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Matt Erickson is the CEO & Chief Investment Officer for Renaissance Capital Management, LLC. Matt also serves as the CIO for Legacy Planning & Associates, Inc., and is the author of the recently published book by Wiley & Sons, "Asset Rotation: The Demise of Modern Portfolio... More
My company:
Renaissance Capital Management, LLC
My book:
Asset Rotation: The Demise of Modern Portfolio Theory and the Birth of an Investment Renaissance
  • Publishing Our First Book

    As of this morning we have reached a formal agreement with Wiley & Sons to publish our first book! The title is still yet to be determined, but in the context of the book we will provide a high level dissertation on how the investment world has changed, and further how individual investors can tactically navigate the markets. The book should be out in time for holiday sales later this year. We'll be sure to post updates!

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  • "Occam's Razor"

    William of Ockham was a 14th century Franciscan monk, born in the small village of Ockham, in Surrey, England. Now I know some of you are already thinking, "what the heck does a 14th century monk have to do with the investment world today?" My answer - not enough, but he should. Many of you may think that you have never heard of him, but if you're successful there is a good chance you intimately practice what this monk preaches.

    Historians today regard William as one of the central figures of his time. He is most widely regarded for his work on the principles of parsimony. After William's death these principles later came to be known in academic circles as "Occam's Razor". Occam's Razor states that if you can solve a problem without making unnecessary assumptions, and while incorporating the least amount of variables - that is the right answer. Today we know this as the KISS principle - Keep it Simple Stupid.

    When you click on CNBC, pick up your Wall Street journal, or turn on your Bloomberg radio - it should be blatently obvious. In the investment world, we don't do a very good job of this. Rather there is a whole army of financial wizards trying to decipher the behavior of the investment markets and sharing with us their opinion of what's to come. The irony is that seemingly more often than not, their visions fail to come to fruition. And yet we as investors are encouraged to base our investment decisions on their collective wisdom.

    Perhaps this is where William of Ockham comes in… Rather than attempt to predict the future price of a stock or the future state of our economy - encompassing a mountain of data and incalculable variables; rather than the attempt the impossible by looking forward, wouldn't it just be easier to "look back"?

    The LCP Tactical Managed ETF Portfolios provide investors with the opportunity to invest in risk assets with a margin of safety not commonly found in traditional investments; with the opportunity to generate positive returns in goods markets or bade. The foundation of this approach is a proprietary, two asset class trend following strategy; combining risk assets with those with implied safety. Over time, this approach has proven the ability to provide strong participation in the upside of risk assets, but more importantly with a discipline to avoid prolonged declines. Avoiding prolonged declines provides the engine for the long term, sustainable growth of an investment portfolio.

    To learn more about the LCP Tactical Managed ETF Portfolios, visit us online at

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  • "The World Is Flat"

    The Renaissance Period is regarded by historians as a time of cultural and philosophical enlightenment that spanned from the 14th to the 17th century. During this period, many widely accepted conventions were challenged; from politics, to religion, to works of literature and art, to the application of the scientific method and how we perceived the very world we live in.

    In 1492 when Christopher Columbus set sail from Spain in search of a brave new world, many believed he and his crew would surely perish, sailing off the edge of the world. At the time, prevailing opinions were that the world was flat, not spherical.

    What if I told you, the investment world as we know it today and the most widely practiced tenets are akin to this very notion - "the world is flat"? In the early years of the Renaissance, people still believed the world was flat because it was all they could conceive; it was what they had known and learned to be true. Today investors follow much similarly contrived notions of how to mitigate risk and generate positive returns in the markets; adhering to such endearing philosophies as "buy and hold", or diversify your risk by owning a little bit of all asset classes, etc.

    What if I could prove to you that over prolonged periods these methods provide little relative success; particularly when you take into account the impact of distributions on a financial plan during periods of market duress, or how the emotions of individual investors during such times can adversely impact their long term success? Sound plausible? We'll see if I am up to the task…

    To learn more about the LCP Tactical Managed ETF Portfolio, please visit our website:

    The LCP Tactical Managed ETF Portfolios: "An Investment Renaissance"

    Investment advisory services offered through Regal Investment Advisors, LLC, a SEC Registered Advisor.

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