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Mark Goodfield  

During a misguided summer in the late 1970’s I worked for my father, an accountant, to make money for a trip to Europe. To my father’s consternation (he was asked to try out for the Cleveland Indians but became an accountant instead due to family circumstances) I continued along the path of becoming a Chartered Accountant. Along the way I moved from accounting to income tax, from a Big 4 firm (PWC) to a boutique firm, to a two person partnership, and finally to Cunningham LLP, a mid-sized accounting firm in Toronto.

I am a tax partner, the managing partner and the partner in charge of our Wealth Management division. Thus, I speak from several experiences within the accounting profession.

I love sports ...More
  • Description: Occasional Investor. Trading frequency: Weekly
  • Interests: Stocks - long
The Blunt Bean Counter My name is Mark Goodfield and I am a tax partner and the managing partner of Cunningham LLP in Toronto, Canada. This Blog is about income tax, business and investing topics and is meant for taxpayers no matter their income bracket, but in particular for high net worth individuals and entrepreneurs who own ...More
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