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  • Aluminum's Parallel Universes And The Threats Both Face
    Mon, Feb. 2 JJU, FOIL 1 Comment
  • Why Do Aluminium Physical Delivery Premiums Keep Rising?
    Fri, Jan. 30 JJU, FOIL 2 Comments
  • Silver Looks Bearish Compared To Gold
    Thu, Jan. 29 GLD, SLV, IAU 1 Comment
  • What Now For Greece And The Eurozone? And Commodity Markets?
    Thu, Jan. 29 VGK, FEZ, GREK Comment!
  • Greece Is Leading Europe Into Turmoil... Again
    Thu, Jan. 29 VGK, FEZ, GREK 1 Comment
  • Steel Production In China Still Not Under Control, Prices Falling
    Wed, Jan. 28 SLX 1 Comment
  • Dumpwatch: Low Ruble Prices Bringing Russian Steel To India's Shores
    Mon, Jan. 26 EPI, INDY, PIN Comment!
  • U.S. Dollar Index Hits An 11-Year High, Metal Prices Retreat
    Thu, Jan. 22 UUP, UDN, DBB 1 Comment
  • Rio Tinto Wants To Mine Indian Iron Ore, Diamonds
    Wed, Jan. 21 RIO 3 Comments
  • Gold Is Making Encouraging Moves, Time To Invest?
    Wed, Jan. 21 GLD, IAU, SGOL 7 Comments
  • Bearish Commodity Markets Mean It's Time To Look At Inventory, Working Capital
    Tue, Jan. 20 1 Comment
  • Airbus And Boeing's Dogfight For Supremacy
    Tue, Jan. 20 EADSY, BA 3 Comments
  • Copper: Further To Fall Or Overblown Market Slide?
    Tue, Jan. 20 JJC, CPER, CUPM Comment!
  • Falling Copper: Commodity Weakness Is Spreading
    Thu, Jan. 15 JJC, CPER, CUPM Comment!
  • Alcoa's Results: Great Auto/Aero Strategy Or Beneficiary Of Lower Energy Prices?
    Wed, Jan. 14 AA 1 Comment
  • Another Restful Year For Lead? Or Will Buyers Lie Awake At Night?
    Tue, Jan. 13 LD, LEDD Comment!
  • Change Management: Today's Downward Trends May Not Last
    Mon, Jan. 12 USO, COPX 1 Comment
  • Europe Back In The Spotlight As A Source Of Concern
    Wed, Jan. 7 FXE, VGK, EUO 1 Comment
  • The Story Continues: Commodities Down While Dollar Rallies
    Wed, Jan. 7 UUP, UDN, JJC 2 Comments
  • China Will Learn To Sink Or Swim Without Govt. Stimulus This Year
    Wed, Jan. 7 FXI, PGJ, YINN 12 Comments
  • Tin Price Forecast For The New Year
    Mon, Jan. 5 JJT Comment!
  • Platinum, Are The Stockpiles Real?
    Fri, Jan. 2 PPLT, PTM, PLTM 1 Comment
  • MetalMiner's Lead Price Forecast For The New Year
    Thu, Jan. 1 LD, LEDD Comment!
  • Aluminum Deficit Grows But Upside Still Has Limits
    Dec. 31, 2014 JJU, FOIL 1 Comment
  • Base Metals, Steel In 2014: The Leaders And Laggards
    Dec. 31, 2014 JJC, DBB, JJN Comment!
  • Hot-Rolled, Cold-Rolled Steel Coil Price Forecast 2015
    Dec. 30, 2014 SLX Comment!
  • Tin: Another Base Metal's Ship Starts To Sink
    Dec. 29, 2014 JJT 1 Comment
  • Copper Price Forecast 2015
    Dec. 29, 2014 JJC, CPER, CUPM Comment!
  • Nickel Price Forecast 2015
    Dec. 29, 2014 JJN, NINI Comment!
  • Aluminum Price Forecast 2015
    Dec. 26, 2014 JJU, FOIL 4 Comments
  • With Cuba Finally Coming In From The Cold, Sherritt Could Reap A Nickel Windfall
    Dec. 23, 2014 SHERF 4 Comments
  • What The Overall Commodities Market And Metals Prices Have In Common
    Dec. 22, 2014 DBB, BOM, RJZ 1 Comment