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***DING DING DING** we have a winner.
Of course, those were the easiest answers to come up with, but what I was hoping for was a DIFFERENT set of answers, something that would SURPRISE people. Obviously those answers did not come to fruition.
In reference to #2, As long as someone qualifies for an "early renewal" under their current contract, they can get the discount. If you do not qualify for an early renewal, you cannot even take part in the preorder that starts Febraury 3rd. You have to wait until the 10th like everyone else. (According to a Verizon rep, that is)
Re: #5) The Verizon contract is non-exclusive. They can announce additional carriers at any time, Including T-Mobile, which is not CDMA but does not currently carry the iPhone.
"Verizon crys wolf about iPhone" is how YOU read the article, which is wrong.
The "VERIZON IPHONE" until yesterday was nothing but a rumor. Thus, the RUMOR was the one crying wolf. That is correct.
Read it however you want. Doesn't matter now anyways.
10 miles? REALLY? Considering that LTE is available in New York, Las Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas and Houston, just to name 5 of the 30 areas that it is available in... I didn't realize that all of those cities combined were only 10 miles total.
You are right, T-Mobile is not CDMA. The CDMA reference was specifically to Sprint, but was also curious if they would open the iPhone to T-Mobile which cannot officially care the iPhone at this time.
I never claimed that VERIZON was the one that cried wolf. It was the Verizon iPhone RUMORS that were crying wolf. Never once did I blame this on Verizon.
Many phone companies in Europe and other locations have started selling the iPhone without Apple's fanfare. This is not a NEW iPhone so to speak. It will be the iPhone 4 but with a new network chip. Big difference.
Apple will still be the one rolling out the bells and whistles this summer when it introduces a new model of iPhone.
joelverreault, would you mind telling me what was nonfactual about my article? I think other than my misquote that I mentioned above, pretty much everything is completely factual.
If you would like to contact me directly, you can contact me at newman@marketplaygroun... If you would like to write a rebuttal article, I would be happy to post it on my site.
By Brian "Newman" Rayl:
I would like to correct something in my article. I incorrectly attributed the following: Battelle said that “consumers are tired of getting told by Apple (AAPL) what to think.”
It was not Battelle that said this, it was Balsilli that said this.
I apologize for the confusion.