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Matthew Taylor
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Here are a few good options:
The Acumen Fund:
Grassroots Business Fund:
LeapFrog Investments:
These funds are well-established in the impact investing industry and are diversified in many different regions and sectors.
ALTVEST invests along the value chain, that's how to multiply the value creation, not only for the fund but also for the local communities. Investing in the commodity markets of these countries, for example, is simply speculating on rising prices. ALTVEST creates value by working with companies and building local structures to ensure small to medium sized are integrated into supply chains. Which in turn alleviates poverty in the region.
Thank you for your interest in impact investing and ALTVEST. This is the official ALTVEST website:
If you want to learn more about impact investing, a great place to start is the Global Impact Investing Network website; check it out here:
To understand exactly what type of investment you are making check out this presentation:
So with ALTVEST, you can choose between 3 different forms of investment. First, you can invest by country (South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Tanzania, etc.). Second, you can invest by asset class and gain exposure to single assets (small-holder farmers, commercial farms, food processing companies, fertilizer companies, etc.). And third, you can invest at the fund level, which includes all of ALTVEST's activities (countries and all asset classes).