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Mel Daris
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PEG is price to earnings to growth. It's a forward assumption. If you're looking at Yahoo! finance figures, those PEGs use a 5 year projected growth figure. It's usually off, in my opinion, depending on the company.
Oftentimes PEGs are not appropriate for lower growth companies because there is not a lot of expected growth. Some utilities deserve multiple expansion because of there growth, and that's where PEG can be useful.
Good comment. It might not be too late. Vertex and Valeant are two good examples of this point.
Yes, I attempted to net the dividend tax. Thank you for your comment.
Good comment. This distribution of shares is good news for those who want to buy MSFT at a lower multiple. Share buybacks could also do the trick.
Good question. From my data the answer is no.
Thank you for your comment.
I tend to agree though I think editor standards are high as it is.
It is the responsibility of the authors to go in-depth, which is something I plan to continue doing more and more.
T and CTL are the two to avoid for now. Thank you for your comment.
Best of luck with your picks.
Generally speaking you're right but there's more to the story including currency movement and demand for copper substitutes.
Thanks. Transport and related costs are definitely as issue. I see this in the oil and gas markets as well.