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  • March Madness: Final 4 Investing Bracket 2013 [View article]
    Totally agree! What's intrigued me for years are the theories of Behavioral Finance. Every self-directed investor I've ever met thinks and typically presents supportive reasons/evidence for why their investment choice should go up. It's how we're wired.

    PS...and yes..Go Zags! You've obviously got a great squad there and I hope they make some noise.
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  • March Madness: Final 4 Investing Bracket 2013 [View article]
    Thanks for the feedback. Hopefully you read the bracket right. Just like Indiana..we feel Conoco (COP) will advance a couple of rounds in our bracket and outperform the index...ergo beat the #1 seed (IVV) over the next year.
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  • Apple Harvesting [View article]
    Good article...and of course a perfect title.

    The recent environment on Apple speaks to how so many recent (not all) investors didn't really buy the company for the fundamentals. The actual numbers perhaps validated their acquisition but they mainly bought the stock because "it was Apple" and it's going up... and everyone has iPads... etc

    If this correction ("harvesting") shakes out those who were dying to buy it at $700 but now believe the Apple story is point will be made. This world class company is still boasting some of the most attractive fundamentals any growth investor could ever dream of. 12 times earnings, tons of cash, the dividend blah blah blah...

    Same company folks... Don't get too scared...Isn't this an opportunity?
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  • Sheep To The Slaughter: Beware The Great Bond Bubble [View article]
    Timely article in that it has some great quotes and communicates some obvious risks to bonds.

    When this 'bubble' pops, however,...there will be no shortage of "I told you so" type articles or experts who go back to "the writing on the wall".

    The problem here is that most will not have done much to be proactive in repositioning assets they actually manage. The solution requires much more sophistication than just going to cash or shortening up maturities.

    Most 'experts' called for a rough bond year at the end of 2010. Some also pounded the table on hyper-inflation. How did that all turn out? Others then figured it was better to be a year early selling corporates but in the meantime $LQD is up another 10.6% over one year. did shorting treasuries work out for those following the "Bond King" (Bill Gross) work out? There are lots of experts out there but make sure to separate news from noise...

    For those investors whose allocations call for 40%, 60%, or even 80% in bonds... What are you going to do now?

    This coming week we will be discussing a solution on the My Portfolio Guide Blog pages that will focus on what to do ahead of time instead of simply pointing out the potential risks.
    The risks are glaringly obvious at this point-
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  • 2 Ways To Acquire A Stake In Twitter At A Discount [View article]
    Facebook was the best stock pick of the year for us....In that we did NOT buy it.

    Several clients of course asked about getting exposure to it prior to the IPO and these two holdings were ones we researched. I'm obviously glad we decided against it and feel the same about Twitter.

    Just like Facebook it's hard to ignore the buzz Twitter will get but I'm not convinced they'll monetize anything that warrants getting early exposure to it. Thanks for the article though and for what's it worth...I just tweeted it!
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  • Happy Halloween: What Costume Is Your Financial Advisor Wearing? [View instapost]
    Happy Halloween! Check out this costume....
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  • My 'Bold' Plan: Getting 'Extremely' Defensive And Liquid [View article]

    Thanks for the feedback and intuitive observation.
    You're also spot on with the technical analysis comment. One can't completely ignore it due to all those who rely on TA but like the old saying goes, "charts are a great predictor of the past".

    Best regards,
    Jul 25 11:22 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Billionaire David E. Shaw's 5 Dividend Picks [View article]
    Very true... I use Vanguard ETF's almost exclusively and in most cases don't even pay a transaction to buy them either.

    Why anyone with even a basic level of experience and knowledge would ever even consider a loaded mutual fund is ludicrous.
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  • Get Ready Right Now: Beaten Greece Will Martyr Itself [View article]
    Great article. I enjoyed your writing style. You also bring up a lot of great points and observations. Well done Joe
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  • Telefonica Is Dirt Cheap And Still A Strong Buy [View article]

    Obviously everyone's timeline is different but for what's it worth, I've been averaging down on TEF. I think there is more risk and potential downside than this article leads us to consider but even so, over time TEF has strong upside. I actually am glad they are trimming the dividend. If anyone is planning on holding this stock like we are for at least 3-5 years...I say pick up shares in this range. It will come back and unlike some stocks at least the writing is already on the wall as to what's holding it back in the near-term.
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  • GTSI Corp.: A Final Chapter [View article]
    Hi Gail,

    All GTSI shares will be cashed out and the stock will actually be delisted. If I was you I would cancel the order. (plus orders like this on a thinly traded stock can get filled in small amounts and you would get charged each time it filled) It won't get to $8 with the news of this deal so if you really want out now place your order at or near the market price.
    Jun 2 12:36 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • GTSI Corp.: A Final Chapter [View article]

    The author is basically saying that he should have sold this stock on an earlier deal/offer and believes that now is also a good time to do so and not risk any deal falling through.

    In my opinion, I'm having all my clients who own GTSI just wait for the company to follow through on the tender offer and each investor will get cash for all of their shares. (in your case you should receive $3,875 in cash)

    I don't see the deal falling through this time and it also saves you a commission to sell the stock etc.

    Hope that helps but feel free to let me know if you have more questions.

    Matt Pixa
    My Portfolio Guide, LLC
    May 31 01:00 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Sell Ford, Even If You Are A Long-Term Investor [View article]
    Agree with your first three words of feedback...just not the "good stuff". Your article is good stuff though! (great actually)
    Rocco is spot on when it comes to looking at a company and their prospects versus the often blind love for the product or brand. Several of Rocco's recent articles key in on this premise (AAPL, SIRI etc).
    So many investors miss this. I too drove a Ford and beat it to a pulp for 10 years. While I sometimes subscribe to the "buy what you know and love", one has to distinguish that passion and love before buying the actual stock.
    Ford has done a lot recently with their product line and image but the stock and company leaves much to be desired when it comes to fundamentals. Don't be fooled with the low P/E but rather key in on Rocco's observation of much needed volume. That's the key driver here.
    While I agree that the title of the article could be different the thesis is right on. This is not a "screaming buy". Ford has returned zilch to most investors unless you had an iron stomach to pick up shares at $2 in 2008 or early 2009.
    For now...I think the stock could be fairly attractive under $10 but there are better options for the near-term that it's not on my front burner. If you're of the mind set that you would rather "push a Ford than drive a Chevy" , go ahead and buy one... but you don't necessarily have to own the common stock.
    May 10 11:57 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • GTSI Corp.: A Final Chapter [View article]
    Great article and congratulations on your patience with GTSI. We too own it although at later times than you. (June and July of 2011)
    I had always hoped for some sort of deal like this because the stock certainly didn't impress me too much with its fundamentals.
    All that said, I do believe this deal is cemented and solid enough to materialize.
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  • The 'Merde' Rally? [View article]
    Agree! That epic title could open the flood gates for so many more articles to come. Well written piece too.
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