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Long/short equity, deep value, special situations, bonds
Matthew Waterman
Long/short equity, deep value, special situations, bonds
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I pretty much expected a cut. Not to zero, but another halving would not have surprised me at all. The biggest reason was the very low stock price. This MLP raises cash by creating new shares. They would have to create a lot more of them with the stock price down there. It's true that keeping the payments might have added price support, but I think I actually like better that they are taking the sure thing instead of gambling.
I'm not upset about what's happened here at all, and am adding more. The BDI won't stay down here forever. In contrast to things that, for example, the mREITs have done by giving every bit of cash away, this makes a lot more sense as a long term business owner.
I'm seeing AG getting mentioned a lot around here. They do make pretty cool stuff. I sort of geek out myself on the little working knobs and things. The store is a trip.
I sort of kicked around the idea of writing something about this last night but I don't think it would be actionable. The whole thing about antitrust is you gotta show that the combined company would hurt new competitors. These two brands don't really make competing products. Mattel has the little boys and girls, and Hasbro has the older boy stuff, boardgames and other things.
The other companies already trying to make those kind of things, I don't see a merger stopping that, but there is one factor, and you mentioned it here: Disney. A conglomerate would put more negotiating power into Mattel's hands. Perhaps the reason they've not been especially upset about losing the princesses is that they realized they were never really going anywhere.
Oh hi Xin He. Sorry, I missed this comment back in October. I liked it a lot!
I'm not making any moves on this news, but it's nice to hear.
Was thinking American Express..or maybe Mondelez.
Mattel tends to overtake Lego at Christmas time. That happened last year too. Lego is probably #2 right now, but like Patrick below said, not traded so I'm not sure if that's a factor.
Not sure about the one day change. Depends on where the rest of the market decides to run to tomorrow.
Chris just said there was a year over year increase of 40% in foreign sales, with a big chunk of that coming from China. Fake goods aren't slowing her down.
$90 million revenue beat. Barbie is back.
After hours up 7%
MarkXP, Wall Street is not responsible for this. The people who bought the stock chose to do that on their own. Nobody held a gun to their head forcing them to buy shares at nearly $700 apiece.
If that's true, what about the other authors who are telling people to buy? We don't manipulate anything; in the end only you are the person in charge of whether you buy or sell.
(P.S. I am one of the people saying buy)
Dude, the earnings could have grown 20 times year over year and the stock would still cost too much. That's how badly overpriced they are.
It's only open to people in the industry. Because I occasionally cover video games I'm able to attend as media. They will open up a website a month or two before the event with more information about how to get a pass. If you are going, send me a message and we can meet up at the show, get some lunch or something. Lotsa great noodle shops nearby.
It's not that they're slowing down. It's that they earned just $1 per share.
One. Dollar.
What an incredible growth ride you are on here.
looks like I'm going to e3 again this year :)
They all operate this way. Virtually none of the bulk freighters actually works for spot rates on a regular basis.
What?? Fred, that's lowballing it. Mattel is going to $65. Eventually. Maybe not this year, but eventually lol.
conkjc, couldn't have said that better myself.
If they stick to the schedule we've seen in the past, the announcement will probably be this Friday.
We're a rare breed, it seems. Buying low, going against the grain is just very difficult for most.
Did somebody say Brand Power?
Navios Midstream, a sister LP of NMM smashed it today. Well, they beat anyway and are carrying a respectable forward yield:
Navios Midstream smashed it today. Well, they beat on earnings anyway and are carrying a respectable forward yield:
Navios midstream beat on earnings today. I wouldn't go beating the death drum for these groups just yet.
Navios midstream posted an earnings beat today. I don't think this is going to so catastrophic after all.
There, added Mattel.
lakarr, just submitted the requested change.
I don't mean to infer that buying and holding alone will cause your performance to be poor. It's more like, there are these opportunities that come along that you can exploit to seriously juice your returns, you just need to be able to have a reliable stream of income to tap into.