Marvin Clark

Long only, long-term horizon, portfolio strategy, macroeconomics
Marvin Clark
Long only, long-term horizon, portfolio strategy, macroeconomics
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Thank you for your comment and question. The data set contained in this article is accepted by the financial markets, the federal government, central banks around the world and institutional money managers. This is analogous to the final score of a football game.
One can argue about terrible officiating throughout the game, poor coaching decisions and the skill levels, or lack thereof from players, but the bottom line is the W and the L.
The market voted Friday with a 369-point advance, in whole or in part, based upon the data in the article. Investors who reject these data are comparing it a post WWII economic structure which no longer exists.
Michael old friend, good to hear from you. The market thinking you are referring to is a relic of the 20th century. Few people who share that belief have not considered this be the first recession the world will enter when interest rates were near zero.
You're late, but welcome to the party.
Thank you. I'm curious how do you read the war on terror? Does it not replace the cold war as component of our budget?
As you know, the length of time this process takes depend upon choices make. However, I would be surprised if we did not experience visible stagflation sometime in 2014.
I'm working on a list that should be finalized by the 4th quarter.
Not losing is winning for the next few years. Whatever stores value (Ag, Au) food, oil, water, telecoms, and companies that dominate their industry with no debt (MSFT).
Large corporations only need to wait to see what will emerge then influence future rules and regulations to their benefit. The 2005 bankruptcy reform law is a perfect example.
Would you like to discuss this?
Regarding housing, my idea is a bottom up solution for homeowners; stop giving money directly to banks to solve our housing problem. Have the homeowners refinance directly with the government at 2%, 30 yr., fixed rate under these terms:
The refi will come as a 1st and 2nd mortgage for the borrower.
The new appraisal of the property will equal the 1st.
The new 1st will be assumable when your house is sold.
The new mortgage will be sold into the market as a GNMA.
The underwater dollar amount will be for the 2nd,
The second will be attached to your taxes over 30 years.
Or, the homeowner can walk away from the property within 90 days.
Then a principal for fractional ownership program for investors can begin.
Just like the coelacath; once thought to be extinct still exists...
Tom, thank you. I appreciate your comments. I see myself as an umpire calling strikes, strikes and balls, balls; nothing more.
Question: what would have been Apple's answer in 1990 if someone had asked " so, are you interested in the telecoms industry? Or, are you interested in the TV industry?
Apple's motto was/is: Think different.
Conceptually, Apple processes data, moving it from point A to point B. The airline industry processes people, moving them from point A to point B. Some would say that that is a stretch; is it really?
Remember Apple's motto: Think Different
Air travel will not become obsolete in the 21st century (unless someone invents the transporter).
It's an idea to stimulate thought and conversation outside the box.
You are assuming that I don't follow the stock. Anyway, the principles of analytically thinking and securities analysis is a transferable process. Warren Buffett owns banks and railroads and candy stores.
People traveling by flight will not become obsolete in the 21st century.
Automobiles can be replaced with public transportation for short distance travel. Travel across the country or around the world requires flight.
"Apple did not know about the music industry before buying / launching iTunes, but they didn't exactly set their sights on it."
"So, I see absolutely zero parallels with the outright purchase of a company that has nothing to do with their business..."
Your statements, not mine.
Exactly, and the remaining air passengers will demand a better flight experience when they travel. Why do people shop at an Apple retail address instead of a Best Buy or make a purchase online? It's for the Apple experience.
This is a way for Apple to enter another industry on their terms; like they did with the music industry.
It helps to have a Steve Jobs around.
Jet Blue changed air travel from within the industry. Apple could change it from the outside and they have the capital to see it through. Jet Blue incrementally reshuffled the 20th century flying experience. What is needed now is not a focus group approach but a selfish perspective of authentic business model success.
But, I hear what you are saying, thanks.
Did you say ouch when Apple announced that they would take on Nokia and Motorola as they unveiled the original iPhone?
A man with vision, thank you.
It would be rejected by the Justice department.
Steve Jobs believed shareholders were more grateful for capital appreciation than cash flow. And he delivered throughout the years. You are spot-on about the notoriously money-losing airline industry - the rest of the industry is so lousy they make for easy competition against an Apple. As I mentioned above, what did apple know about the music industry before launching iTunes or the cellphone business before the iPhone?
The Justice Department would never approve Apple buying one of the remaining telecoms. What did Apple know about the music business before iTunes? And look how they transformed that business.
Of course I only purchased my first Macintosh/128 in 1985 with an Image writer printer while I sold shares as a stock broker to clients. Other than those facts I know little about the company.