• Matthew Davis
    ARR, AT, DHF, MAIN, STB, all high yield monthly dividend stocks that deliver terrific results and growing, Drip them, $2k in divs 2012
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    • Guardian3981: Look into PHT over DHF, better track record of capital preservation/appreciation and ability to cover divs with NII.
    • Guardian3981: Also, monthly div payers are nice if you can get them at a good price. The problem is they sell at too much of a prem sometimes.
    • Matthew Davis: I tracked DHF for over a year and it dipped below $4 once, and it seems to be holding up quite well
    • Matthew Davis: MAIN, yeah I got in at a high, but bought in at a low as well, STB is trading at a prem, but its explosive growth is worth the price.
    • Pessimistic Optimist: ya gotta drip them... I own slightly less at 1500 shares.. hey, Ill take that 150 and drip it.. might take the divvys from the 4..drip ARR!