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I think this quarter will show the UK, Canada and some global results of the Z10 but the US will likely be next quarter as you said.
I agree. I number crunched the latest ARPU's and they are in the low $200, when RIM/BBRY was doing well they were over $300.
But I'm still long ... getting more nausea though from the roller coaster ride!
Thanks. Reading the financial statements they changed from thousands to millions in revenue and I was up converting to millions and billions. Who knows maybe one day 1/2 the people on earth will have a BlackBerry! lol! Thanks
I posted a follow up article focusing on the numbers that BlackBerry needs for those that are interested.
PersephoneShropshire you are correct. No date has been set even though T-Mobile said they may move their launch up. It will be launched carrier by carrier on an individual basis. Solavei through GSMnation is already selling in the US. (although not expecting this to be material)
Thats why the estimates for the US are still lower than the UK for this quarter.
Hi Tufenk, the purpose was to bring attention to the numbers that BlackBerry needs to hit as there has been a lot of opinions both ways. (as we can see in the stock price) it also follows the previous article I wrote. Thanks for the comment and I agree it will definitely be a fiscal 2014 story. Take care.
Thanks for the comment. I made a request to BlackBerry for the numbers and the following was there response.
Hi Mark,
Thank you for your email. In regards to your request, we do not break those specific figures out.
Investor Relations
Thanks for the video, great example of QNX in a car working with the Blackberry 10. I'm ordering my next Bentley with it!
I had a similar situation, buying shares at $8 and purchased $13 call options. I normally don't buy call options but with BBRY if the launch was to fail it would show up right away. When they hit $16 I exercised them. It was my insurance premium.
Thanks rtmunro for the comments.
I have talked with a few staff members in the retails stores and it is true about your first point. A lot of the sales were from pre-orders and customers just picking them up. RE: The Source (radio shack) the smaller stores didn't even have stock and if you bought a phone they would same day courier it to the store. But at least we are not hearing that nobody wants it (from the media stream anyway) Time will tell when they launch in the US. For the record I never owned a blackberry device.
As to points 2 and 3, Blackberry definitely has a game plan and obviously we are not privy to it. I still see value in it though.
Thanks again
I have an EP121 Asus Slate with Windows 8. I like it better than the Surface and its cheaper. It comes with a Wacom pen so you can actually use it for note taking, not just using a capacitive pen. It rejects my palm touching the screen properly. I would think Asus would have a thinner follow up tablet PC by now, but hopefully its in the works.
It will be interesting to see the direction Intel will take in the spring with a new CEO. I`m guessing things will remain the same but the stock will probably be all over the place. Here is to Intel in the high 20`s again!