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Matthew Davis
Special situations, event-driven, growth
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Acutally when Cramer urges caution you better listen due to his knowledge. Trust his picks? Maybe not so much but he does have a grasp of maket currents and I do watch him and when he calls rough weather ahead he is usually right. Market currents and stock picking are two different things. Just because his individual picks arent stellar (no one is) doesn't mean he knows nothing.
I took dates to both The Revenant and Fury Road and traumatized them both. They both liked the choice.
I will take the bufoon, at least he isnt afraid to make a decision that can make a difference.
look at the coverage these events get on Youtube. Twitch live feeds on PS4 is huge too. For some odd reason people love watching other people play videogames. Its a new trend and they ned to be a part of it. How can you explain why a guy on youtube that runs a "lets play channel" have a million followers and has become a youtube millionaire? Makes sense to me for ESPN to do it.
I believe this as well whichnis why I think they need to consider a spin off company like HP did. ESPN kind of sort of fits into their content provider strategy but does it really go with Mickey Mouse and Star Wars? Not really. Both would benefit from a split where each side can concentrate solely on doing one thing greatly instead of well.
I haven't cut the chord mainy because cable is more reliable than internet. Internet gets hacked, interrupted much more often. Besides Hulu content sucks, Netflix always hits a wall and tv seasons are delayed a whole year before you can watch. So why would I?
Mad Max was a cool flick but best picture? Revenant should get it, saw it last night and I was blown away by the cinematography and locations simply an IMAX nature documentary. Anlot of blood too.
I happen to be doing this right now on my alienware computer :)
Forward PE of 16 which is reasonable for a stock like this.
I read US ESPN subs are 8-9 dollars about the same as Netflix. I am willing to bet a new ESPN Now! app and service that is standalone for $8 per month kive streaming is in the works.
Not really. Star Wars doesn't account for 25% of Disney's profits like ESPN does. So Star Wars is quite small comprared to it. The subscriber loss at ESPN will dwarf whatever Star Wars makes (and I am a rabid fan). Very disappointed in how they killed Han Solo though. Killing an iconic character in 5 mintues and 3 lines was not the way to go. Should have been an extended scene like in ROTJ when Vader and Luke were trying to turn each other.
When they figure out what to do with ESPN, this movie is just a tiny part of their business.
ESPN must be dealt with. I don't understand why they arent cutting back channel offerings, there are way too many. They need to come up with some exclusive deals on all major sports fronts. I think a college football deal would be excellent.
I can't believe there are whiners out there about a stock yielding over 5% that is not even a REIT. When the Dtv deal fleshes out and is paid for then the cash flow should increase and dictate a higher payout but you cant expect them to just hemorrhage more money adter barely closing the deal. That is unreasonable.
Thats less than some CEOs doing far worse at crappy companies.
MI movies are terrible, I can't understand why anyone likes these movies.
If it hits $89 again Im gonna mortgage my house to buy more lol Im kidding that isnt invesment advice.
Im sure I will see it 5 times before the end if the year.
We were all salivating at a 1B release just a month ago now its 2.5B for initial release and 9B worldwide? That doesn't include 3.5B in merchandise. I'm sitting down but almost fell out of my chair. So what is the new revised forward PE? I'd like a new valuation please.
When I first switched over last year to Tmo it was terrible, but I have to say its gotten 100% better since then and free youtube and music streaming cant go wrong. I own my phone and barely use data because all of the main data streaming is free.
Ok so your example is that of extreme compromise from the lifestyle we would want to live. Not sure why you used that as an example.
Monthly budget chart, where on earth do they live where you pay only $650 in rent and $75 in utilities and $65 gas?
There are many options. Spin off and maintain control, live stream (subscription stand alone based), sell it (doubt it).
I had ATT as recent as a couple years ago and the service wasn't bad at all, and the customer service was quite good.
You can quote me right or wrong on that one. I believe it will be as minimal as possible just so the President can do a victory lap.
You mean .10% rate hike.
Both of your suggestions were my suggestions since the first report of the ESPN decline, and I am glad to see people starting to think with their heads attached. It will be either or.
Why oil is not helping the economy is all the debt and credit liability on the table. If the oil companies start to fold and has a domino effect it will be a mini lehman brothers event taking a lot of financial institutions with them.
Yes that's obvious.
If you are implying San Bern was not you are still way behind on the latest information. The wife was a plant and the marriage a sham, real espionage stuff. San Bern was international terrorism.
Great follow up. I can agree with most of what you said, and as a right winger I am mature enough to admit Iraq was totally wrong.
I agree with a hands off approach to the middle east as we lower our dependence on their oil. We need to turn around fighting age Syrian men and say "No...turn around and fight for your freedom, not my job". Now eventually we will get hit again. I think war is a reactionary result and this pre-emptive doctrine is not they way to go.
I dont know if are old enough to remember 9/11 but it happened in the first couple months of his Presidency. What did Bill Clinton do to stop it since it was planned and implemented during his tenure, oh thats right he told the CIA not to kill him.
This subject isnt cut and dry, but you choose to ignore thefact that this was an act of international terrorism. You want to fit the story into your political agendas is not honest.
This hurts Clinton because she cannot make the case that Democrat policies can make us safe. Its going to bring her down couple this terrorist attck with her baggage as a failed Sec. Of State, its going to be hard to vote for her.
I never said he was foreign. He pledged alligienceto a foreign islamic pooitical ideology and was in contact with foreign terrorists. You guys need to read up and catch up.
So those French born terrorists that participated in the attack were French domestic terrorists?