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Matthew Rossi  

MarketDNA is a product of SJL Capital LLC. SJL Capital LLC is a Registered Investment Advisory firm that was formed in March, 2005.

MarketDNA is a proprietary quantitative analysis program which was created in 1996 and then tested and fine-tuned over the last 14 years. The unique methodology of the proprietary system is so special that nothing else rivals what it can do from an accuracy rate.

SJL Capital is on the buy & sell side as an Independent Research Provider with the product MarketDNA that is sold to several hedge funds as well as proprietary trading desk of one of the largest investment banks on Wall St and available to the individual investor. ...More SJL has also ...More
  • Description: Accountant. Trading frequency: Weekly
  • Interests: ETFs, Options, Stocks - long, Stocks - short
MarketDNA Variances in option volume can be a predictor of Smart Money trading but alone will not give you enough accuracy to make money. MarketDNA takes the unusual option volume further through our proprietary system of filters refined over 14 years, proven to bring you substantially higher returns. Trades previously ...More
MarketDNA RSS Feeds on variances in option volume alerts from multiple equities across all sectors and market sizes