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  • Violent Drop Plus Powerful Rebound Suggests Potential Bounce Congestion Aftermath That Could Last Weeks
    Tue, Sep. 1 SPY, DIA, QQQ 14 Comments
  • Bears Are Confident U.S. Equities Will Now Downtrend -- But Are They Hogs Waiting To Get Slaughtered?
    Mon, Aug. 31 SPY, DIA, QQQ 32 Comments
  • Why Was The U.S. Dollar So Weak In This Meltdown?
    Tue, Aug. 25 UUP, FXE, FXY 8 Comments
  • China Crisis: Beijing's Loss Of Control Has Widespread Implications, With Shaken Local Faith And More Global Fallout Ahead
    Tue, Aug. 25 FXI, YINN, PGJ 2 Comments
  • The Next Global Financial Crisis: Chinese Meltdown, U.S. Dollar Strength And The 'Original Sin' Pose Significant Risks To Emerging Markets
    Sat, Aug. 22 EEM, VWO, EDC 51 Comments
  • China, Not The U.S., Is Now Confirming The Austrian Thesis
    Wed, Aug. 19 23 Comments
  • If We've Already Soft Landed, The Fed's Worst Nightmare Could Be On Deck
    Fri, Aug. 14 SPY, DIA, QQQ 33 Comments
  • The Shot Callers In Beijing Have No Idea What They're Doing
    Thu, Aug. 13 CYB, FCA, FXI 14 Comments
  • China Is The Fuse That Could Set Off A U.S. Dollar Time Bomb
    Wed, Aug. 12 CYB, UUP, UDN 24 Comments
  • Who Is Oilmageddon Going To Destroy, The Saudis Or The Frackers?
    Mon, Aug. 10 OIL, USO 7 Comments
  • No Longer Confined To Energy And Commodities, The Carnage Is Becoming Widespread
    Fri, Aug. 7 DJP, GSG, RJI 11 Comments
  • More Evidence That Uber Is A Money Loser (And A Unicorn Bubble Bellwether)
    Thu, Aug. 6 UBER 4 Comments
  • What If Uber Is Overvalued By 90%?
    Wed, Aug. 5 UBER 13 Comments
  • The USD Is A Major Currency Risk - In The Opposite Manner To What Most Expect
    Tue, Aug. 4 16 Comments
  • China's Ghost Cities Will Haunt The World
    Mon, Aug. 3 FCA, FXI, CYB 50 Comments
  • Struggling Gold Miners, China's 'National Team' And What To Do With Bad European Debtors
    Wed, Jul. 29 GDX, FXI, FCA Comment!
  • Gold And Bonds In The 'Too Hard' Bucket As Emerging Markets Feel China Pain
    Wed, Jul. 29 3 Comments
  • Batten Down The Hatches As Bizarro World Activity Engulfs 3 Separate Continents
    Mon, Jul. 13 DIA, SPY, QQQ 9 Comments
  • More Chaotic Wave Collisions As 'The Most Critical Moment In The History Of The EU' Comes Forth
    Sat, Jul. 11 SPY, DIA, QQQ 7 Comments
  • Greece As Schrodinger's Cat: Why Greek Eurozone Membership Is Neither Alive Nor Dead
    Wed, Jun. 17 DIA, SPY, QQQ 5 Comments
  • Central Bank Policies Help The Bubble By Holding Back The Economy
    Editors' Pick  • Tue, Jun. 9 SPY, DIA, QQQ 21 Comments
  • A New Kind Of Feudalism As Western Workers Lose Ground
    Wed, May 27 63 Comments
  • Potential Deja Vu With Yellen's 'Irrational Exuberance' Moment
    Thu, May 14 SPY, DIA, QQQ 6 Comments
  • U.S. Shale Producers Caught Between A 'Fracklog' And A Hard Place
    Tue, Apr. 28 USO, OIL, UCO 10 Comments
  • American Investors Are 'Extraordinarily Optimistic' Possibly At The Worst Time
    Wed, Apr. 22 FDN, FXI, HEDJ 16 Comments
  • Weird Events In Potential Topping Process Signal Market Cycle Twilight
    Wed, Apr. 8 SPY, DIA, QQQ 9 Comments
  • King Dollar Still Reigns After Fed-Induced Volatility
    Sun, Mar. 22 GDX, USO, XLU 1 Comment
  • Bulls Lose Their Nerve As The Strong Jobs Report Throws 'Patience' Out The Window
    Tue, Mar. 10 GDX, TBT, XLU 5 Comments
  • Germany's Outlook Is Terrible, Gold Could Be Playing Possum, And Multiple False Trends Look Good
    Sun, Mar. 1 EEM, XLU, XLE 21 Comments
  • Energy Stocks Look 'False Trend' Attractive As Bulls Ignore Janet Yellen
    Thu, Feb. 26 8 Comments
  • Unstoppable Force Of Eurozone Policy Contends With An Immovable Truth: The Euro Cannot Work
    Sat, Feb. 21 VGK, FEZ, IEV 25 Comments
  • China's Debt Bomb Remains A Stealth Candidate For Top Gray Swan Of 2015
    Mon, Feb. 16 DIA, SPY, QQQ 57 Comments