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$7 now. So looks like your article was clearly wrong.
Don't comment on other people's math skills when they were right.
Both VHC and Mirror World don't actually make anything. Both went to East Texas first. Both are meritless. Everyone can look it up.
I don't hold a position in VHC, long or short. I just want to point out to everyone that Tom Shaughnessey writes 99% of his articles on this one company nobody has ever heard of. Based on his inexperience, and the heavily biased articles he has written, I would not invest a dime based on anything he says. VHC doesn't even make a product.
Do your due diligence. There are many legitimate companies out there are not a giant pump and dump scheme.
Look at the people that keep commenting on his articles, it's basically the same group each time patting eachother on the back. Riddle me this, why is this? Pick up the bread crumbs and sniff it out...
95% of Tom's articles are on VHC, a tiny patent holding company with no actual products. 80% of the comments on the boards are from the same group of people.
Smells very fishy to me.
Everyone knows right now that CAFC is going to rule in Apples favor. It is pretty much a done deal. This is why VHC's price has collapsed since the circuit started discussing.
VHC will likely be sub $7 on the announcement, then sub $3 on the panick.
The question is if VHC will be able to pay their laywers?
CAFC will deny everything. This is just like the Mirror world verdict. VHC will get $0.
This whole case is getting appealed. The East Court of Texas Patent cases never hold up on appeal. Search online, this is where patent trolls file, only to lose on appeal.
VHC will never see a dime.
Is is no news. A piddly .98% on an East Texas patent case, where all patent trolls file their cases, is meaningless since the Appeals Court will be hearing the entire case again. VHC won't be getting a dime for many many years.
Insolvency might happen way before that.
When VHC loses the appeal, how much will the market value a company with no revenue, the apple award overturned, large legal fees, a large profit sharing agreement with SAIC, and patents that are threatened with re-examination?
Yes, all shell companies eventually go to zero.
VHC will run out of cash soon and will end up settling for a few million, much like mirror world. East Texas might be one thing, but on appeal in New Orleans, VHC will get practically nothing, and will be out of cash.
HA! $6K in royalties.... VHC will collapse faster than you can say "Re-examination!"
what vhc product?...hahahahahah... they make no product. no damages.
This thing has 0% chance to survive appeal.
Don't be angry that VHC owns worthless patents and the stock will go to less than $1 in a few years.
Look at the license fees....after numerous years, VHC still can't find anyone to pay them.
Just like Apple vs Mirrorworld, VHC will get nothing when the case moves from a shady east texas court to an appeals court.
1)VHC's patents are worthless. VHC is a patent troll with very little revenue, no products and few employees.
2)Apple will appeal to the circuit court, away from East Texas corruption, and like with other cases Apple will win easily. No appeals court would uphold the verdict.
3)Apple worked around to show it is easy to do. Very easy. Very cheap when considering apple's budget.
4)Apple has its own solutions.
5)Nobody has to use any LTE patents"or VHC. These are merely "their solution" and not "the only solution". There are hundreds of LTE based patents buddy.
This is just Apple vs Mirrorworld all over again. Again, another debacle out of East Texas corruption.
Exactly. License market for this worthless "technology" pretty small. Nobody would pay serious money for it.
This patent troll won't be around in a couple years.
VHC's patents are worthless.
There can't be any harm or damage to a company that produces and makes nothing.
There will be no % of anything. VirnetX will get nothing on appeal, or a fraction of the original award. Pennies on it would be only a few million for legal fees.
VirnetX will be the greatest short of all time once the case gets close to appeal and it gets accepted the VHC will collapse. It is only a matter of time.
There is zero precedent for a patent troll with no products or employees to win on appeal in the federal circuit. An easy case in east texas becomes impossible to prove on appeal.
This is going to be like microsoft vs motorola mobility. $4B lawsuit turns to $1.7M.
Or like Mirrorworld vs Apple. $300+ million turns to $10M to pay legal fees.
VHC has zero chance. There can't be any damages on a company that makes zero products.
Stock goes to less than $5 next year. Then less than $1.
Look at Microsoft vs Motorola Mobility....$4B lawsuit scrapped for $1.7M by judge.
VirnetX will get practically nothing from Apple. Only pennies on the dollar to pay some legal fees and go away forever.
There is no precedent in history that shows a Patent Troll like VHC could win an appeal in circuit court. Zero. 99.9% chance VHC gets pennies on the dollar.
Everyone knows the end to the story. Appeals court will dismiss the case. VHC will get nothing. Stock will plummet to less than $5 just like when it collapsed from $35 to $21 when Cisco won. Would not want to see all my money evaporate in VHC when that happens. Insiders, if they own the stock, will surely want to sell it before a ruling/settlement.
Zero upside in VHC. Nothing but downside to the tune of 90% losses coming up.
Iphone 5C = China Mobile announcement on Sept 10th = Massive stock ramp up as mutual funds and hedge funds buy in anticipation of earnings growth next year. Add in Icahn and a massive buyback increase and boom, you get all time highs.
There were complaints since the launch of facetime with the iphone 4 and attenagate.
Apple doesn't need VHC's solution. There are plenty of other communication solutions. They can just license from Cisco.
How much did avaya settle for? Pennies on the dollar?
If you look at appeals circuit rulings, the burden of proof is very high. Typically, the original award will get cut down to a fraction of the amount if held up, or the case will be dismissed entirely.
VHC has no real products or employees, so there is little damage/hard caused. They are definition of a patent troll.
Apple will likely offer $10M to VHC to settle, help pay their legal fees, just like in Mirrorworld, or many other cases (Mirrorworld was judged by Davis as well in East Texas). The appeals court knows Judge Davis and his reputation.
VHC will be under $5 next year.
Sounds like I win. VHC has no chance in appeals court.
VHC under $5 next year.
Just like in America, where the affluent and middle class get apple products, and the poor get quasi-android feature phones like samsung or some higher end ones, as the world gets more affluent, it will adopt iPhone/ipad products. The ecosystem is stronger. Less fraud. Less malware. Better apps. Better developers.
Add in a fingerprint sensor that can't be copied, making the ecosystem more secure for all future products, there is little any company can do to compete.
Microsoft? Please.
Google? It spent $12B on motorola just to lose patent lawsuits and $1B a year to keep it running. Moto X will be a failure. Android? Spend billions a year and lose focus on search, in order to have search on phones around the world, selling android for free, although they get search on iOS as well? Far less is spent in Google Play than in Itunes. Highly fragmented system.
Who makes the profit? Samsung. Google does all the hard software work so that Samsung can benefit. This only goes on for so long before it implodes. Google can't give out android free forever.
Apple to $1000 sooner than you can blink.
Apple will go from $705 to $1000 very very fast. It just has to break that all time high, retest $705 and show one of the biggest cup and handles ever.
China mobile will be the main catalyst.
Samsuck is a copycat company. It will collapse like HTC in electronics (low margin) and focus on refridgerators and washers.
Any logical person can read how the Appeals Circuit rules. The burden is on the plaintiff and original rulings are cut to fractions of the award amount. Very rarely, like in Kodak vs Polaroid does it stand up, but that is between to large companies with real employees and products. Therefore, an appeals circuit would rule that there is no real damage caused to a company with no products/employees.
VHC has no substantial revenue. No products. Only a few employees. Definition of a patent troll. The Obama administration doesn't or the ITC don't look kindly on them.
Expect a settlement of $10M as VHC gives up, tries to pay off its legal fees so it can sue another set of companies.
Under $5 being nice.
Apple would only settle Mirrorworld style. Pay $10M, with 60% to cover the plaintiff's legal costs. Apple knows the case will never hold up in the appeals circuit. With $40B in net income last year, this is pretty immaterial to Apple. Apple fought many legal battles with bogus patent lawsuits with the iPod. If you read your legal history, it will show Apple has the tendency to fight everything, or pay out a cost of $10M or under to avoid legal fees.
With Cisco winning, other companies are emboldened to dismiss this patent troll.
The federal appeals court is very very friendly to corporations. Seeing that the original decision was Judge Davis out of East Texas, there is probably a 99% likelihood this gets dismissed.
VHC probably will be under $5 a year from now.
This is just like other East Texas lawsuits. It will be completely thrown out on appeal. Look at Mirrorworld and the last Judge Davis decision (thrown out on appeal). Federal circuit courts do not look favorably on patent trolls, especially with the push by the President. This appeals process will take years. VHC will practically be without significant revenue for many more years.
Why license this technology with Cisco has similar technology?
BOOM...indeed. indeed.
Word yesterday is that 300 out of 1100 stores could be worth $40 per share. The rest of the business $6 per share. $46 total? WOW!
I will be quadrupling my stake as soon as vornado sells. At these prices, it will be an easy ten bagger. This thing has Bill Ackman and Ron Johnson's support. It real 850 million in the bank after the first week in feb. 700M in non core assets that can be sold off. It has 11B in replacement real estate built up across the country. Most of those "losses" in 2012 were essentially accounting charges (paying Mike Ullman, severance of 150M, selling old inventory at a loss, severage earlier in the year, depreciating the shops and fixtures) really, all it created were tax losses to be carried forward.
JCP can operate a 500M loss for the next 6 or 7 years, and nothing would happen to it. It is like sears in this regard.
Unfortunately for bears, they no longer have crazy couponing years to compare to. They will have to cover as the comps are very very very very very easy this year....especially now they have new shops, new brands and new partners this agains, weekly sales....walk into any jcp across the country...the traffic has to be almost double what it was last year.