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Newar, Interestingly NEP is approaching the all time high while the price of oil is now ~ $60 Vs the high of $140s. Well the stock is about 25% below the high- is that close? A terrific week of gains each day. PRC is pushing the local energy producers to go gull capacity- NEP is sensitive to the PRC's wishes. At over $60 NEP will not shutter back a lot. The world of small cap Chinese stocks is near irrational i.e. for short periods very volatile. CHNG is likely to soon break out of the doldrums- Now at ~ $8.6. You commented on MBs that the Chinese micro caps are breaking out. I don't agree that it is universal. I'm very long NEP and will soon add to CHNG and CSGH.
Nawar, Is it possible that most any words or economic matrix would show an ascending change with time. Both Google and the information age has more hits with time thus distorting your evaluation of the data.. It is a fact that Google's data base shows like changes to your search? No doubt there are more millionaires and billionaires and more inflation with time. Maybe that (inflation) is the main reason for stocks gaining with time. Ask any senior if there is inflation !.
Just letting you know I'm appreciative of all the details you provide- Thanks again. In due time we will get the stock move you are predicting- double digits!
Newar, Class job of reporting on NEP. You have covered the essentials as well as showing a good insight as to what "might be!" Thanks. I'm long NEP
CHNG Vs snen on feb 1' 09 @ $ 3.51 Vs 1.90 and 5/12 @ $4.47 Vs 1.43 . Which you like the best?
Having written positively about CHNG and owned it for years certainly makes me a bit biased but not a "sucker." There are many realistic reasons for a greater use of natural gas especially in China with it's acknowledged deadly pollution problems. Sure the current economic crisis has disrupted many needed improvements to the lives of humans as staying healthy and productive. The Chinese vast population does require job growth and expansion opportunities for this vast population. These are concerns of the PRC- for their health as well as wealth of it's people. China can do well with its 8 to 10% growth, with the reasonable PRC mainly infrastructure stimulus package. PRC now being an engaging part of the world economy are starting to be pro a cleaner earth and especially a cleaner China. China is able to be take more forward looking than the USA as buying up energy sources worldwide. Even corruption within their system will be gradually improved as the visibility of the marginal situations pressures the leaders to innovate more quickly. These hard working people deserve better and the younger generation is demanding this. The younger thinkers are becoming a greater part of the leadership thus the power of the PRC is slowly changing for the better. So these matters play into CHNG's investment strategy- into a greener China through natural gas and CNG motor vehicles and NG service for users. The growth of motor vehicles, with more hybrid and CNG, highways, NG pipelines & LNG terminals. The demand for a better more Western life style is a perpetual fast movement that can't be stopped and should not. CHNG top notch management is aware of these movements and is positioning itself to be part of the more desirable growth of China. Management is expanding it's territory which means exclusive rights, it has keen PRC awareness and now slightly more cooperation. Smart business decisions will continue to bode well as this little company doubles in size every few years. There as always potential downers as stock dilution, need for even more financing, delays in major listing and changes in the alternate fuels dynamics from coal and oil. The progression away from oil & coal dominance will take time. In the fullness of time I believe CHNG will prosper greatly and I will continue to be a stockholder. No I do not want to move to China!
CHNG needs move publicity. Valuation is too low AT $2.70
With CHNG: buying a gas co, adding new area of customer for piped gas, adding gas to expanding CNG filling stations, and new area for CNG stations, LNG for '09 enhanced by new power Co expansion, move to list on major exchange (finally?), the growth pattern looks good. The basic China move to cleaner energy bodes well for natural gas in China & especially for CHNG. Gov.Approvals in China can be difficult but CHNG is on the fast track with their Gov. Happy days ahead! Past month stock move of ~ 50% is not the end of PPS move. Great outlook
GIGM has a smaller footprint in China's gaming world. It is a buy in the $5s.
A long time has passed from my last comments- I was out of CHNG but back in today at $2.45.A lotg happened but mainly positive in top and bottom line each quaterf and todays Q reporft is more of the same. Chinese small caps have been swooning for over a yearf BUT CHNG moved out ot thepack the past month !. Some new products or markets arfe: adding gasoline at the NG filling statgions, new exclusive arfe to provide piped NG, and of courfse recernt start of the LNG plant deue for com pletion '09. So soon we will exceed/? have a 100 million annual revenue!!! With $.48 earnings we have ~ 5 PE- not bad. Chinese auto sales are still on a growth path so hopes for more revenue / station ande more statgions. In tghe fullness of time XXXXXX!!!os ualghng
As of today the author is still very wrong on the gains to be made in these stocks. Being down since 8/07 is a lousy performance. If the author would be worth anything he should be offering a disclaimer- that's an apology!
You are wrong on nearly all the Cos. by a mile. Maybe in the fullness of time? ?
You may be more optimistic than BYD management who cancelled the big Echelon project and they know that Pa players are leaving the AC area to play at home. So Boyd drops and pops a bit on the 100M $ share buy back. It's the economy and your too optimistic about that. When the players cut back the casino profits tank instantaneously. I doubt that the casino share prices will drop much not take off this year.
look at CNEH which sells 100% of its oil to PTR at market price on 1st of each month. It has outstanding fundamentals & outlook.
This stock is really hanging in- What's that? - Just better than most O& G companies. For those that would like to ask questions directly there are 2 good sources: 1.Bill Zima at the information company ICR -see news items for link. 2nd. email management > < . Some are calling the CFO whis ph # iws on the CNEH web site. I have found that athese are good sources for information.
In the long run were all guessing about oil price- that's the driver and with CNEH the phenomenal growth and great outlook! The odds for a winner are great!
On Mar 12 11:44 AM 97m6formula wrote:
> I was wondering what would cause the recent drops in the price. Considering
> all oil has done the past week is gone up, it's weird to see a company
> that profits from it go down without having any bad news. I have
> bought at todays price of 1.87 and also 2.15. I will be longing this
> one, but i'm just wondering if anyone has some insight. Thanks

CNEH is still doing a bit better than other O&G companies. China O&Gs are tracking US O&G companies down with the drop in oil price from the 147 to todays 126, I'm holding a lot of CNEH and pleased with it's outlook. Yes I have added morfe shares in the 4.3 to 4.7 range. Thus I'm very biased. Watch the next earnings report due in about 2 weeks- boom time? The company is unique in many ways. Seeing is beleving! max petrisek wrote:
> CNEH is all about oil- Oil prices skyrocketing to bubble portions.
> Some dday the happy hour will en but not for weeks. Last week I have
> added to my CNEH holdings @ 3.95.
CPHI and nearly 100% of the Chinese pharma companies have tanked since Oct' 07. Tanked being down around 50% or more. This group is worse than the other small cap Chinese stocks. The bellwether for this group is AOB. A lot of promises, hope and terrible price movement. Why fight the moving tide unless you like bottom fishing where there is no fish! I'll wait for AOB to start swimming upstream!
I haven't been to China nor am I a student of all the happenings in China. I agree with some of your comments but not "that the Olympics will slow the economy." My main argument is that the Olympics and the surrounding polluters ares a small part of China polluters- China is BIG! 2ND POINT IS THAT THERE ARE MANY PROCUCTS THAT NEED TO BE PRODUCED BECAUSE OF THE OLYMPICS, the FLOOD & EARTHQUAKES. Also the stored up wealth of the Chinese will seek things produced in China. So the tail is not likely to wag the dog but the dog may move to avoid the fleas? My car license plate ends in an even number so I may be half right?
The past months were strong growth in top & bottom line. The volume and price per share are zooming up the past month. 95% ot the dozens of matrix are very favorable. The price is now 3.3 or a double the past month. so the pessimists on this stock seem to be wrong. Chacing a momo stock is risky but I'll buy at this price.
CHCG has tanked . It never met it's optmistic or unreal objectives. So now it's a 1+$ stock
Me again- CNEH is still doing well at 4.97. Another competent investor has excellent remarks on CNEH here on SA and the IV aboard. It is Nawaralsaadi. He is heavily invested in CNEH and rightly states: "all CNEH needs is time!" Many other posters are getting aboard and many are estatic about the fundamentals and are ignoring the little short term wiggling of share price. High oil prices and fantastic outlook is the order of the day. We are anxiously awaiting CNEH's move to a big board and more news. The odds are getting better!
what a run to 2.99 past week
All your goals are too optimistic since Chinese stocks have taken a beaten for months and CDS is no exception. I would find it difficult to reco a buy at this time. This is a quick look resdponse.
My only reason for further comments about CNEH is that the stock is still "running" (up.) Today it hit a high of 5.68 with a close of 5.58. The continues spike in oil price of around $143 certainly adds up-ward pressure to CNEH. The over 1 M volume days has been cut to over 500K today and has reduced the rate of the sp rise. With my doing a lot of tracking of this stock one might expect it to be easy for me to make a good projection for future prices. I don't have that urge nor have I become rich from my 50 years of serious investing. I have an invested average value near $3/share so why not take profits if not on all shares just take some off the table. If I owned shares in the 100s of thousands that is what I would do- a no brain-er? But that is not my case as I have reduced my overall investment commitments with age. Having seen a high % of small Chinese stocks run up and then falter badly gives many folks a reason for taking profits. I'm a believer in this stocks long term future as it's tied to the price of oil - so I'm letting it run.
CNEH is all about oil- Oil prices skyrocketing to bubble portions. Some dday the happy hour will en but not for weeks. Last week I have added to my CNEH holdings @ 3.95.
The oil pricing system is out of control or just crazy! Soon there will be a real crisis caused t by speculation driving up oil prices!!
A lot has happened to CNEH since my last post in April '08. The big story is today's share price @ $4.67 has broken it's all time previous high of $4.55 with a high volume of 803,000. These are the likely fundamental reasons: the companies financials continue gaining at steady phenomenal rate - real growth. The company seems to be nearing a listing on a major US exchange (Have U heard this listing story before?) , management will do a USA conference presentation in July, they have a new reasonable website with a fantastic looking fact sheet, oil prices are up and they sell 100% to PTR at listed price on Shanghai exchange- no sales cost or account receivables (AC) and other positives as successful financing to drill 100 additional wells & acquisition of more reserves, etc. The company has 75,000,000bbl proven reserves. The management is experienced & supported by PTR who has a vested interest. Some here have said it all sounds too good to be true- that drives some crazy and others just take profits, or go with the flow? To myself the negatives always remain PRC decisions which can cut both ways and volatility of this class of stocks. Likely the PRC high excess oil tax may be reduced to encourage more desired domestic production??? My continual positive message remains even with the Chinese & US stock markets in a bear mode. Folks want to invest in a winner! About a week ago I doubled my exposure @ 3.95, so I've paced my bet. Other comments here about not putting everything into CNEH is certainly always valid. Just go to Yahoo, Google and the Investors Village (IV) message board for DD. 2 suggested outstanding posters on the IV board are Northern---, & Pappytom. I am biased positive until the fundamentals change negative and not dependent on technical analysis or short term corrections. I have been a holder for several years and haven't sold any for about a year.
An update and + & minuses for CNEH. Since my original posting (Sept'07) Chinese stocks and CNEH on average have boomed and then corrected about 30 to 40 %. Many Chinese stocks corrected 50 to 80% since Oct.'07. CNEH went to a high of $4.55 to a low a month ago of about $1.68. Yesterday the stock hit a high of $3.2 so this is drastic numbers. Where to now- As a shareholder I'm convinced its up, I have held since 9'07.. The Q reports are all outstanding, successful financing of about $30 million without much dilutions, adding new producing wells at near a 100/year thus more reserves & profits soaring with oil @ $114/bbl. The possible negatives of favorable oil prices is the old fact that PRC may alter pricing at will and kill the goose that is laying golden eggs. The energy situation( shortages) will cause Gov. intervention which may be worse than the present 40% tax on CNEH (due to high oil prices.) It's just the PRC unknown but if left alone CNEH with greater output, big cash flow will move up to closer to $10 than the 1.68 low of the past month. I believe the odds are greater than 5:1 that CNEH is on a up move AGAIN! Both Motley Fools and Seeking alpha have also issued realistic very positive predictions of the above. The TA is not the critical matrix it's fundamentals and PRC.
There PR's are better than the share price. Fortm near 10 and losing 80% is a bummer. I am not convinced.
"reported" big Chinese deals have a lower probability to be reality than US "reeported big deals. So watch what U bet on.
I've been following CNEH for a few years. The article is impressive and should be reassuring for shareholders. I'm biased & I'm accumulating here.