted at PoisedToTriple's website. Those rules are explicit about NOT picking up outsized positions and not to chase my picks when they move greatly from my initiation price (which is also posted for free in real-time at PoisedToTriple).

    I provide strict guidelines on how much of each stock to buy (and share those with the public -- also at PoisedToTriple) and my initiation price. For example, AERO is not supposed to be more than 1% of any portfolio.

    While we're at it, I have been very bearish on the market and have provided FREE videos to the public on what to do about it: I don't know what else people want for free ;) I have to leave SOMETHING to justify my subscription price, otherwise I won't be able to pay my analysts or the experts that help me to select companies like HIMX, PXLW, etc.

    Bottom Line: I provide ALL the rules that ANY reader (not just paying members) needs to know at PoisedToTriple. If people want to break the rules, I can't help that. If people are too lazy to read the rules, I can't help that either.

    I'm usually a very nice guy (as I'm sure you would agree), but if people break the rules or don't bother to read them, I'm sure you can also agree when I say -- "they reap what they sew".

    I can lead the horses to water, but I can't make them drink.


    Mark G.
    Oct 15 10:20 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • More Picks To Triple In A Correction [View article]
    Hi Everyone,

    FYI, I have issued several FREE videos over the past few week (, indicating how to hedge against market declines.

    I have been bearish on the market since July 1 (as any PTT customer will attest). A falling tide sinks all boats, so please watch our videos on how to protect yourself.

    Also, for those who have associated me with GTAT, just look at my Seeking Alpha track record (I don't cover GTAT). You can also see this article:


    Mark G.
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  • Glu Mobile Poised To Climb 50% By Year-End [View article]
    Niki... thanks!

    Babbeone... agree!
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