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The author has made corrections to the dividends of CVA and BIN, the correct numbers are now reflected in the published version.
Acquisition by Nuance, announced today, values TRCR at $29.50. - 40% premium to yesterday's price.
A quotation was erroneously attributed to Michael Levi in an earlier version of this article and has now been corrected.
This version was revised by the author, thanks to input from reader HackFab.
The author has now corrected the market cap, and the correct information is now reflected in the article.
Original errors in the '%52-Wk Low' column have now been corrected. Our thanks to reader Boomer for pointing out the original mistake.
Our apologies to the author for initially putting an incorrect headline on the article; his original title has now been reinstated.
This article was originally attributed to a different author - our apologies to both authors for our error.
The article as published now reflects the author's correction.
Our apologies that the links to the New York Times were inadvertently omitted in an earlier edition of this article.
The author misspelled Arnold Landy's name throughout the first version of this article; it has now been corrected. Our sincere apologies to Mr. Landy for the error.
The author corrected both the mistakes and the correct information is now reflected in the article.
The early version of this article mischaracterized the NBSP drug as being for IBS, not SBS. The drug is for Short Bowel Syndrome and the article now reflects this.
The author has corrected the STB market cap; the corrected number is now reflected in the article.
Apologies for the glitch - they're visible now.
The author's correction is now reflected in the article.
The author has now adjusted the data.
A sentence about Fitch Ratings was incorrect and has been removed from the article. Fitch has not downgraded China. The company cites this press release from April 2011: "Fitch Ratings has revised the Outlook on China's Long-Term Local
Currency Issuer Default Rating (IDR) to Negative from Stable. Its Long-Term Local Currency IDR has been affirmed at
'AA-'. Its other ratings are also affirmed with the Long-Term Foreign Currency IDR at 'A+' with a Stable Outlook; the
Short-Term Foreign Currency IDR at 'F1' and the Country Ceiling 'A+'."
At the author's request we have removed references to NRG.
The author has corrected these numbers; the correct numbers are now incorporated into the article.
An error in the price increase has been corrected in the article.
The author made this correction, which is now reflected in the published article.
The author has corrected Ventas' yield to 3.5%, which is now reflected in the article published.
We've made this correction for the author; the correct number is now shown in the text.
We've made the author's correction, which is now reflected in the article itself.
Author has corrected the article from $4.5 to $2.6 billion.
This article was originally misattributed by us to Dorsey Wright Management rather than to Techcrunch. We apologize to both authors.
The author has corrected the P/E, dividend yield and ROA data for these stocks, and the correct information now appears in the article. We determined that these were errors of transposition and do not reflect poorly on the quality of the research.
We have now corrected the error in the article, at the author's request.
The author revised the wording regarding the ticker change; the revised wording is now reflected in the article above.
We have corrected the paragraph at the author's request.