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With over 20 years of professional experience, Mark Gomes has grown to become one of the world's most experienced technology stock analysts. He is also a Masters Track & Field world record holder and U.S. Gold medalist ( Currently, Mr. Gomes is... More
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PTT Research & Pipeline Data, LLC
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Poised To Triple
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Faster Than Forty
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  • Should You Buy My Picks?

    Hi All. I'm in the process of providing greater clarity into my stock-selection process, investment strategies, and pick performance.

    As part of that effort, I have started re-writing my Methodology, which is free for the public to see at the Poised To Triple website. The first section is complete and includes video from investing legends like Benjamin Graham, Peter Lynch, and Warren Buffett.

    From the beginning, the document states that it is "required reading" for anyone who wishes to act on my investment research. I believe it is.

    Remember, every analyst and investor is different (I'm no exception). Thus, every investor needs to arm themselves with the knowledge necessary to take full responsibility for their own actions and investments. Analysts (like me) are effectively your employees. If they don't perform, the proper course of action is not to berate or belittle them...the proper response is to simply fire them with professionalism, knowing that they tried their best for you.

    So, please read my new methodology article so you can understand how I do things. That way, you can decide if my style is right for you. If not, I respect that and wish you all the best.

    However, unless you read it, you will not be equipped to make that decision. Please consider this carefully before deciding to buy my picks.

    May 25 9:05 PM | Link | 12 Comments
  • Doubling, Tripling, And AERO Initiation Pages

    I want to make sure that investors pay special attention to my disclosures.

    To discover great picks, I employ many analysts and industry experts. I pay for these resources by selling subscriptions at Though I still share my picks with the public, I give them to subscribers many weeks (and sometimes months) in advance to make sure they get their money's worth.

    In other words, my free readers may get a pick that is going to double from 15 to 30, but my goal is to make sure my paying subscribers get that pick at 10.

    Subscribers also receive exclusive updates, support, and a private member forum. It's not cheap, but just one early pick can pay for a lifetime membership. Also, by giving the pick for free at 15, I effectively give investors the money to become a paying member!

    If you are among those who receive my picks for free on Seeking Alpha, there are two important things to remember:

    1. Read my disclosures, so you know when the pick was originally made to paying members.

    2. Pick your entry point carefully. It's a lot easier to do when the stock is "poised to triple" (for example, from 10 to 20) versus poised to double (for example, from 15 to 30).

    Here's an example of our initiation to subscribers versus Seeking Alpha:

    From PTT Research on Jan 30, 2014 (click to enlarge)

    From Seeking Alpha on March 10

    (click to enlarge)

    May 23 10:16 AM | Link | 3 Comments
  • Make Sure You're Not Being Scammed

    Is the analyst you are following a scam artist? It's a very important question.

    Of course, the analyst will tell you what they want you to hear. This is why I do everything I can to be transparent and easy to investigate.


    In addition to steering you away from scam artists, researching an analyst will also help you determine if he/she is compatible with your investing style.

    If you disagree with the analyst's thesis, picks, approach, or demeanor, many will respond openly to a constructive dialog. Kindly stating your case comes across much differently than those who launch attacks or jump to conclusions.

    Remember, there are investors who only posting comments to scare investors by discrediting the analyst's pick(s) -- a.k.a. reverse pumpers.

    If you are not one of them, the best way to distinguish yourself is to be constructive and caring in your dialog.

    In my specific case, you can better arm yourself to criticize me by reading my Methodology. Indeed, I always seek to improve myself and invite constructive criticism.

    Keep in mind, every analyst makes bad calls. However, great analysts will make far more great calls. Just remember this invaluable lesson from Peter Lynch (one of the greatest fund managers ever): Great picks can act very poorly before taking off.

    After you watch that short segment, think about the all the picks I've made on Seeking Alpha over the past 5+ years. Then, think about my most recent selections. Some are up and some are down. Are the down picks bad? Or are they just acting poorly before they take off?

    That's why it's so important to gain trust in the analysts you follow.

    As for me, my style can admittedly be complex at times. Perhaps I sometimes come across as a stock timer. If so, I must apologize. I'm am NOT a stock timer, trader, or technical analyst.

    I'm an investment analyst, a simple student of some of the world's greatest investors. My methodology statement at talks about all of this. PoisedToTriple also has a Performance Tracker with links to proof of my entry and exit points. However, if you don't read these pieces, you'll have no way of knowing if my style is right for you.

    And that's MY FAULT.

    My methodology statement is more important than my picks, because my picks are dependent on the methodology.

    Part of my job is putting it in front of you. Part of my job is making sure you read it. If you don't, I blame myself.

    Who do you blame? It's not a rhetorical question. If you think I'm to blame, I respect that and will not disagree. However, I'd like your input on how to fix that.

    You're here because something about me attracted you to my picks. What was it? Calling HIMX in Google? Apple doing business with PXLW? Smart investors know that pumpers and scammers don't make seemingly outlandish predictions that come true like that.

    Indeed, there is ONE thing that separates the readers who trust in me from those who aren't yet sure. That one thing is my Methodology.

    Thus, if you have lost any money on my picks, don't hesitate to provide your feedback (but be kind!). I want to learn how to make sure people read the Methodology. I also want to learn how to make my research clearer and easier to understand. I also want to learn how to NOT come across as arrogant or promotional. These are important things for someone who truly wants to help people.

    In comparison, a pumper lives by the "sucker-born-every-minute" rule. Sadly, they're right.

    If you hide in anonymity and promote your picks to enough people, you will get rich. People like that don't care that they hurt people. A new sucker will always be there to take the place of an burned one. Exposing them is a noble idea, but it's also a waste of time. Their marketing dollars enable them to reach more people than any of us can save.

    Indeed, when I was younger, I was the sucker a few times. That's a big part of what makes me want to help people. The best way to do that is to encourage self-education.

    Of course, I could be making much more money right now by producing some B.S. marketing video, but I'm here...

    ...because I CARE.

    Just understand that I can't give away everything for free. I have employees and resources that are critical to making great picks, so I have to charge for SOME of my work (everything I do here on Seeking Alpha, I do for free).

    Please think about that for a second.

    Then reach out to me. Send me a Direct Message. Help me use my talents more effectively for you. Be my coach, so I can a valuable member of your investment team.

    After all, this is not a game. It's your hard-earned money. Would you entrust it to anyone on the street? If you don't investigate your analysts, that's what you're doing. That's how I got burned when I was younger. Eventually, I learned that the extra time isn't just worth it, it's a requirement.

    It will protect your money...and perhaps your family's future.

    Investigate your analysts. Investigate me.

    There are only seven links at the top of The first two are arguably the most important. The Portfolio Tracker is a close third. It provides links to proofs-of-picks AND includes my BAD picks (some really bad ones, too).

    Google will also provide you with more than you'll want to know about me. Indeed, I'm not just an analyst. I'm also an athlete, a volunteer coach for children, and a community fitness volunteer.



    Appendix (example of a good pick that looked bad):

    My FIRST pick here (NASDAQ:LIOX) rose initially, but then got cut in half before finally tripling (435 days later). The video link I provided above discusses why this happens.

    It happens all the time...and it's GREAT. It enables you to get into picks that took off too fast for you to get in. It enables you to make more money when the pick proves to be right.

    You don't need Warren Buffett to tell you this, but you should HOPE for this to happen.

    There's only one catch. How do you know if the pick is good or a pump-n-dump? Easy. INVESTIGATE THE ANALYST.

    (click to enlarge)

    May 23 7:30 AM | Link | 20 Comments
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