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Haha, good to know.
BX most likely has a different plan for the company. The losing team might be better off going their separate ways. I expect that BX will break up Motel 6.
Yes, I thought the same thing when I was researching some of their companies. The design is not something most people would expect from Eastern Europe. All the more reason to like them.
Fritz - Greece had some recent success with loans. Of course, that is still money they will have to pay back. But even this week with the market we see that a little bit of optimism goes a long way. Small gains in manufacturing and the emerging markets were buzzing.
Henry - EWZ does have a good trend of tracking with the S&P, reminding me why I love ETFs. 55 would be a good starting point and you would still have room to grow.
Very interesting insight from your contacts. Argentina's policy making is always a source of concern, but their President has shown some flexibility recently. So hopefully the long-term will win out in the end.
Nothing more than a small step for the long-term thinker.
It would be far-fetched to compare Qatar to Switzerland. But Qatar has its own brand through natural gas. They do need to focus on that area. Innovation would only add to it.
I agree. The government's inability to implement any type of policy change is a real problem. You make very good points. There is still some positive there. Just need to push the government to do something.
The Argentine government is quickly changing pace to keep up. They are loosening up on their regulation bit by bit. All in due time.
That is what might be expected as a result of the continued decline of the rupee. India's current government is not known for making quick and decisive policy changes, especially as it pertains to the currency. Hyperinflation could be a very real problem soon enough.
True. The troubling headlines have been spreading throughout Europe. However, Eastern Europe and Russia do seem to have fewer than most.