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  • Poised To Triple Portfolio Updates [View article]
    1) I trust management's decisions. Also, I don't believe in "concern". That's an emotion, which has no place in investing (I hope that didn't come across harshly).

    2) I'm not surprised. GLUU and MATR went down down down until they actually announced their results ;)

    Feb 12, 2015. 11:39 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Mattersight Reports Strong Q4 Business Activity [View article]
    Recall what I said in the article re: "This is exactly what happened to ATTU on its way from $3 to $10. That 200% move happened in just 17 months, during which time it "missed" its earnings number no less than three times. When it did, it was common to see ATTU's shares sell off at the open (which is affectionately known as amateur hour) before recovering throughout the day, as savvy institutions made the proper analysis of the situation."

    Well, don't look now, but that's EXACTLY what MATR is doing today.

    Now up nicely on the session :)
    Feb 12, 2015. 10:18 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Mattersight Reports Strong Q4 Business Activity [View article]

    I don't understand. Burn rate is cash flow and cash outflow is needed to hire people. For the sake of this discussion, cash burn and SG&A are tied at the hip, so I can only reiterate what I said.


    Mark G.
    Feb 12, 2015. 09:53 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Mattersight Reports Strong Q4 Business Activity [View article]

    As I stated in the article, they are hiring like crazy. Which would you prefer to see today... a profit or a lot of hiring? Because obviously you can't have both.

    Hiring costs a LOT of money. Hiring requires resources and and recruitment fees. Similarly, ramping a new hire requires training and time (during which the new hire is unproductive). This is why I said (in the article) that novice investors don't understand how a business works.

    If MATR felt the need to double their workforce tomorrow, would that be good news or bad news? If I tell you that hiring that many people would double their SG&A, without an immediate impact on revenue, would that change your mind?

    It shouldn't, because that's EXACTLY how hiring works.

    So, I ask again, is accelerated hiring bullish or bearish? ;)

    Let the Yahoo chat boarders act as they will. There's a reason why they're wasting time on the Yahoo chat boards and not making phone calls with CEOs, CFOs, and Harvard experts. You would think that the ATTU experience would have taught that lesson, but again, I can't force anyone to learn something they don't want to learn.

    They are 100% entitled to do as they please and I respect that God-given freedom (of course, that assumes that they are being sincere on those boards and not just trying to scare other people out of their shares)...

    I don't worry about where the stock goes in the short-term. Just as the past four months have demonstrated with stocks like GLUU and AERO, when investors sell for the wrong reasons, it just provides the opportunity to buy more and make quick and massive profits when their errors are revealed and stock prices revert to where they belong.

    Most of the time, that's exactly what happens, which is why a small number of investors (like Buffett and Icahn) become rich, while the rest struggle to beat the market.

    Hope that helps!

    Mark G.
    Feb 12, 2015. 08:12 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Mattersight Earnings Preview [View article]

    Paul is dead on. As I stated early in this article, sales and EPS aren't the numbers investors should be looking at. Professional investors understand that there's a lot more to a business than that.

    Specific to MATR, bookings (which were a blowout) are far more important than revenue (and even though revenue was a "beat", I don't care about that metric). As for EPS, management stated on the call that they could have "made the number" if they wanted, but instead opted to invest more $$ into attacking its opportunities (which are so plentiful that they have already hired TWENTY additional employees this year -- in other words, they're swamped).

    I'll have more details in my full report in the morning. In the meantime, I can't force you (or anyone else) understand what I've just said, so we'll see how the stock reacts... but I will say that the consensus amongst professionals is that MATR is a double-digit stock in the making. As such, if it sells off, it will just create the opportunity to buy (or buy more).

    FYI, the same thing happened with ATTU on its way from 3 to 10, which happened in just 17 months (during which it "missed" its earnings number no less than three times).

    Being able to identify these things is just one more difference that separates trained professionals from the masses... otherwise, there'd be no need for the analysis I provide ;)


    Mark G.

    p.s. To answer your question -- yes, MATR has been one of my top 3 positions for almost a year now. I expect that to be the case for years to come (barring acquisition, which is very possible). I'm very happy with how management is executing.
    Feb 12, 2015. 12:30 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Mattersight Earnings Preview [View article]
    I was. The answer was too extensive to discuss here, but it was incredible. You should check out the replay. There were a couple of minor disappointments, but that was offset by a TON of positives. I can never predict near-term stock movement, but this was a VERY bullish call :)
    Feb 11, 2015. 06:23 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Mattersight Earnings Preview [View article]
    I'm providing additional commentary LIVE on Twitter. Suffice it to say, everything is going well and is being well-received.
    Feb 11, 2015. 05:35 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Mattersight Earnings Preview [View article]
    I'll write my analysis of $MATR earnings for Seeking Alpha tonight... but weighing the many pros against the one or two cons, my article will surely be positive.

    FYI, from what I see the EPS "miss" was due to making additional investments in reaction to rising demand. If I'm right, this is exactly what happened to ATTU on its way from 3 to 9. ;)
    Feb 11, 2015. 04:48 PM | 6 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Mattersight Earnings Preview [View article]
    Top line beat, with very positive commentary. Can't wait for the call!
    Feb 11, 2015. 04:21 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Mattersight Earnings Preview [View article]
    Loved the pre-announced metrics. Revenue and EPS are irrelevant (regardless of whether they are great or so-so), because they are determined by accounting rules, not bookings.

    The most important thing is what management says on the call. I'll be on it and try to ask a question or two.

    Stay tuned... :)
    Feb 11, 2015. 04:01 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Poised To Triple Portfolio Updates [View article]

    I appreciate what you're saying, but the loses in my picks over the past four months have not been based on fundamental weakness, but rather investor sentiment.

    Indeed, after the Q3 reporting season I stated that I was VERY happy with the earnings performance of each of my picks. I didn't, don't, and will never have the ability to make people see things the way I do.

    Of course, that's probably why most people don't average 35-40% a year for two decades running...

    As for being silent, I'm an analyst, not a cheerleader, megaphone, or messiah. When there's nothing new to report and a mob creating a din, the best thing for someone like me to do is not fight against it. Rather it's best redouble my focus on what got me here: research and wait for reality to reveal the truth (as we have seen over the past week).

    Besides, my paying subscribers can attest that my newsletters have continued to come out every week as always, so I haven't exactly been silent ;)

    I hope all is going great for you!

    Mark G.
    Feb 11, 2015. 11:16 AM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Poised To Triple Portfolio Updates [View article]
    Great comments, folks. FYI, I'll be hosting a Live Q&A session for the public (it's usually for customers only) tomorrow night at 7PM ET. You can RSVP here:


    Mark G.
    Feb 10, 2015. 11:03 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Shares Of Mattersight Are Poised To Triple [View article]
    Craig Hallum release from this AM:

    "MATR- Prereleased very strong Q4 stats in advance of a conference presentation yesterday. George Sutton says the co's routing solution continues to ramp materially, with the number of seats sold up 110% q/q and the forward-looking book of business up 46%. Sutton continues to believe the numbers in 2015 are going to show substantial growth that will put this on many new radar screens. Sutton reiterates his Buy rating."
    Feb 10, 2015. 09:37 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Coming Out Of Hiding [View instapost]

    Hopefully, the news flow of the past week shows that nothing has changed in my Method or focus.

    I can't (and won't) have a real influence how my picks do. Stock prices should be determined by how the COMPANIES do -- not pump jobs (to the upside) or short attacks (to the downside).

    When the latter happens, I just step aside and help my paying subscribers understand what to do about it. I've gone through a lot of scrutiny over the years, but usually come out on top (remember PXLW?

    I didn't come up with "PoisedToTriple". It was earned by picking triples like LIOX, STX, LGF, ATTU, FB, HIMX, and others. A mix of small and large caps, by the way.

    The past week of news has shown that the recent performance of my STOCKS was based on misguided fear. The COMPANIES have continued to perform, forcing a reversal of that negative-bias toward their stocks. Hopefully, you see that now...once again ;)

    Most of all, remember: I'm just an analyst... but an analyst with a 20+ year track record of success. A third of my picks will fail. Many will triple or be acquired. I will go through hot streaks AND cold streaks, but most importantly, my average pick has AND WILL outperform the market.

    That has been the one constant for 20+ years. Unless the basic principles of stock valuation change (which is as fundamentally likely as tectonic shifts in the laws of mathematics), that will continue.

    As for my focus, MY MONEY IS INVESTED IN MY PICKS... and I make more MUCH money from investing than I will ever make from writing responses like this to folks like you. I only started doing this to share my finding with the public when I retired in 2008. I had no idea how big it would get.

    So, think about that and ask yourself if I'm focused and what my motivation is for spending the time to respond to a small handful of individuals I don't know...

    I think you'll find that the answer hasn't changed in all the time you've know who I am.

    Kindest Regards,

    Mark G.

    p.s. Allow the detractors to say what they wish. With 40,000 followers across multiple channels, if just 1% think ill of me, that's 400 detractors. 400 people can make a lot of noise, but it's only 1%.

    Besides, you know me better than that.
    Feb 10, 2015. 09:02 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Glu Mobile And Aerogrow Jumped 20%+ On Wednesday… What's Next? [View instapost]
    I'm not a trader, so I don't know. My focus is on calculating the value of companies.

    Like Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, (and the other gurus whose lessons I abide by), I've never been good at predicting short squeezes or short-term moves. I'm just good at identifying superior risk/reward opportunities. From there, I just buy and wait. ;)

    Feb 9, 2015. 04:08 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment