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Martin Shkreli
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Glad it worked out for you, redplate! :)
That's the idea. I would imagine they would do a secondary before they actually default, however.
Congrats. Hope you made money.
Hi William,
Thanks for your comments.
Martin Shkreli
I look at about 2000 global healthcare stocks and private companies. I sometimes am playing catch-up. Given the recent PDUFA I took some time to look at this. It's a great short.
I'm glad your mother benefitted from this company's drug. I'm not sure how this is the case given their only product has been available briefly. Regarding your offer to lend to the company, I think they need about $100 million, so you might want to call the CFO.
I have recently learned about the company due to the impending PDUFA and rise in stock price. I felt it useful to voice my opinion given the large opportunity to make money on the coming decline in the stock price.
I value your opinion. If they get bought out, I will lose money. Also note that if I get hit by a car, I will be hurt. Also note if 1 + 1, then 2.
No. Thank you for your opinion.
There's no benefit or risk. I'm just telling you what I think. If you look at my track record, it is pretty darn good. I figure the "little guy" could use a pro's opinion.
lol best comments ever
It turns out you are correct. I didn't withdraw my "huh?" comment, I think the editors clean up the comments section. I have corrected the article. Thank you for pointing this out!
15% vs. 35%, like everyone else. it matters but it doesn't if you hit the right IRRs.
i like GENT
if you say so!!!
You are right, they have the money now.
Yes. I always borrow before I short.
what the heck? GS JPM etc. yes i pay interest.
Thanks. I wonder who you are!!!
I don't think Al will put another penny into MannKind from here on out. Just my guess :)
would be a great fit but not going to happen in a value-creative way for Mannkind. you should calm down!
Thanks for your comments. I have enjoyed making money trading MNKD.
Yep, I wrote all of that. Darn proud of it!
I do have a lot of legal expenses and I have talked to the SEC twice in my career. I am not afraid of having a discussion with a regulator - the average hedge fund has a conversation with the SEC every few years. Thanks for your well wishes.
I always thought Glaxo could partner with MNKD because they are huge in inhaled dugs (Advair). We'll see!
Cool shark story. I am an open book - everything CREW has they have because I gave it to them. Ask me anything.